Mumbai is close to many scenic beaches that are perfect for weekends or vacations. Whether it's Alibaug or Ganpatipule, you can spend a good time chilling on the coastlines with the cool seabreeze giving you a respite from heat. And that's why these destinations can be your perfect getaway from metro cities. That said, if you wish to take your family on your weekends, you can book some good beach family resorts near Mumbai or Pune and experience peace and calmness!

The best resort in Alibaug near Mumbai is the Beachside Getaway Lodge. The resort offers everything you need for a good stay with family-friendly amenities, culinary experiences, fun activities, and accommodation options that appeal to everyone, regardless of age. And we aren't making this up!

Yuyiii boasts a robust portfolio of experiences through real photos and videos, enriching your every moment with memories. And if that's not enough, we bring you expert reviews for various properties. We only feature the ones scoring above 3.5/5. So, join us for an offbeat getaway amidst the western ghats, waterfalls, and outdoor activities!

Here's a List of the Best Beach Family Resorts Near Mumbai

1. Beach Family Resort - A Waterfront Haven For A Weekend Getaway

How to Reach?


By Air: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport is the closest airport to Alibaug. From there, you can hire a taxi or take a bus further for a scenic 2-hour drive to reach the resort.

By Road: If you prefer a road trip, drive from Mumbai to Alibaug via the Mumbai-Goa Highway or NH66. The journey takes approximately 3 hours, offering breathtaking coastal views along the way.


By Air: Pune International Airport is the closest to the resort. After arriving, you can take a taxi or bus to Alibaug, enjoying a picturesque 4-hour drive through the countryside.

By Road: You can drive from Pune to Alibaug for about 3.5 hours on the Bengaluru-Mumbai Highway and then Mumbai-Pune Highway. The entire journey takes you through lush landscapes and quaint villages.

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What Makes it Among the Best Beach Family Resorts Near Mumbai

Minimal Stay Experience: The rooms at this resort are spacious, minimal, and artistic while the accommodations have beautiful balconies with a scenic view. That’s how the resort perfectly blends comfort with minimalism.

Coastal Bliss: The Beach Family Resort is like a quiet Goan village away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Its mesmerising coastlines create a serene ambience that takes you by surprise. You can also take a 2-minute stroll along the Kihim beach for a refreshing vacation or weekend.

In-House Restaurant: You can also get the best culinary experience with an in-house restaurant that offers delicious seafood seasoned with local ingredients. The entire dining experience adds a feather to the cap to your stay at this property.

Warm Hospitality: The resort has a few rooms to help you unwind and relax amidst the scenic landscapes of the property. Besides, the staff here ensures a comfortable and memorable stay experience with their warmth and humility.

Spend a good time around the Kihim beach with your friends and families. Book your stay at the Beach Family Resort.

Suitable For?

Family Getaways: This is a good place for families looking for a quiet and comfortable retreat. The resort has spacious rooms, warm hospitality, modern amenities, and serene nearby attractions for a beautiful getaway. As a result, it's one of the best beach family resorts near Mumbai.

Nature Enthusiasts: The resort is surrounded by lots of plants for a nature-filled ambience. You can listen to the birds chirping, embark on nature trails, or take a nice dip in the swimming pool. Besides, you can also explore the coastline and feel the cold winds from the sea tickling every fabric of your body.

Couples and Romantics: The hotel's artistic minimalism, serene surroundings, and romantic balconies make it ideal for couples seeking a peaceful and romantic getaway.

Average Price Range: Rs 20000 - Rs 50000

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2. Beachside Getaway Lodge: A Coastal Vista of Luxury and Comfort

How to Reach?


By Sea: Frequent ferries run from Mumbai to Mandwa. After reaching Mandwa, you can take a short drive to this lodge in Alibaug.

By Air: The nearest airport to the lodge from Mumbai is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport. From there, you can embark further on a scenic drive or a ferry ride to Alibaug.

By Road: You’ll drive from Mumbai to Alibaug on the Mumbai-Goa Highway. The entire trip takes around 3 hours as you witness the beautiful landscapes along the road.


By Air: Pune International Airport is the nearest airport to the lodge. From there, you can embark further on a scenic drive to Alibaug.

By Road: The scenic drive from Pune to Alibaug via the Mumbai- Bengaluru Highway and Pune-Mumbai Highway is around 3 hours. But you’ll thank your stars when you witness the beauty of Maharashtra.

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What Makes It A Good Beach Family Resort Near Mumbai

Dining Services: This resort offers Terra’s fresh handmade pasta, single-origin blends, and vegetarian dishes. It also offers mimosas and sundowners in Soak Bar.

Wellness Treatments: With Nakshatra Spa, the resort boasts a state-of-the-art wellness treatment facility. The masseuses here offer you incredible massages and other beauty treatments. Hence, it’s one of the best beach family resorts near Mumbai.

Peaceful Getaways: The resort is nestled amidst the lush greenery of palm trees, making it among the peaceful stay experiences near Mumbai. So, if you’re looking for a weekend getaway, this is your ideal go-to destination.

Theatre Experience: The resort has an in-house theatre where you can watch a good movie. The lodge offers a rich cinematic experience amidst natural beauty to help you create some memorable moments.

Take a weekend break from the city life and relax amidst the beaches and seashores of Alibaug; book your stay at the Beachside Getaway Lodge

Suitable For?

Family Getaways: At this resort, your family can enjoy stunning waterfront views. They can engage in various relaxation and outdoor activities to make for a perfect weekend getaway.

Nature Admirers: This lodge is perfectly situated amidst the scenic coastlines. You can embark on nature trails and click beautiful beach photos to post on social media.

Couples: This is an ideal spot for couples looking for romantic getaways. They can benefit from the wellness treatments, dining options, and movie nights.

Coastline Admirers: If you love the gushing waves and the gentle sea breeze, this lodge is the perfect spot for your weekend getaway. Besides the beautiful beach, there’s also a refreshing swimming pool, which makes it an ideal setting for your trips.

Average Price Range: Rs 6200 - Rs 7500

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Wrap Up!

These resorts make for the best weekend getaways near Mumbai and Pune. Whether you're a solo traveller, a nature lover, or going on a family trip, you can book a stay in them and enjoy a peaceful and serene weekend.

The best resort in Alibaug near Mumbai is the Beachside Getaway Lodge. Their hospitality and service can elevate your stay experience. Check out the images and explore more about the room options in these properties!

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