Do you want to just take your pet and get on the road? Only you and your pet against the whole world? Amidst the Maharashtrian landscape We have sorted it out for you (and your pet)! Take a look at some of the beautiful getaways near Mumbai: Every Pet Parent Should Visit, where both you and your pet will be having fun together!

1) The Countryside Stay

Panchgani, Maharashtra

A Mountain Getaway Near Mumbai

The perfect weekend getaway near Mumbai

Tucked away in a small village with immense beauty, the Countryside Stay will not disappoint! With views of the hills and the sun on top of them as far as your eyes wander, this is a place that will leave a mark on your hearts and your pets, for a very long time! The high ceilings, the huge backyard, and the friendly people are what you want to look out for while having some fun with your pets!

With the majestic sunsets and the delicious delicacies of the place, The Countryside Stay will offer you a unique experience where both you and your fellow friend will enjoy your heart out!

What We Love: The beautiful scenery, the infinity pool, the lush backyard, the architecture of the homes, and the experience overall, are some of the best for you and your pets! The view of the Hatghegar Dam is also a *chef's kiss*!

Travel Tip: Strawberry season, monsoon season, or in any season the sunsets look out of the world and the strawberries, dark colored red!

Suitable For: You and your pet! Also, bring your friends and families around to have a great experience together

Distance from Mumbai:  241 km

Time From Mumbai: A 5 hour 30 minutes ride by road!

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2) Secluded Homestay

Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

A Beautiful Getaway Near Mumbai

The perfect weekend getaway near Mumbai

A beautiful pet-friendly stay and perfectly apt for you and your friend, this homestay is as the name suggests, completely secluded. Tucked amidst the trees through which sunlight plays hide and seek, this homestay is perfect for you and your pet if you are looking to have some fun! With the barrage of trees in the area and the tent in which you are accommodated, you will feel like you are camping with nature!

With treehouses, a waterfront, and a not-so-difficult-to-hike nature trail, your pet will be engaged all the time and you will also enjoy your heart out through interacting with the beautiful community of people who reside there.

A beautiful place where you can take a vacation with your pets, the Secluded Homestay ensures that you and your friend are taken care of, and amidst that taking care, you also get to enjoy the innumerable amount of grace the stay has to offer!

What We Love: With yummy food and your furry friend by your side, try your hands in modak making, and pottery as you will learn one new thing every moment you stay here!

Travel Tip: Other people also stay here! A great place to interact and mesh in with the community!

Suitable For: Adventurers!

Distance from Mumbai: 342 km

Time From Mumbai: An 8-hour ride by road!

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3) Boutique Farm Stay

Karjat, Maharashtra

The Best Pet Weekend Getaway in Mumbai

The beautiful weekend getaway near Mumbai every pet parent should know about

Just take your furry friend and relax here! That is why it was built. So that you and your pet can relax and have fun here! With home-cooked food, a bathtub, and a patio, Boutique Farm Stay offers you a unique experience that you will never really forget!

The hammock where you can rest, the art village which will help you in your creativity, or the sweet and polite staff who are equipped with all the great stories once you start conversing with them, Boutique Farm Stay offers a one-of-a-lifetime experience from where you and your furry friend will call each other ‘family’ when you leave. The highlight of the stay is the nursery farm from where the food is served. Organic and completely fresh!

What We Love: A private lake where you can go kayaking and a cycle trail where you can cycle your heart out! The cycles have baskets in front so even your furry friends can take in the air amidst the setting sun!

Travel Tip: The best time is winter but you can come anytime!

Suitable For: Friends and family alike! If you want some peace and quiet, this is the best place for you!

Distance from Mumbai: 62 km

Time From Mumbai: Only a 2-hour ride!

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4) Scenic Resort

Shendi, Maharashtra

A Must Visit Pet Getaway Near Mumbai

A getaway near Mumbai every pet parent should know about

As the name suggests, this property is really a treehouse! When you step through the doors, you will feel above the world and the scenery which this house provides front-row tickets is to die for! The lake in the distance and the nature trail you have to take whenever you want to discover around with your significant other and your furry friend, the Scenic Resort is one-of-a-kind and you will certainly be thankful afterward that you have got to live this experience!

You can go boating in the lake. Or simply, enjoy a cup of tea with your significant other whilst looking at the sunset! The Scenic Resort energizes the romance and even your furry friends feel it all the way! Moreover, the highlight of staying here is utilizing the well on their property which provides fresh groundwater so that you, your significant other, and your furry friend remain hydrated all the time

The organic and tasty food. The nap after eating heavily while on the road with nature at your side. And peace in your mind. These things are enough to make this treehouse, one of the most memorable experiences in your life.

What We Love: From kayaking to cycling around the property, there are quite a few things to do when you are in this villa. You can also take the boat to a small island amidst the tranquil lake. This beautiful getaways near Mumbai every pet parent should visit also has a nature trail amidst the woods! Pretty cool, am I right?

Travel Tip: With an art village and a nursery farm to explore, there is literally no time to waste after coming here!

Suitable For: Couples and their furry friends!

Distance from Mumbai: 270 km

Time From Mumbai: A 6-hour ride by road!

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These were our curated list of beautiful getaways near Mumbai every pet parent should visit. All of the destinations are unique in their own way but they share one element: the confidence of providing you with a memorable experience that you will remember forever and ever!

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