With the outbreak of Corona in India and elsewhere, Corona lockdown has become a nemesis for seemingly optimistic and even pollyannish people. However, there is a silver lining to this cloud of isolation due to the Corona lockdown!

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Instead of feeling all low, let’s accept these times as our chance to evolve, grow as a human and become collectively conscious of the fragility of life. Also, now is the time to cherish our privilege, count our blessings and keep our thoughts in check in the hope of a better tomorrow.

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Here are a few thoughtful hacks to be in a balanced state of mind and also to make your loved ones feels safe in the face of Corona:

Boost Your Strength

Thinking about the gift of life in the face of adversity increases our mental stamina. It helps us in getting back on feet easily after the tough times are over. So, think of the glass as half full and walk your way towards resilience.

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Live Consciously

During unfavorable situations, it is easy to fall prey to feeling helpless and feeble. Instead of that, start watching your thoughts and divert them to positivity. To feel better, try to smile more and accept life as it is.

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Channelize Your Mind

Our mind can be a monkey if you do not tame it. Every time it chatters, try to meditate and calm it down. You would not only feel more energized but also understand how petty your worries are! Remember, not everything that you think is thoughtful!

Last but not the least, Team Yuyiii urges you to remember that the show of your life must go on and this time of Corona will also pass by like a dark cloud and it will bring the sunshine pouring through your windows. Let’s all cross it over!

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