Looking for a romantic weekend getaway? We have got you covered with the ultimate romantic wilderness resort near Bangalore that you will surely love!

Infinity Pool in Waynad Wilderness

Why we love this Romantic Wilderness resort?

This romantic stay gives us an unforgettable glimpse into the culture of Wayanad and the beauty of raw nature.

The highlights of your trip here will be the Candle-lit dinners, infinity pool, bonfires, your private balcony with a beautiful view and the wonderful weather.

Things you must experience in this romantic wilderness resort!

Just being in the resort is an experience in itself! As here, you can live amidst untouched nature!

The only sounds you will hear will be of - the gurgling streams, the wind gushing through the woods, and the sweets notes of birds chirping!

As this romantic wilderness resort is recognized for its delicious local food you must experience the culinary culture of Kerala here!

Do take a guided tour with a Naturalist to explore the abundant flora and fauna found in the resort.

If you feel like venturing out into some adventure activities. Just a 45 minute drive away from the resort you can - go Bamboo Rafting, Cycling in the hills, Ziplining and Explore the coffee plantations nearby!

You can also repose in the simple pleasures of reading a book, listening to good music and sipping some warm tea in your private balcony! <3

We assure you, your heart will remain intertwined with the memories you form here for a long time!

How to get here from Bangalore?

The resort is around 298 km from Bangalore. The drive takes between 7 to 7.5 hours.

The parking of the wilderness resort is 3.5 km away due to rough terrain. A jeep owned by the resort will take you from the parking to your destination!

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