In the hustle-bustle of our lives, planning a trip and then actually going for one often feels like a daydream! Let’s not even mention searching for the same. Oftentimes, bored of the same weekend getaways, luxury resorts near Mumbai or getaways near Delhi we seek a different place. After all, isn’t variety the spice of life?

But then co-ordinating with friends, boiling down to the perfect place, calculating the time and the distance from your home can possibly make you cancel the plan. Especially after the COVID 19 lockdown in India and the downtime of Corona, that urge to experience some fresh air at pristine stays, weekend getaways is more important than anything else!

Yuyiii Weekend Getaways

Does all that jazz sound too familiar? Then let us simplify your holiday woes.

But because of rampant demand for visiting Indian weekend getaways post lockdown, most of the travel websites would ask you: “Where do you want to go?” and that creates a whole new dilemma for you, right? We are sure you are looking for a safe resort to head to near Mumbai and Pune. But then how do you search for them? Somehow you get suggestions from friends. Then, after shortlisting the suggestions, when you search for a specific destination, you are presented with thousands of results. Now, we all like options but generic search options are simply overwhelming, to say the least.

Stumble Upon Rare Hidden Gems with Yuyiii's Discovery Feature

However, with Yuyiii’s all-new Discovery feature, you can find a weekend getaway near your city, like resorts near Mumbai, resorts near Pune or even weekend destinations near Delhi and also anniversary celebration places near Pune, safe and sanitized resorts before you make your mind to order a pizza!

From a plethora of handpicked destinations, hidden jewels that we curate on Yuyiii, you can pick up any one of the luxury resorts near Pune, best weekend getaways from Delhi, family resorts near Mumbai and more that you can visit in no time. All of them follow a cleanliness protocol for staff, guests and also have large space to ensure social distancing.

Search Rare Hidden Gems, Weekend Getaways in Seconds

Discovery Feature of Yuyiii

For instance, if you are in Maharashtra then you can explore our hidden jewels by using ‘Explore by State’. Looking for stays around Delhi? Let our option of ‘Explore by City’ come to your rescue!

Explore hidden gems near your city

Additionally, if you are still a tad confused then ‘Not Sure?’ will present to you getaways that are curated especially for that specific month. ‘Find Hideaways’ will let you explore by stay types like a treehouse, Swiss tents and Destination types like waterfront, heritage, mountains et al. On the other hand, ‘Explore by Zone’ option shall save your day by presenting weekend getaways within a radius of x kilometers from your location.

Planning that dream holiday has never been easy but with Yuyiii’s Discovery Feature, trust us, your pre-holiday woes will disappear.

So, do head to our website and make plans for the festive season and tell us what do you think about our newly launched Discovery feature! We look forward to hearing from you!


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