"If there's heaven for me, I'm sure it has a beach attached to it!"

- Jimmy Buffett

Dreamy, Summery, Breezy Beach Resort near Mumbai

Sun, Sea and Sand

Although Mumbai has its joys, it seems a little overwhelming on the weekends, especially if you are hustling around home and office for the rest of the week. This was true even during pre-Corona times. And especially for those reasons, to get some of the time out from the madness of the Maximum City, you got to get away after the COVID-19 lockdown is over.

Not too far from Mumbai, lies this hidden gem of a beach town, Kihim, which we simply cannot recommend enough! It is a great alternative to the much-hyped Alibaug. Kihim lies on a sweet spot of familiar yet something fresh.

Kihim Beach

Kihim is an ideal weekend getaway near Mumbai because it is cut off from the urban hustle. Most importantly, it feels like it has a world of its own. Furthermore, serene beaches and a dreamy beach family resort, make it all the more inviting if you are looking for some time out!

Sea, Sun, Sand and Absolute Indulgence:

Plush interior at Kihim Stay

Located within five minutes from the Kihim beach, this beach family resort near Mumbai is comfort and class personified! The plush architecture, rich interiors are just some highlights of this stunning stay. Managed by meticulous owners who are always ready for an engaging conversation, this is a stay where you can absolutely relax without any botherations from the world. And that is precisely what sets it apart from other beach stays near Mumbai and Alibaug beach resorts!

Luxury bathroom at Resort in Mumbai

Their in-house restaurant is like a cherry on the cake with those minimal and tastefully designed interiors that let you truly unwind with your loved ones at this luxury stay near Mumbai! Also, the good humans at this beach family resort are very thoughtful. Even the bathrooms at this stay are detailed and designed to let you put your guard down without worrying about hygiene.

Furthermore, they also have an in-house swimming pool and you can truly experience the dreamy beach vibes there without a doubt!

Trees at Resort near Mumbai

So, yearning for absolute indulgence this weekend or for that special occasion? Make your way to this rejuvenating beach stay then. It is not too far from Pune as well! With the best of indoor and outdoor leisure line-up, you could peacefully unwind with your clan here. All in all, don’t blame us if you end up extending your stay here, alright?

What is great about this stay? Post the COVID lockdown, going to this virgin beach stay resort near Mumbai would be perfect. It is idyllic, with great food, utmost comfort and Kihim beach just a stone throw. So, please head there for spending chill birthdays, celebrating milestones with your family or to write and read without any disturbance.

Why should you visit it? Spending that romantic weekend getaway sounds like a great idea, doesn't it? That's why this beach resort near Mumbai and Pune is ideal for that plan. So, go ahead, make plans to head there once the lockdown is over and rest assured, they would take all the necessary precautions and maintain optimum hygiene.

Yuyiii’s Travel Expert Rating for this Stay: 5/5

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