As Santa Claus approaches town, why remain in town yourself? Don't let this winter break go to waste. Let the Christmas lights (and Yuyiii) be your guide as you plan the ultimate Christmas and New Year getaways near Mumbai. Ending the year on an exciting note, explore the best-curated list for stays nearby.

Yuyiii is here to help plan your best Christmas and New Year Getaway near Mumbai. Imagine, cozy cottages, bonfires, and then hot cocoa – all just a short ride away from the city hustle.

No holiday stress, just festive vibes! Whether you're a Santa fan or a Grinch needing cheer, we've surely got stays to make your season bright. 🛷

Why stay in town when the magic is a getaway away? Firstly, pack up, leave the decorations on the trees, and let's sleigh this Christmas and New Year Getaways near Mumbai together!

1. Scenic Resort

Shendi, Maharashtra

Christmas Getaway Near Mumbai

Scenic view of a destination perfect for New Year weekend getaways

Escape to the beautiful Scenic Resort in Shendi, Maharashtra, for your perfect Christmas and New Year getaway near Mumbai. Situated just 40 km from Igatpuri, this hidden gem offers a limited number of cozy cottages and features newly built treehouses.

Secondly, providing an intimate and exclusive atmosphere unlike the busy cities, the rustic charm of the stays is designed to blend with nature. This ensures a comfortable stay with modern amenities like air conditioning, WiFi, and more.

A fun fact about Scenic Resort is- it was built with the help of the local community, adding an authentic touch to your experience. Bring along your furry friends as the resort is pet-friendly.

Indulge your taste buds in amazing local flavors, with a special mention of the sweet lake fish, a culinary delight. Moreover, the resort hosts entertaining evenings to make your stay way more fun, i.e. ranging from music and karaoke nights to soulful ghazal performances during dinner, you got it all!

Also, book your stay now to secure one of the limited treehouses, adding an extra touch of adventure to your retreat.

What We Love:

Above all, enjoy the stunning lake view, surrounded by enchanting landscapes, and savor the best part – delicious food!

Travel Tip:

Make the most of the road journey and however secure your spot by booking the limited treehouse rooms for an unforgettable experience.

Suitable For:

Scenic Resort in Shendi, Maharashtra, is perfect for friends' fun, romantic escapes, solo adventures, and family-friendly moments. With plenty of open space for pets.

Distance from Mumbai: Located 40 km from Igatpuri!

Gear up for a perfect Christmas and New Year Getaways near Mumbai! Explore real pictures and videos capturing the essence of the experience. 

Click here to explore! Scenic Resort Shendi, Maharashtra

2. The Mountain Resort

Mulshi, Maharashtra

Best Christmas and New Year Getaways near Mumbai

Scenic view of a destination perfect for New Year weekend getaways
Mountain Resort: A Nature Haven with Scenic Views

Escape the city hustle and have blissful Christmas and New Year Getaways near Mumbai at the Mountain Resort in Mulshi, Maharashtra. Located amidst romantic mountains and nature trails, this resort promises an unforgettable stay with its unique features.

Romantic, Spacious, and Scenic Accommodations

The resort offers a diverse range of accommodations; from cozy cottages to romantic rooms with breathtaking views. Your balcony even offers a view of Mulshi Dam or the majestic mountains, creating a perfect backdrop for a romantic escape or family retreat.

Unique Experiences: Horse Riding, Swimming, and More!

Indulge in nature's energy with horse riding, explore nearby nature trails, or relax by the swimming pool. The resort offers activities for both adventure seekers and those looking to relax with family.

Charming Interiors and Personal Touch

Immerse yourself in the charming interiors, which feature large four-poster beds and unique elements like statues from Mahabalipuram. The spacious rooms are perfect for adults and kids alike.

Perfect Location: Bougainvillea Cottage

The Bougainvillea Cottage, situated at the base of a mountain, offers a truly unique and picturesque setting. Moreover, the resort resonates with the energy of nature, creating a deeply relaxing atmosphere.

Yummy Delights: A Feast for the Senses

Enjoy delicious food with stunning views and mouthwatering dishes.

New Year Celebration Getaway Near Mumbai

The scenic drive through majestic mountains and winding roads, combined with the cozy chai and corn vendors along the way, sets the tone for a memorable escape.

For those only three hours away from this divine land, consider it a sign from the Universe for an amazing Christmas and New Year celebration.

What We Love:

Enjoy stunning views of Mulshi Dam and mountains from your balcony at Mountain Resort. The spacious rooms and unique experiences create lasting memories.

Travel Tip:

Book a limited treehouse room for an extra-special stay. Enjoy the scenic drive with chai and corn vendors along the way.

Suitable For: 

Perfect for couples, families, solo adventurers, and friends looking for a nature-filled escape.

Distance from Mumbai:

Just 4 hours by road from Mumbai, Mountain Resort offers a convenient and scenic getaway from the city hustle.

Gear up for a perfect Christmas and New Year Getaways near Mumbai! Explore real pictures and videos capturing the essence of the experience. 

Click here to explore! The Mountain Resort, Mulshi, Maharashtra

3. Boutique Farm Stay

Karjat, Maharashtra

Perfect Christmas and New Year Getaways near Mumbai

Vibrant and festive Christmas decorations creating a joyful atmosphere
Discover Peace at Boutique Farm Stay in Karjat

Located in the arms of nature, this stay is a perfect place for solo travelers, families, and anyone seeking solace in mountains and rural charm.

Unique Interiors and Personalized Charm

Firstly, each room at Boutique Farm Stay is a story of its own, filled with unique charm. The beautiful interiors, crafted with passion by Shiv, his mother Neelam, and the dedicated team, ensure a memorable stay.

Leisure Activities Amidst Nature

Secondly, feel the stress melt away as you enjoy lazy days reading on hammocks, try kayaking in the private lake, or explore the beautiful Art Village & Nursery Farm. The property offers cycles for those eager to discover every nook and cranny.

Welcoming to Furry Friends

Thirdly, a standout feature is its pet-friendly environment. Bring your furry companions along, and experience the warmth as the staff cares for them like their own.

Farm-to-Table Yummy Delights

Fourthly, indulge in a unique Farm-to-Table dining experience, where every bite is a heavenly journey of freshness and organic goodness straight from the farm. In addition, the commitment to A2 Milk, Himalayan rock salt, and farm-made jaggery adds authenticity to the culinary delights.

Close to Mumbai and Safety Measures

Finally, located just an hour from Mumbai, the property is easily accessible. Boutique Farm Stay has also reopened with communicated safety measures, for all guests.

Ideal for Festive Getaways

Lastly, the vibe here is perfect for decking the halls and hosting awesome Christmas shindigs, complete with festive decorations and epic Secret Santa gift swaps!

What We Love:

Immerse yourself in the unique charm of Boutique Farm Stay, where every room tells a story with individual character and personalized charm.

Travel Tip:

Start with activities like hammock reading, kayaking, and exploring the Art Village & Nursery Farm. Also, enjoy the pet-friendly environment by bringing your furry friends for a warm and caring stay.

Suitable For:

Overall ideal for solo travelers, families, and anyone seeking solace amidst nature's beauty. The pet-friendly atmosphere adds an extra touch of warmth and inclusivity.

Distance from Mumbai: Conveniently located just an hour's drive from Mumbai, Boutique Farm Stay provides an easily accessible escape to rural charm and tranquility.

Book your getaway now for a holiday season filled with joy, tranquility, and the warmth of rural charm. Click here to explore more! Boutique Farm Stay Karjat, Maharashtra

4. The Countryside Stay

Panchgani, Maharashtra

Christmas Celebration near Mumbai

New Year's Eve celebrations, with fireworks, cheers, and a festive atmosphere

Discovering Rural Bliss

Firstly, discover Countryside Stay, located on the mountain's edge in a serene village near Panchgani. In this tranquil retreat, surrounded by farms, you'll find a genuine escape from the city's hustle and bustle.🌳✨

Enchanting Landscape: A Farm Stay Haven

Secondly, spread over 5 acres of land, Countryside Stay embraces an enchanting landscape with an Infinity pool, a huge strawberry farm, a restaurant, and uniquely designed rooms featuring four-poster beds. Each room is tastefully adorned, offering spacious sit-out areas and balconies that unveil captivating vistas of farms, mountains, and the Hatgheghar Dam.

Simplicity and Privacy

Thirdly, this offbeat yet unique place is an ode to nature and privacy. Here, fruit and vegetables used in the delightful homely meals are cultivated on the farm, creating a genuine farm-to-table experience. Guests can engage in the delightful activity of strawberry picking from the lush farms. 

Village Life Charms: Bhilar - A Village of Books

Fourthly, the nearby village of Bhilar is full of pleasant surprises. Filled with amazing book libraries that form a dream-like environment, perfect for artists and readers. ( yes, I can already hear the excited bookaholic in you) 

Peaceful Getaway: A 15-Minute Escape from Panchgani

Finally, a mere 15-minute drive from Panchgani, Countryside Stay is far from the ordinary.

Also, immerse yourself in the splendor of the surroundings, savoring not just farm-fresh meals but also unwinding in the heart of nature.

What We Love:

Along with the panoramic view of the hills all around, the strawberry farms are where you can pick your berries, and the libraries at every corner—need I say more?

Travel Tip:

Also, for a truly offbeat experience, explore the nearby village of Bhilar, a haven of book libraries, creating a dream-like environment for artists and literature enthusiasts.

Suitable For:

Ideal for families, couples, friends, and offbeat-seeking travelers, Countryside Stay is filled with the charm of rural living.

Distance from Mumbai:

Overall located just a 15-minute drive from Panchgani, this hidden gem then offers blissful and peaceful seclusion within easy reach of the bustling city.

So, book your stay now to make this hidden gem your memorable getaway during the holiday season.

Click to explore! The Countryside Stay Panchgani, Maharashtra


Enjoy the festive season with Christmas and New Year Getaways near Mumbai in 2023! Opt for the cozy cottages and treehouses at Scenic Resort in Shendi, the romantic Mountain Resort in Mulshi, the charming Boutique Farm Stay in Karjat, or the idyllic Countryside Stay in Panchgani—each surely promising a unique experience.

From panoramic views and strawberry farms to farm-to-table delights, these destinations also offer diverse and delightful moments. Secure your spot now for a special holiday escape and create lasting memories at these enchanting Christmas and New Year getaways near Mumbai! 🎄✨

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