Are you looking for a romantic time away with your partner? Or are you looking to celebrate your anniversary? And are you looking for them in Rajasthan? The search is narrow but you don't need to worry. I have a list of anniversary getaways in Rajasthan for you. These locations are picturesque. And also extremely romantic! This romantic getaway will be a memorable one for you.

Romantic Getaway in Sariska

The first location on this list is absolutely beautiful. It is located in Sariska in a very private and green location. The Aravali hills are part of the scenic view at this resort. This is perfect for a couple because it will offer you a little bit of adventure. And an abundance of privacy with serenity. The spacious rooms are luxury incarnate and the modern bathroom amenities will leave you amazed.

The adventure at this resort is provided by the wild animal spotting. The guided nature walks and culturally rich architecture will truly immerse you in the Rajasthani experience.

What we Love about this Anniversary Getaway In Rajasthan

Have you ever dreamt of laying under the stars with your partner? This will be a beautiful experience at this location. The star-filled skies are absolutely stunning at night and it will definitely enrich a romantic getaway. Along with this fun activity, you also have the amenities to a pool! The service is also extremely warm and helpful. You are sure to have a wonderful time here with your partner.

Suitable for: Couples!

Time from Rajasthan: Approx 6 hours by car

Distance from Rajasthan: 322 km

Travel Tip: Stargaze with your partner. It will be the most romantic moment.

Romantic Getaway in Ranthambore

anniversary getaway in Rajasthan

Luxury is a delight when enjoyed with your love. And this romantic getaway is one of the most luxurious stays you could ever visit. The lodge contains the most beautiful Rajasthani architectural designs. The many amenities offered here just enhance your stay here and make your getaway even more romantic.

The pool is a wonderful place to spend your time. But there is also a book shop for book lover couples. You can fill your romantic getaway with activities! Or, you can stay in the lodge and still have a wonderful time. The spacious rooms, hallways, and nature makes you feel like royalty!

What we love about this Anniversary Getaway In Rajasthan

The facilities offered are genuinely spectacular. The architecture is breathtaking. Wild animal spotting and nature walks are extremely accessible. But besides all of this, the spa at this location is a real gem. The romantic experience completely enhances your stay.

Suitable for: Couples who want to indulge in luxury!

Time from Rajasthan: Approx 7 hours by car

Distance from Rajasthan: 362 kms

Travel tip: Visit the spa with your partner. We assure you it will be a wonderful experience.

Romantic Getaway in Alwar

romantic getaways in rajasthan

The last resort on our list will encourage you to go on the getaway with your partner. If your partner and you are even a little interested in history, this place is just for you. This palace is located on the foot of the Aravali hills. It will delight you and your partner with serene and beautiful scenery. It is the perfect combination of wild and romantic!

The rooms are extremely comfortable and the hospitality is wonderful. There is also a Siliserh lake nearby the 300 year old property. You will make beautiful memories with your partner here.

What we love about this Anniversary Getaway in Rajasthan

The gardens and lawns are perfect for romantic strolls. And the entire location is absolutely beautiful for a romantic getaway. The best part about this location is the lake. It is serene and mesmerizing. The service also ensures you are extremely comfortable. But when you’re with your partner, everything is rosy, is it not?

Suitable for: Everyone but couples especially.

Time from Rajasthan: 6.5 hours approx by car

Distance from Rajasthan: 316 km

Travel tip: Visit the lake near the property for a wonderful time!

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