Did you know you could enjoy snow on a 2-day trip to Nainital, close to Delhi? Nainital is a charming Himalayan town at an elevation of about 2,000m in Uttarakhand. Once it was a British hill station and it surrounds Nainital Lake, a popular spot for boating with the Naina Devi Temple nearby.

Are you wondering what a 2-day itinerary for Nainital would include? If you visit Nainital between December to January for snowfall or from March to June, the best time as the weather remains pleasant, you must see Snow View Point, Naina Devi Temple and Naina Peak.

Some other must-visit places would be High Altitude Zoo, Eco Cave Gardens, Tiffin Top, The Mall Road, Kilbury Bird Sanctuary, Bhotia Market and many more. Don't worry about where to stay as we have gotten you covered on that as well. You can stay at Heritage Stay At Nainital and The Nainital Nature Escape.

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Here Are The Best Things To Do On Your 2-Day Trip To Nainital

1. Pilgrimage To Naina Devi Temple- Seek Blessings This 2024 For Your Close Ones

Naina Devi Temple is a renowned Shakti Peeth in Hinduism that holds great reverence in Nainital. Situated at the northern edge of Nainital Lake where Goddess Naini Devi is worshipped. She is depicted with her symbolic eyes. Pilgrimage at the Naina Devi temple is a must during your 2-day trip to Nainital.

Devotees travel from afar to seek blessings here. Nearby shops offer prasad and pooja items. The main shrine is adorned with lion statues and is part of the 51 sacred Shakti Peeths, marking the spot where the eyes of Goddess Sati fell according to legend.

Source- Wikimedia Commons; Harshit SR, Photographer Praveen Singh Bisht, Nicke.me and Vipin8169

Naina Devi Temple stands on the northern tip of Naini Lake in the heart of Nainital city. So that your 2-day trip to Nainital is swift you should that it's conveniently accessible by foot from the Nainital bus stand. The nearest railway station is Kathgodam while Pantnagar Airport and Delhi IGI Airport also provide connectivity.

The ideal times to plan your 2-day trip to Nainital to see Maa Naina Devi Temple are March to May and September to December. Additionally, the Goddess Nanda Devi Mohotsav is celebrated annually from September 1st to 7th with festivities culminating on the last day of the fair.

Best Resorts In Nainital:

Heritage Stay At Nainital

We have found a hidden gem for you to stay in during the 2-day trip to Nainital. Heritage Stay At Nainital is one of the oldest homes built during the 19th century and was converted into a boutique hotel in 2012. It is the epitome of opulence, luxury, and beauty of a bygone era unmatched by modern establishments.

Every corner invites you to explore. Adorned with artefacts and corridors steeped in the history of Princess Reena Kumari's royal family it transports visitors to another world. Renovated over 6 years the property retains its essence while enhancing its historical elements like staircases and wooden ceilings.

What is great about Heritage Stay at Nainital is that not only it is suitable for families with kids, and couples looking for a quiet luxurious honeymoon but also senior-citizen friendly. The resort has wheel-chair accessible areas, non-slippery rooms and bathrooms that are beneficial for elderly guests.

The Heritage Stay at Nainital has 24 rooms and suites equipped with modern amenities like four posted vintage beds, a private balcony, a Western bathroom, a coffee maker, a minibar, fridge, AC, wifi, a kitchen in some rooms, a centre table, working desks and many more. The availability of such features makes it ideal for families.

The highlight of the Heritage Stay at Nainital is its vintage architecture, wooden furnishings, fireplace in the living area, library with a varied collection for light reading, pool with a stunning view and kid's playroom. Such features make it an instant hit among guests looking for a royal stay.

The availability of a golf field and fully equipped conference hall make the Heritage Stay at Nainital an ideal staycation option for official retreats in offbeat destinations.

Average Price Range- 16,000-28,000/-

Book Now To Make Your Stay A Royal Affair For A 2-Day Trip To Nainital

The Nainital Nature Escape

Escape the hustle of Mall Road at this charming boutique resort nestled in the tranquil Ayarpata Hills. The Nainital Nature Escape offers stunning scenery, fresh mountain air, and serenity. Wake up to breathtaking hill views and crisp mountain air. Peek into reality with complimentary Wi-Fi.

Experience the rustic charm and modern comfort in cosy cottages. The Nainital Nature Escape's 11-room villas harmoniously blend with nature providing modern amenities such as hot showers and comfortable beds. Fuel up at their on-site restaurant with delicious meals crafted from fresh, local ingredients.

The Nainital Nature Escape is an ideal stay for a 2-day trip to Nainital. Due to its proximity to all the famous tourist attractions you can travel hassle-free. Nainital Lake, Tiffin Top, snow View Point, High Altitude Zoo, Eco Cave Gardens, Mall Road, Bhimtal Lake, Sattal and many more are near the resort.

The Deluxe rooms in the Nainital Nature Escape have comfortable beds, a coffee maker, a writing desk, a private balcony, an attached Western bathroom, TV, AC, hot showers, an open-air dining area and there is a community table where all the guests can socialise.

The resort is pet-friendly and suitable for senior citizens as well. So, you can bring your entire family along to Nainital.

Average Price Range- 4,000-6,000/-

Book Your Stay At The Nainital Nature Escape To Experience Nainital In A Different Way!

2. Hike To The Snow View Point- An Ethereal Sight To Witness On Your 2-Day Trip To Nainital

Located 3 km from Tallital Bus Stand and 2 km from Nainital Lake, Snow View Point is among the top attractions in Nainital for a 2-day trip and a highly frequented sightseeing spot. The Snow View Point in Nainital is open from 10 AM to 5 PM daily, closed specifically on Saturdays.

Situated at an altitude of 2,270 m, the Snow View Point provides breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks such as Nanda Devi, Trishul, and Nanda Kot. It also offers panoramic views of Nainital Lake and the town. Accessible by road, the best way to reach Snow View Point is via the Aerial Ropeway from Mallital.

Source- Wikimedia Commons; Ashray1999 and Slyronit

To enhance your experience get a pair of large binoculars for stunning views at the Snow View Point. A small temple on the peak houses images of Rama, Sita, Lakshman, Hanuman, Durga, and Shiva. The Tibetan monastery Gadhan Kunkyop Ling Gompa of the Gelukpa order is also worth exploring.

Early morning treks to the Snow View Point provide breathtaking views of the Himalayan ranges. Kids can enjoy the newly opened amusement park while stalls at the Snow View Point serve tea and snacks. We have added this to the list of your 2-day trip to Nainital for a reason.

3. Visit The High Altitude Zoo- A Fun Place For Families With Kids

The Nainital Zoo also officially known as G. B. Pant High Altitude Zoo is located on the Sher Ka Danda hill at an altitude of about 2100 meters. Covering an area of 4.592 hectares it adheres to the guidelines of the Central Zoo Authority (CZA), India, and is a member of CZA, New Delhi.

The zoo attracts numerous visitors annually due to its unique location and diverse wildlife. Nainital Zoo is among the earliest and upgraded zoos in Uttarakhand state drawing large crowds as one of Nainital city's most popular destinations.

Source- Wikimedia Commons; Slyronit, Akhil.jain1912, Arpita Abrol and Anirudhshangari1995

To reach Nainital Zoo you should know it is 65 km from Pantnagar Airport and accessible via motorable roads. Located 40 km from Kathgodam Railway Station also reachable via motorable roads. Approximately 350 km from New Delhi and accessible by road.

Nainital High Altitude Zoo opens at 10:00 A.M. and closes at 05:00 P.M. The Last entry is at 04:30 P.M. Remember Ticket counter operates from 10:00 A.M. to 04:30 P.M. Also, The zoo is closed on Thursdays as well as on Holi, Diwali, 15th August, and 26th January. This information will help you during your 2-day trip to Nainital.

The Nainital Zoo has evergreen oak and Cupressus forests. It is home to free-ranging animals such as the Common Leopard, Goral, Barking Deer, Jungle Cat, Hill Fox, Flying Squirrel, Bengal Tiger, Red Panda, and Porcupine. The zoo also hosts over 100 species of free-ranging birds. Kids will love this place!

4. Explore The Eco Cave Gardens- Must-Visit Place For A 2-Day Trip To Nainital For Thrill Seekers

For our adventurous tourists seeking to explore Nainital's wild side on their 2-day trip. You must visit the Eco Cave Gardens. These gardens are numerous interconnected caves that you can explore on foot.

Named Tiger Cave, Panther Cave, Flying Fox Cave, Squirrel Cave, Bats Cave, and Apes Cave these caves are linked by tunnels. Some require crawling to navigate inside the Eco Cave Gardens. Illuminated by dim lights and oil lamps, the caves enhance the thrill of the adventure experience.

The Eco Cave Garden is conveniently located just one kilometre from Mall Road in Nainital. It can be easily reached on foot or by rickshaw. The garden is open from 09:30 AM to 05:30 PM for visitors to explore its unique caves and enjoy the natural surroundings.

In the evening you can enjoy the musical fountain show inside the cave at Eco Cave Gardens. Additionally, tourists can unwind in the Hanging Garden which offers a picturesque view of Nainital. It's an ideal spot for educational trips with children during holidays in Nainital.

5. A Day-Out To Tiffin Top Or Dorothy's Seat- A Unique Place To Explore With Family And Friends

Tiffin Top or Dorothy's Seat is located at an impressive altitude of 2,290 meters. Tiffin Top provides a memorable experience that is perfect for those seeking stunning vistas or a picturesque backdrop for Instagram.

Its name originates from the British colonial era when visitors would bring their lunch boxes or tiffins to enjoy picnics amidst the scenic views. On your 2-day trip to Nainital, we advise you to visit Tiffin Top during daylight to fully appreciate the breathtaking beauty of the Kumaon region.

Source- Wikimedia Commons; Tanbatra, Amn.amaan, Himanshu mishra143 and Photographer Praveen Singh Bisht

Missing out on Tiffin Top during your 2-day visit to Nainital would be a mistake. You can reach this scenic spot either by trekking 4 km through dense forests or by opting for a horse ride from the Horse Stand. Dorothy's Seat marks the endpoint of the horse ride route.

It is a popular picnic spot situated on Ayarpatta hill in Nainital. It provides a stunning 360-degree view of Nainital town and the surrounding hills of the Kumaon region. Besides, Tiffin Top is a paradise for photographers. It's a must-visit for nature enthusiasts.

6. Trek To The Naina Peak- A Place In Nainital For Adventure Junkies On Their 2-Day Trip

The Naina Peak is the highest hilltop in Nainital. It is a renowned tourist attraction to visit on a 2-day trip. Locally known as China Peak or Cheena Peak, it is popular among visitors for trekking due to its high altitude and scenic forest trails.

The Naina Peak provides a breathtaking bird's eye view of Nainital town, the Himalayas, and the expansive Kumaon region. It is a paradise for walking enthusiasts and thrill seekers. The peak offers enthusiasts opportunities for long walks amidst fresh air and stunning scenery.

Source- Wikimedia Commons; Enjoymusic nainital (talk), IamShreya and from the Macnabb Collection (Col James Henry Erskine Reid): Album of views of 'Naini Tal'

Naina Peak is situated 6 km from Mallital in Nainital so you can easily navigate your way or if you visit Snow Peak then from there is it not very far away.

Be mindful during your 2-day trip to Nainital as the Naina Peak can take up to 4 hours to completely cover the trek routes. The peak is accessible from 8 AM to 5.30 PM. We recommend that you pack some light meals to carry with you as the trekking trails do not have eating stops. If you feel exhausted hire ponies.

7. Bird Watching At Kilbury Sanctuary In Nainital- An Aviary Heaven For Bird Enthusiasts

Kilbury Sanctuary is located in Nainital in Uttarakhand. It is renowned as a paradise for bird watchers and a picturesque picnic spot. It is a paradise for nature enthusiasts as well. The Kilbury Sanctuary offers close encounters with a diverse range of bird species in their natural habitats.

Kilbury Bird Sanctuary is also home to the Naina Devi Himalayan Bird Reserve, famous for its diverse bird species. You can enjoy the soothing sounds of birds chirping in the oak, pine, and rhododendron forests. You can see over 500 bird species like Brwon Wood Owls, Forktails, Collared Grosbeaks and many more.

To make your 2-day trip to Nainital hassle-free from the airport or railway station book a taxi a little before Pangat village and from there you can visit the Kilbury Bird Sanctuary with your kids or family. If you plan on visiting the Pangat Bird Sanctuary then it is on the way to the Pangat Sanctuary.

The ideal time to plan a 2-day trip to Nainital to visit the Kilbury Bird Sanctuary is from March to June, during the spring and early summer months. During this time you will spot the most numbers of birds and if you are a photographer then be ready to expect the unexpected as the natural beauty will mesmerize you.

Best Resorts:

Wrap Up!

If you must plan a 2-day trip to Nainital then don't forget to shop at the famous Bhotia Market and Mall Road. A Great Place to savour local cuisines and buy souvenirs on your 2-day trip to Nainital. You can buy woollen garments like mufflers, shawls, hats and many more.

All the destinations on the itinerary to Nainital can easily covered within a 2-day trip. While exploring different places of Nainital you can stay at Heritage Stay At Nainital and The Nainital Nature Escape. These luxury resorts are the best to experience Nainital's natural beauty and pleasant atmosphere.

These above-mentioned resorts are nearest to Kathgodam Railway Station and Pant Nagar Airport.

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