Birthday celebrations deserve an amazing and fun-filled weekend getaways to the best destinations. Whether it's near Bangalore, Mumbai or Pune, you can celebrate this speical occasion with joy and happiness. That said, there are some good birthday trip getaways for every type of traveller that you can't miss if you seek a good time!

The best resorts for birthday trips are the Wilderness Stay, Coorg Hill Crest Retreat and The Mountain Resort. The three properties offer everything you need for a perfect birthday celebration in an offbeat location. And we aren't making this up!

Yuyiii boasts a robust portfolio of experiences through real photos and videos, enriching your every moment with memories. And if that's not enough, we bring you expert reviews for various properties. We only feature the ones scoring above 3.5/5. So, join us for an offbeat getaway amidst the western ghats, waterfalls, and outdoor activities!

Here's a List of the Birthday Trip Getaways For Every Type of Traveller

1. The Mountain Resort: Celebrating Every Occasion With A Unique and Charming Ambience

How to Reach?


By Public Transport: You can also opt for state transport buses or private taxis from Mumbai to Mulshi. From there, you can reach the resort via another taxi ride.

By Road: Take a scenic drive from Mumbai to Mulshi via, NH48, and the Mulshi Road. The journey takes 3 hours and offers breathtaking views along the way.


By Road: Head towards Mulshi from Pune, taking the Tamhini Ghat Road or the Mulshi Road for a picturesque journey of about 2 hours.

By Public Transport: Pune offers multiple bus services and private cab options to reach Mulshi, catering to travellers from the city.

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Why It Is One of the Best Birthday Trip Getaways For Every Type of Traveller

Big Rooms: The resort offers spacious and cosy rooms. Each room has a big balcony with amazing views of Mulshi Dam or the nearby mountains.

Beautiful Mountain Resort: The Mountain Resort is a peaceful place in Mulshi surrounded by big mountains. As a result, it makes for a great escape from busy city life.

Yummy Food: You can also eat delicious meals at the resort’s restaurants. They have a variety of tasty dishes, from local favourites to international cuisine.

Lovely Decorations: The resort's interior is nicely decorated with comfy beds and old statues from Mahabalipuram. It feels charming and inspiring to take a look at the beautiful marvels.

You can also explore more about the property's beauty and magnificence; click here to book this property.

Suitable For?

Romantic Retreats: Want a romantic getaway? The resort is beautiful and cosy enough for the couples. Whether it’s your honeymoon or just a weekend trip, it’s the perfect place for lovebirds.

Family Getaways: Are you looking for a fun family trip near the Metropolis? The Mountain Resort, with its big rooms and outdoor activities, is perfect for a weekend getaway.

Nature Enthusiasts: You’ll love this resort if you like outdoors or being in nature! It’s surrounded by beautiful landscapes that are great for nature walks. The Mulshi dam and green mountains make it a perfect spot for nature lovers.

Average Price Range: Rs 15000 — Rs 39000

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2. Scenic Resort: A Unique Property Among the Birthday Trip Getaway For Every Type of Traveller

How to Reach?


By Road: You can travel from Mumbai to Igatpuri and soak in the stunning countryside views. From Igatpuri, you can proceed 40 km further to reach the gates of the Scenic Retreat.


By Road: Alternatively, you can plan a road trip from Pune to Igatpuri and lose yourself in the lush landscapes. The resort is a perfect weekend getaway, just 40 km from Igatpuri.

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Why It Is One of the Best Birthday Trip Getaways For Every Type of Traveller

Beautiful Tree Houses: The resort has four amazing treehouses, and each one comes with a spacious balcony surrounded by lush greenery. It’s not just a stay; it’s an experience tailored for nature lovers like you.

Eco-Friendly Philosophy: You can also dive deep into the serene embrace of the Scenic Resort. The property boasts eco-friendly practices for their accomodations and includes friendly local staff for the maintenance and upkeep. Besides, you’ll love the peace and quiet by the dam waters.

A Sustainable Design: At the Scenic Retreat, you’ll find 2–3–4 BHK bungalows and a few rooms for a close-knit and peaceful setting for your weekend getaway. Moreover, the accommodations are comfortable and spacious enough to ensure a sustainable stay experience at one of the best nature resorts near Mumbai.

Pet-Friendly Atmosphere: The property welcomes pets, even furry ones, and considers them as its family members. Thus, it is an ideal destination for pet lovers seeking a getaway with their beloved companions.

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Suitable For?

Weekend Getaways: If you’re looking for a perfect weekend escape from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai or Pune, Scenic Resort is the place to be. It’s like a peaceful haven for city dwellers and offers them peace and serenity. What’s more, the resort has limited accommodation options, making it one of the best nature resorts near Mumbai. 

Family Retreats: The resort is equipped with 2–3–4 BHK bungalows and offers a peaceful retreat for families and friends. The accommodation is spacious and well-designed, with all the required amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for all.

Nature Enthusiasts: Already known for its eco-friendliness, the resort also offers you some of the most scenic nature trails amidst the picturesque hills. If you’re a nature enthusiast looking for a refreshing getaway, this is among the best budget nature resorts near Mumbai.

Average Price Range: Rs 5000 - Rs 25000

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3. Wilderness Stay: A Birthday Celebration Amidst Sariska's Biodiverisity

How to Reach?


By Train: Hop on a train to Alwar Railway Station and then proceed further on a 1.5-hour scenic drive to Wilderness Stay.

By Air: You can fly to the Indira Gandhi International Airport, which is the closest one to the property. After a 4-hour drive, you'll find yourself in this retreat in the Aravalli hills.

By Road: You can also take a road trip from Delhi along NE 4 and NH 48 to reach the property in just 4-5 hours. The entire journey offers you scenic views of the Aravalli hills.


By Air: Fly to the Jaipur International Airport. After landing, you can proceed further on a scenic 3-hour drive to Wilderness Stay.

Train: Book the train tickets to Jaipur Railway Station and then opt for a private taxi or public transport to reach the property.

By Road: Drive from Jaipur to Sariska via NH48. The entire journey takes around 3 hours and offers beautiful views of the Aravalli hills.

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Why It Is One of the Best Birthday Trip Getaways For Every Type of Traveller

Aravalli Marvel: You can also explore the old and amazing Aravalli mountains, which are one of the oldest and most diverse mountain ranges. The owner of the place will tell you interesting stories about building the lodges and the area's history.

Nature's Embrace: Wilderness Stay helps you get in touch with the nature and experience the biodiversity at its best. You can stay in nice tents and lodges among the beautiful Aravalli mountains. You can also watch the diverse flora and fauna or go on nature trails around the property.

The Inspiring Host: Don't forget to meet the active and inspiring host, Mr. Luv Shekhawat. He harbours a deep love for Sariska's biodiversity and wilderness. In fact, he is the property's owner, too, and knows a lot about the area's history and legacy, formerly a part of the Alwar kingdom.

Exquisite Sundowner: You can also enjoy watching the sunset behind the Aravalli mountains. Make the most of such moments with tasty snacks and tea while soaking in the mesmerising vista.

Book a stay in the Wilderness Stay to make the most of your stay amidst the Aravalli Hills and the Sariska Tiger Reserve.

Suitable For?

Adventure Seekers: If you love being in nature and experience wildlife, come to Wilderness Stay in Sariska. The resort offers exciting wildlife tours and nature walks that are perfect for thrill-seekers.

Family Retreats: This property is ideal for families looking for a weekend getaway near Delhi. There's lots of space for kids to play and explore, and you can spend quality time together in the peaceful Aravalli Hills.

Romantic Escapes: For romantic couples and honeymooners, Wilderness Stay is the perfect destination near Delhi. You can stay in luxurious Swiss tents and enjoy intimate evenings under the stars. Besides, the beautiful views and peaceful atmosphere make it a special place for a romantic trip.

Pet Enthusiasts: The best part about this resort is that you can bring your pets and enjoy the best moments of your stay. That's why, it's among the best pet friendly resorts near Delhi.

Average Price Range: Rs 14500 - Rs 21250

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4. The Lake View Palace: A Royal Palace For the Birthday Trip Getaways For Every Type of Traveller

How to Reach?


By Train: You can book your train tickets from Delhi to Alwar railway station. After reaching the city, you can book a taxi further to reach the gates of the Lakeside Palace resort.

By Air: The nearest airport to Delhi is Indira Gandhi International Airport. From here, you can take a 3-hour trip further to Kishanpur, where the resort is situated.

By Road: You can embark on a scenic drive from Delhi to Alwar and then continue to Kishanpur. The journey takes nearly 4–5 hours and offers you picturesque views.


By Road: You can grab your keys and head to Kishanpur from Jaipur. The entire drive roughly takes around 3–4 hours.

By Air: One of the closest cities to the resort is Jaipur. You can book flight tickets to Jaipur International Airport. Then, you can continue further on a 3-hour drive to reach the resort amidst the Aravalli ranges.

By Train: If you’re coming by train, boon your tickets from Jaipur to Alwar. Then, take a taxi or a bus to reach the gates of the resort.

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Why It Is One of the Best Birthday Trip Getaways For Every Type of Traveller

A Captivating View: The resort has no shortage of scenic views around its vicinity. Situated alongside the Siliserh Lake, the resort blends in perfectly with the backdrop of Aravalli Hills. Besides, the property has a Balcony Jhrokha, green lawns, and a swimming pool that looks absolutely stunning during the sunsets.

Reigniting Royalty: The resort is a reflection of the visionary approach of Mr. kaushik. He wanted to breathe life into this fort and make the most of its royal ambience. Moreover, the complete transformation helped him uplift an entire village thanks to the increased land prices.

Luxury Amenities: The resort isn’t just a resurrected fort; it also carries the modern comforts of city life. You can cherish your time by rejuvenating in the swimming pool or watching the sunset from the balcony. Besides, the property boasts various room categories, from Suite to Luxury, to cater to all kinds of visitors.

Dining Experiences: You can have a fulfilling culinary experience in this resort. The property serves fresh vegetables, aromatic spices, and a royal ambience to create a perfect moment. Moreover, you can sip on a cup of tea and start your day with its humble hospitality.

King Kaushik Ji: With a deep knowledge of Indian history, Mr. Kaushik has a thing or two to teach us about the medieval ages. He is the uncrowned king of his niche and takes pride in it. Moreover, his passion for turning his dreams into reality reflects his dedication.

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Suitable For?

Lovey Dovey Couples: This is one of the best honeymoon destinations near Delhi, with its scenic backdrop, royal ambience, and authentic food. Couples have every reason to visit this resort and create memories.

Heritage Fanatics: This beautiful property appeals to history enthusiasts who gasp at its glory with awe and wonder. It stands apart with its location, comfort, and regal ambience, which are rarely seen today.

Curious Travellers: Travelling enthusiasts can experience a unique blend of traditional and modern hospitality. Besides, they can listen to the timeless stories immortalised within the walls of the fort.

Average Price Range: Rs 6000 - Rs 15000

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5. Riverfront Family Resort: A Simple Little Treat For Your Birthday Getaways

How to Reach?


By Road: You can take a road trip from Bangalore to Kabini via NH 275 for 212 km. The entire journey takes 4–5 hours and offers scenic views of the green ghats.

By Train: You can book your train tickets from Bangalore to Mysore Railway Station. From there, you can take a taxi or a bus ride to Kabini, which takes around an hour and 15 minutes.

By Air: If you’re coming from Bangalore, you can fly to the Mysore Airport. Then, you can take a taxi further for a scenic 2-hour drive to reach the resort.


By Train: If you're coming from Chennai, you can book your train tickets to Mysore railway station. From there, you can proceed further via taxi or bus on Mananthavadi Road for 60 km to reach your destination.

By Air: You can reach the Riverfront Family Resort by flying to the Chennai International Airport. From there, you can take a scenic 9 hour 51 minutes drive on the NH 48 to reach the gates of the property.

By Road: You can drive on the scenic NH 38 from Chennai to Kabini. This 570 km road trip takes around 10 hours.

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Why It Is One of the Best Birthday Trip Getaways For Every Type of Traveller

A Riverside Retreat: Established on the banks of the Kabini River, the Riverfront Family Resort is a blend of peace and adventure. This property is among the best forest resorts in South India and offers a swimming pool and other activities, including kayaking and boat safaris.

A Cozy Paradise: You can relax and detoxify yourselves in the spacious and comfy rooms. These accomodations come with expansive sliding windows that offer scenic views of the Kabini river. Besides, the dining area is perfectly situated by the river, which makes for a perfect dining experience.

Natural Inspired Ambience: You can cherish your time in this resort exploring the orchards of figs, apricots, oranges, and more. Besides, you can also embark on nature walks and enjoy birdwatching in this lush paradise. The owner of the property Mr. Devraj is a both a naturalist and a local guide, who knows every little detail about his orchards.

A Culinary Delight: This resort emphasises on impeccable culinary experiences. You’ll have a perfect dining experience with their buffet menu for a delicious and fulfilling meal.

Explore the local attractions and go kayaking in the Kabini river; book a stay in the Riverfront Family Resort.

Suitable For?

Family Escapes: This property attracts families with its portfolio of spacious rooms and engaging outdoor activities. What’s more, you also get a loving and hospitable staff to make your stay memorable.

Group Vacation: Friends or colleagues on a group vacation can have quality time amidst the natural wonders and the resort’s modern amenities.

Couples: If you’re a couple seeking a romantic paradise, this is your one-stop destination. This resort is one of the best jungle resorts in South India and offers natural delights, culinary experiences, riverside views and outdoor activities to make for a romantic getaway.

Nature Admirers: With nature walks, birdwatching and fruit orchards, nature enthusiasts will have ample space to discover, learn, and soak in the peace and serenity amidst the natural wonders.

Average Price Range: Rs 22000 - Rs 30000

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6. Coorg Hill Crest Retreat: A Jungle Abode Among the Birthday Trip Getaways For Every Type of Traveller

How to Reach?


By Train: Take a train from Bangalore to Mysore Railway Station. From Mysore, you can hire a taxi further for a picturesque 3-hour journey to Coorg Hill Crest Retreat.

By Air: Fly from Bangalore to Mangalore International Airport. From there, it's about a 4-hour drive to the retreat via NH275, with scenic views all the way.

By Road: You can also go on a road trip from Bangalore to Coorg, which takes approximately 6-7 hours via NH75.

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Why It Is One of the Best Birthday Trip Getaways For Every Type of Traveller

Natural Peace: Coorg Hill Crest Retreat is a peaceful place hidden in the landscapes of Coorg. You can wake up to nature's soothing sounds and beautiful views in contrast to your city mornings.

Spacious Rooms: At this resort, you can enjoy a luxurious stay in well-furnished rooms and villas with stunning hill views. The accommodations are spacious, have modern amenities, and a private balcony for relaxation.

Lip Smacking Cuisines: Their in-house restaurants serve delicious Coorg dishes made with fresh local ingredients. Whether you're looking for a romantic dinner or a family meal, they have something for everyone.

Activities for Everyone: You can also swim in the pool, relax at the spa, or go on nature walks. There's lots to do here for people who love to stay active throughout their stay.

You can experience a great stay at this resort in Coorg. Click here to book a stay in the Coorg Hill Crest Retreat.

Suitable For?

Couples: This is a perfect retreat for couples who want to spend time together. They can stay in nice rooms, enjoy romantic meals, and be in a peaceful setting surrounded by nature.

Nature Explorers: This place is ideal for people who love being in nature amidst the gardens or forests. You can also see amazing views and find lots of things to do outside, like walking trails and bird watching.

Lone Travellers: If you're a solo explorer and want a quiet and relaxing break, you should visit this place. You can explore nature, get spa treatments, or just enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. It's a place where you can feel refreshed and calm.

Families: Families will surely have a great time at Coorg Hill Crest Retreat. With spacious rooms, fun activities, and delicious food, this is a dream destination for them.

Average Price Range: Rs 5000 - Rs 10000

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Wrap Up!

These resorts have all the modern amenities and arrangements to elevate your stay experience. Whether you're a solo traveller, a nature lover, or going on a family trip, you can book a stay in them, celebrate your special occasions, and discover the local sightseeing points.

Wilderness Stay, Coorg Hill Crest Retreat and The Mountain Resort are the best birthday trip getaways for every type of traveller. You can check out the images and explore more about the room options in this property!

If you want to experience the best of nature and hospitality, Yuyiii is here to help! We prioritize a good travel experience above all and offer the best stay options for your comfort and sophistication.

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