Gear up for the ultimate anniversary celebration with the Best anniversary gift in town: A Perfect Weekend Getaway! Forget the "same old, same old" and dive headfirst into a whirlwind of romance in addition to fun times.

Picture this: romantic getaways for couples that are firstly so close by, you can practically high-five them; no need to Google "anniversary getaways near me" because we've got you covered. Our mission? To turn your lovey-dovey weekend into a highlight reel of unforgettable moments, and also make sure you have the perfect weekend.

From the "aww" to the "wow," we've carefully curated an overall fun experience. So, buckle up for the anniversary adventure of a lifetime – because the best memories are the ones you create together.

Near Mumbai

1. The Mountain Resort

Mulshi, Maharashtra

Perfect Anniversary Getaway

A romantic setting for couples, ideal for an anniversary getaway near Mumbai

Swap city lights for the soft glow of romance for your perfect Anniversary Celebration at Mountain Resort in Mulshi, Maharashtra. Tucked away in mesmerizing mountains and scenic trails, this resort promises an enchanting escape, making it one of the top romantic getaways for couples.

Cozy, Spacious, and Serene Accommodations

Firstly, Choose from snug cottages to rooms that frame romance-inducing views. Step onto your balcony for a front-row seat to Mulshi Dam's beauty or the majestic mountains – setting the scene for a perfect anniversary getaway near me.

Unforgettable Experiences: Horse Riding, Swimming, and Beyond!

Seondly, feel the pulse of nature with horse riding, explore nearby trails, or unwind by the pool – catering to both adventure enthusiasts and those seeking tranquility.

Enchanting Interiors and Thoughtful Touches

Thirdly, lose yourself in charming interiors with grand four-poster beds and unique Mahabalipuram statues.Also the spacious rooms provide freedom for adults to roam, ensuring a delightful escape for not only couples but also families celebrating anniversaries.

Delicious Dining with a View:

Overall , indulge in mouthwatering meals against stunning backdrops.

Bougainvillea Cottage, nestled at the mountain's base, offers not only a picturesque, relaxing setting—but is ideal for unforgettable anniversary celebrations and romantic getaways near Mumbai –altogether truly the Best Anniversary Gift: A Perfect Weekend Getaway.

What We Love: Furthermore enjoy the breathtaking views of Mulshi Dam and the mountains from your balcony at Mountain Resort. Also, the spacious rooms and unique encounters ensure enduring romantic memories.

Travel Tip: Also, Secure a limited treehouse room for an extra-special stay. Besides enjoying the scenic drive, have hot chai and corn vendors along the picturesque journey.

Suitable for: Perfect for couples seeking a romantic haven, and friends yearning for a nature-filled escape. Additionally, this is undoubtedly one of the top places to go for anniversaries.

Distance from Mumbai: A mere 4-hour road trip from Mumbai, Mountain Resort also provides a convenient and scenic escape from the city hustle.

So, Get ready for the Best Anniversary Gift: A Perfect Weekend Getaway! And dive into authentic pictures and videos capturing the essence of this enchanting experience.

Click here to explore! The Mountain Resort, Mulshi, Maharashtra

2. Scenic Resort

Shendi, Maharashtra

Romantic Getaway near Mumbai

Comfortable Tree houses.A romantic setting for couples, ideal for a getaway near Mumbai

Embark on a romantic retreat to the Scenic Resort in Shendi, Maharashtra, for an ideal anniversary getaway near Mumbai. Since this hidden gem has a limited number of cozy cottages and newly built treehouses – also a perfect fit for romantic getaways for couples and anniversary celebrations.

Firstly a mere stone's throw away from the bustling city life, the rustic charm beautifully blends with nature, besides offering a comfortable stay equipped with modern amenities like air conditioning and WiFi.

Pet -friendly

Also, bring along your furry friends because at Scenic Resort, everyone's welcome! This charming getaway was built with the support of the local community, basically adding an authentic touch to your experience. If you're "pawrents" , rest assured – furry friends are more than welcome.

From delicious food to entertainment

Secondly, savor the extraordinary local flavors, with a special highlight on the yummy lake fish, a culinary delight for a memorable anniversary celebration. To make your stay exciting, the resort also hosts entertaining evenings, ranging from music and karaoke nights to soulful ghazal performances during dinner – finally ensuring a delightful experience for you and your loved one.

Finally, secure your spot by booking one of the limited treehouses, adding an extra touch of adventure to your Best Anniversary Gift: Weekend Getaway.

What We Love: Above all, relish the stunning lake view amidst enchanting landscapes, and afterwards indulge in the best part – a delightful dining experience!

Travel Tip: Also, enjoy the road journey and ensure an overall unforgettable anniversary getaway by reserving the limited treehouse rooms well in advance.

Suitable for: Scenic Resort in Shendi, Maharashtra, is also tailored for romantic escapes, making it an ideal spot for anniversary celebrations.

Distance from Mumbai: Conveniently located 40 km from Igatpuri!

So, Gear up for the perfect Anniversary getaway near Mumbai! Immerse yourself in authentic pictures and videos capturing the essence of this enchanting experience.

Click here to explore! Scenic Resort Shendi, Maharashtra

Near Delhi

3. Wilderness Stay

Sariska, Rajasthan

Romantic Anniversary Getaway

Beautiful dining area. Anniversary Getaways Near Delhi

Step into the enchanting world of Wilderness Stay in Sariska, Rajasthan—an idyllic escape to the romantic side of life! Imagine leaving the city chaos for wildlife lodges and cozy Swiss tents, nestled around the breathtaking Aravalli ranges. A romantic adventure that captures the heart.

Embark on a Daytime Romance Safari!

Firstly, explore and enjoy the vibrant ecosystem hand in hand with your loved one on a romantic Daytime Romance Safari.

Experience the Magic of Moonlit Strolls and Sunset Delights

As the sun gracefully sets, the magic unfolds with moonlit walks under star-studded skies or intimate gatherings around the bonfire. Have you discovered the enchanting Sunset Delight experience? It's like having your own romantic moment in the ancient Aravalli Hills!

Love surrounded by history and timelessness!

Diverse Romance and Huge Property

Now, let's talk about the diverse romantic atmosphere that fills this place. From sweet birdsongs to majestic landscapes, it's a beautiful symphony of love. The property is vast, with passionate hosts, yummiest Rajasthani thalis, and great cleanliness, for your Best Anniversary Gift: Weekend Getaway.

Spacious Love Nests with Serene Green Views

And the rooms? They aren't just rooms; they are spacious, beautifully crafted love nests with serene green views stretching as far as the eye can see. It's a setup that sweeps you off your feet.

Unforgettable Sunset Delights

Those Sunset Delights? Truly unforgettable! Imagine a mesmerizing backdrop, delectable treats, and a romantic hi-tea—all arranged with pure love.

A Short Drive from Delhi

Exciting news! Wilderness Stay is just a short 4-hour drive from Delhi.🌿💑🌅

What We Love: Firstly, the captivating Sunset Delight at Wilderness Stay! Creating your own romantic moment in the captivating Aravalli Hills is an experience beyond compare. The wildlife adds an extra layer of romance, with a delightful variety of creatures making our time here truly special and unforgettable! 🌅💑🌿

Travel Tip: Finally, ensure your gadgets are charged for capturing those romantic moments. Don't miss the breathtaking sunrise—rise early for a magical view. Also opt for a road trip to soak in the stunning Aravallis. As it's Rajasthan, consider avoiding the extreme summer months for a more comfortable anniversary experience.

Suitable for: Besides, being perfect for creating romantic memories with your significant other, Wilderness Stay is an ideal spot for anniversary celebrations, offering ample open spaces for intimate moments.

Distance from Delhi: Only 4 hours by road.

So, Prepare for a romantic adventure! Explore authentic pictures and videos capturing the essence of this love-filled experience. 💑🌿

Click here to explore! Wilderness Stay Sariska, Rajasthan

4. The Lake View Palace

Kishanpur, Rajasthan

Anniversary Weekend Getaway

Scenic view of a destination perfect for Best Anniversary Gift: A Perfect Weekend Getaway
A Romantic Oasis by Siliserh Lake

Firstly, step into the romantic haven of Lakeside Palace, where every detail whispers the elegance of heritage and the charm of history. Nestled near the ancient city of Alwar, this palace is a visionary project, and is significantly a true gem in the world of romantic getaways for couples and anniversary getaways.

Breathtaking Views from Your Balcony Jharokha

Secondly, imagine standing on your balcony Jharokha, looking over the sprawling green lawns, Siliserh Lake, and the majestic Aravali ranges. Lakeside Palace is not just a stay; it's where history meets modern luxury.

Sunset Splendor by the Swimming Pool

Finally, as the sun sets, the swimming pool becomes a canvas for a breathtaking sunset, complemented by the warmth of Diwali-like string lights in the evening.

Tea Time Bliss in Vast Green Lawns

Don't miss the steaming cup of tea on the vast green lawns, the best relaxing experience.

Tasty Treats in a Cozy Setting

Enjoy yummy food that's both simple and amazingly tasty. The mix of flavors, with fresh veggies and aromatic spices, turns every bite into a delightful adventure.

Cultural Richness with Kalbeliya Folk Dance

Immerse yourself in the cultural richness with the Kalbeliya folk dance, a captivating blend of energy and grace that will leave you mesmerized.

Suite Rooms: Views of Royal Heritage and More

The suite rooms, along with offering views of the royal heritage, waterfront views, romantic ambiance, mountains, and historical charm, are also designed for an unforgettable anniversary getaway. Complete with balconies, parking facilities, and a swimming pool.

Best Anniversary Gift: A Perfect Weekend Getaway

This isn't just a weekend escape; it's the Best Anniversary Gift: A Perfect Weekend Getaway. So, Book your stay now and let Lakeside Palace be your romantic celebration.

What We Love: Besides the enchanting views of Siliserh Lake steal our hearts, creating a serene and picturesque backdrop that adds a touch of magic to every moment.

Travel Tip: Also, don't forget your camera! Capture the beauty of Siliserh Lake and create lasting memories of your stay.

Suitable For: Ideal for couples seeking a romantic escape, families looking for a peaceful retreat, solo adventurers in search of tranquility, and friends wanting to create memorable moments.

Distance from Delhi: Particularly 160 kilometers from Delhi, offering not only a convenient but also a hassle free getaway.

Click here to explore! The Lake View Palace Kishanpur, Rajasthan

Near Bangalore

5. Riverfront Family Resort

Kabini, Karnataka

Anniversary Weekend Gateway

Romantic Getaway-A Perfect Weekend Getaway
Romantic Riverside Retreat in Kabini, Karnataka

Finally, escape to the Riverfront Family Resort in Kabini, Karnataka, for a dreamy anniversary celebration. This charming resort also offers a perfect blend of romance and nature's wonders, making it one of the best romantic getaways for couples and an ideal destination for anniversary getaways, particularly near you.

What We Love: Overall enjoy the enchanting ambiance of the Kabini River, also creating a romantic backdrop that adds a touch of magic to every moment of your anniversary celebration.

Travel Tip: Lastly Pack a cozy blanket for a riverside picnic under the stars. The overall serene surroundings make it an ideal setting for a romantic evening.

Suitable For: Couples seeking a romantic escape to celebrate their anniversary, providing a perfect mix of intimacy and nature's beauty.

Distance from Bangalore: Particularly 16 to 18 hours by car, the journey is worth the romantic destination that awaits you. Also, plan for a road trip filled with scenic views and fun, for a memorable anniversary getaway.

Best Anniversary Gift: Also, this isn't just a weekend escape; it's the Best Anniversary Gift, offering a romantic haven by the Kabini River. Book your stay and let the magic of Kabini create lasting memories for your special celebration.

Click to explore! Riverfront Family Resort Kabini, Karnataka.

6. Coorg Cliffs Resort & Spa

Coorg, Karnataka

Romantic Getaway Near Bangalore

Romantic Getaways in Coorg. Best Anniversary Gift: A Perfect Weekend Getaway
Romantic Bliss at Coorg Cliffs Resort & Spa

Firstly, located in the picturesque landscapes of Coorg, Karnataka, the Coorg Cliffs Resort & Spa invites especially couples to embark on a romantic journey for their anniversary celebration. Surrounded especially by the lush greenery of plantations, mist-kissed mountains, and the majestic Western Ghats, this resort is altogether perfect for romantic getaways for couples.

Luxurious stay surrounded by Nature:

Immerse in nature's beauty with 60 rooms featuring rich and beautiful decor. Enjoy an extended balcony, waking up to birdsong and sipping coffee amid stunning landscapes.

Rejuvenation Amidst Nature:

Thirdly escape to romance with modern amenities: gym, indoor games, and refreshing pools. Embrace enchanting evenings with the plantation view and infinity pools, because why not. The cool waters of the plantation view pool and the infinity pool are truly refreshing.

Family-Friendly Yet Romantic:

While catering to families, the resort maintains its romantic ambiance. Kid-friendly amenities are another key point including indoor and outdoor play areas, ensuring an overall delightful stay for couples with children.

Organic Yummy Delights and Green Dining Experience:

Indulge in eco-friendly dining at the resort's farm, where organic fruits and veggies flourish. Enjoy fresh, yummy meals in the restaurant, bringing a taste of nature's goodness to your plate.

What We Love:

Immerse yourselves in the tranquility and beauty of Coorg, creating unforgettable memories in a romantic setting that goes beyond words.

Travel Tip:

Also, don't miss the chance to explore the nearby nature trails, creating intimate moments amidst the beautiful natural splendor.

Suitable For:

Tailored for couples seeking an overall romantic escape for their anniversary, the Coorg Cliffs Resort & Spa provides an intimate and luxurious backdrop for a happy and memorable celebration.

Distance from Bangalore:

Particularly 260-300 kilometers from Mumbai, 6-8 hours by road, the scenic journey to Coorg promises a captivating romantic and memorable anniversary getaway.

In conclusion, this is more than a weekend escape, it's the Best Anniversary Gift, offering a romantic sanctuary at Coorg Cliffs Resort & Spa. Book your stay and let the allure of Coorg enhance the magic of your special celebration.

Click here to explore! Coorg Cliffs Resort & SpaCoorg, Karnataka


Best Anniversary Gift: Weekend Getaway

So, let Yuyiii guide you seamlessly through the planning process for the overall perfect romantic escape. From the enchanting Mountain Resort in Mulshi to the scenic beauty of Shendi's Scenic Resort, each destination unfolds a chapter of love and excitement. The Lakeside Palace near Alwar or the Wilderness Stay in Sariska, and the Lakeside Palace in Rajasthan offer varied hues of romance. Coorg Cliffs Resort & Spa adds the overall perfect finale with eco-friendly luxury.

Book now for a weekend filled with love, laughter, and the joy of celebrating your special day with the Best Anniversary Gift: A Perfect Weekend Getaway!!

Get in touch with our team right now and book your next weekend getaway with Yuyiii!!

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