“For in every adult there dwells the child that was, and in every child there lies the adult that will be.”
― John Connolly

Image by Tuhin khamaru from Pixabay

We might have become adults. But, somewhere in all of us, there lives a child. The child that sparks up at the small joys of life, feels ecstatic at the thought of an adventure. Life may have grown us up, but that wish to relive our childhood with nostalgia that always nudges us. And while we are at it, what better than walking down the memory lane of traveling as a carefree kid?

In the name of those good old days, let's rewind and relive those memories that were made in trains with siblings, on the road trips that made you fall in love with travel.

Treasure Trove of Childhood Travel Memories

sitting by window seat

Photo by Etienne Boulanger on Unsplash

Adjusting the Seat during Night Travel in Train

The thought of cozily sleeping on a makeshift seat in a fast train excited all of us, didn't it? For us, adjusting the middle berth or the side lower always feels good. It triggers so many memories even now when we are adults who travel by air because it is affordable now!

Relishing Mom made Delicacies in Train

Be it samosas, sandwiches or the roti, sabzi, mom's food tasted way heavenly while you were on a train. Oh, the aroma of those piping hot tiffins that mom so neatly packed, enjoying the food while sitting by the window seat is still cherished by most of us!

Waiting for Holidays to visit Hill Stations or Grandparents’ Homes

visiting hill stations

Image by antriksh kumar from Pixabay

Be it Diwali holidays or the summer vacation, we all have been there and waited for them to head away from home. We so waited to visit our grandparents. Or maybe head to a hill station or just relax at a weekend getaway? It was all such a luxury back then!

Fighting with Your Cousin/Sibling for the Window Seat

A window seat was our throne. All of us as kids felt entitled to them. After all, this seat offered the best views! So whether you got your "throne" by the window or not, it was all worth the fight during the journeys.

Eagerly Packing all your New Clothes to get some Great Photos on the Trip

The photos taken during a trip were some of the best photos of our childhood! Weren't they? So, packing those new clothes for them continues to be the most joyful memories for many of us.

Looking at the Trees, clouds from the window of your car, train and feel as if they are moving

We felt one with the world while looking at trees, moon and clouds while looking at them from a moving train or car. We got you there, right? As a child, this opened up your imagination and made you smile ear to ear.

Buying Snacks from the Railway Canteen

Eating bun maska and samosa

Photo by Subhayan Das on Unsplash

The mom made food was always great but that treat of bread butter and cutlet from the rail canteen was delish always! Oh, and didn't we gorge on those samosas, kachori, bun maska sold by the station side thelas? Hygiene aside, don't you still feel like eating them on your rail journeys as an adult, eh?

Loudly Playing Antakshari and Dumb Charades in the train

Photo by Eddy Billard on Unsplash

Is any childhood travel memory ever complete without the mention of Antakshari? Playing it with co-passengers during your train journey was a joy of another world. And doesn't it still make you smile for singing all the songs at the top of your voice that too on a train?

Listening to the Stories of fellow Travelers

Be it gossips or the shopping tips shared by fellow passengers, those stories from strangers sparked your curiosity. And in often cases made you more empathetic and humanly. Not to mention how it also sparked new friendships as a kid, right?

Getting Scared if your Mom or Dad got down at a station while you are sitting in the train

While it appeared like a nightmare back them, now this memory just makes you smile. Remember those heart pangs that you felt when your mom or dad went to bring something at the station. Well, for most of us this still feels the same during our journeys!

Properly Counting your Baggage while Onboarding and Getting Down from the Train

packing as a child: an amazing childhood memory

Photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash

Counting the bags with parents while starting and ending the journey made us feel like grown ups, even though for a few seconds. Not to mention how tying it all up with the steel chain and lock still feels so natural!

Trying to Read the Name of the Stations while the Train is Speeding by

reading station names

Image by LushLitBlog from Pixabay

It still remains like that, right? Don't we all still helplessly try to check the stations' names and mentally challenge ourselves? Somewhere between being that kid who never waited to reach the station and a young adult who impatiently did, we all grew up!

Passing by the Tunnels during the Train and by Road Journey

childhood travel memories

Photo by Ajju Chandmare on Unsplash

Tunnels always seemed magical to us as kids. Looking at them from a distance and waiting to pass through them felt like butterflies in the stomach! Also, seeing the light at of the end of those tunnels is something that still gives us hope, doesn't it?

Checking your Name on the Reservation Chart with your Parents

sunsets and sunrise from the trains: best childhood travel memory

Photo by Kushal Medhi on Unsplash

Ever found yourself panicking as a kid for not seeing your name on the reservation chart of Indian Railways? Ha, well that history repeats with us all even as adults. But, it never fails to make us smile because we are still those kids at heart, no?


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