The heritage and the rich stories of India are timeless. Especially, when it is about the royals. So, any chance of visiting an erstwhile palace or a heritage haveli appears enticing to me and I am sure to every die-hard traveler like you as well. After all, who would not like to explore their rich heritage and culture?

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For life and travel enthusiasts, that’s precisely why a Heritage Haveli like this one in Panchkula, Chandigarh, a weekend destination near Delhi feels like a dreamland that you have a chance to visit as one of the pacifying weekend getaways from Delhi and even from Chandigarh. Because, honestly, aren't those run of the mill resorts near Chandigarh easily forgettable and boring after a point, ha?

It is just an hour away from the Chandigarh airport, yet this hidden resort near Delhi feels like it is in a world of its own. Surrounded by the old world charm of Panchkula, this haveli sings the stories that are more than 320 years old. Owned by the descendants of Chandail Rajputs of Madhya Pradesh, it has now transformed into a pristine boutique stay.

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The warmth there takes you infold like a child in glee while listening to stories. And the stories so humbly shared by Mr. Jaideep, the owner of Panchkula Haveli, transport to the Darbars of his forefathers.

Haveli that Makes You Forget Other Chandigarh Resorts

Most importantly, this haveli’s royal bric-a-brac of treasure chests, curios, wall paintings, engraved furniture spellbound me. For aeons, it feels like you are walking through some royal tale.

Their eye for detail especially wins you over as well. Despite housing 25+ rooms, you feel that every room at this Haveli has a character and a unique vibe. You sleep with peace and joy here.

A soothing meal in their Diwan Khana by the side of talented local musicians makes you smile from ear to ear.

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Like that was not enough, this Heritage Haveli also has its own Thakurdwara Temple. I woke up at 5 AM to experience aarti there and it felt very sublime. The idol of Lord Krishna and Radha housed there, smile at you. How rare is that!

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But, trust me, the best thing about this Haveli is its staff. Their hospitality and care for us, restored my faith in humanity. Right from serving us exceptional delicacies till running errands for us, the staff members did everything with a genuine smile, oh, yes!

For all of that and then some more Nimbu Pudine ka Sharbat — I will always heart this Heritage Haveli at Panchkula as it also makes for one of the best weekend getaways near Delhi.

What is great about this stay? Quintessentially, this Haveli is quaint, dreamy and everything that fairy tales are made up of! With royal meals served round the clock, live music being played by the local artists, sublime artists, impeccable hospitality, and luxurious rooms - you experience nothing but the best of indulgences there!

Why should you visit it? This is a Historical Stay. So, once we are out of the COVID lockdown and it is safe to travel, heading to this Royal Stay would surely lift up your spirits. Make sure to add this beauty to your bucket list when you are already looking for weekend getaways near Delhi.

Yuyiii’s Travel Expert Rating for this Stay: 4.5/5

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