Looking for lovely nature stays and weekend resorts in Wayanad? Here are some of our top picks for the best weekend resorts in Wayanad this 2021 which we are sure you would love. Be it a solo trip, a romantic getaway, or a getaway with your family - these properties have something for all of you. Read to find out! :D

Refreshing Weekend Stay at this Rainforest Resort in Lakkidi, Wayanad

Weekend Resorts in Wayanad

Imagine staying right in the middle of a rainforest? How cool, right? This unique and offbeat Wayanad resort near Bangalore is surely one of the most - safe and sanitized resorts near Bangalore. This rainforest resort is situated amidst the dense rainforests of Wayanad.

As you park your car in the parking areas, a minibus takes you deep inside the rainforests and to the property and no words could do justice to the beauty you see around. You could also spot Hornbills and the Malabar giant Squirrel. The property is so calm and relaxing, you can read here, meditate here and it makes for a perfect weekend getaway near Bangalore for couples and families.

Weekend Resorts in Wayanad

Why do we love this place: Wake up a little early while you are at this safe and sanitized resort in Wayanad for the sunrise, it’s magical. You can go for a nature walk, go trekking in the rainforests of Wayanad (Night trekking too). You should totally explore the local cuisine with the resort’s chef. The rooms have high ceilings, filled with the fresh rainforest air, and huge balconies. *heart eyes*.

Who is this best suitable for: This weekend getaway near Bangalore is great for couples and families to spend some quality time together away from the chaos of the city. This resort is also a great option for a unique resort near Bangalore for Bird watchers and Nature Lovers.

Weekend Resorts Near Bangalore

Distance from Bangalore to this Offbeat Rainforest Stay in Wayanad: 315 km

Time from Bangalore: 6 hrs 5 mins

To Know More about this Weekend Wayanad Resort near Bangalore: Click here!

Safe and Sanitized Heritage Tree House and Plantation Stay in Wayanad

Weekend Resorts in Wayanad

Heaven on Earth is what describes this unique Wayanad resort the best. Tall trees, a small pond, greenery all around, and the sounds of birds chirping, oof! The treehouses are made on actual jackfruit trees. Unlike other treehouses, the rooms at this tree house stay near Wayanad are very spacious and have large balconies.

This property belonged to Mr. Mckinzie of the pre-independence era. It was bought by the owner’s grandfather who was one of the first persons in Asia to extract essential oils and export them to the European countries. Go check out the video for yourself 

Safe Weekend Getaways  near Bangalore

Why do we love this place: This heritage resort in Wayanad makes for a great weekend getaway from Bangalore.  The dark wood interiors, four-poster beds, and big balconies make this romantic stay great for Valentine's day getaway near Bangalore. In the middle of a 200 acre Coffee, Tea, and Spice Plantation surrounded by nature, the views are just out of this world.  Oh, and monkeys are frequent visitors here. You could go boating in the pond on a traditional coracle.

Who is this best suitable for: This place is great for couples or solo travelers. This place makes for one of the best getaways from Bangalore for anniversaries or birthday celebrations or simply romantic getaways. Also, your best choice if you are looking for a resort with a lovely treehouse near Bangalore. Quite unique, eh? :D

Safe and Sanitized Stays in Wayanad

Distance from Bangalore to reach this Heritage Wayanad Resort: 261 kms

Time taken: 5 hrs 20 mins

Check the detailed review, photos, and videos for this Unique Heritage Resort in Wayanad Near Bangalore: Know More!


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