Are you frustrated with the overcrowded cities and rising pollution levels? Plan a weekend getaway from the busy city life and relax in the peaceful countryside of Ratnagiri at Secluded Homestay. This retreat offers a special experience for nature lovers, solo travellers, and families. It was started by Ms. Medha & Vasudha Sahasrabudhe. In fact, it's like a dreamy konkan homestay offering the best of an unknown culture and tradition!

If you love experiencing rural life with modern comforts and eco-friendly amenities, this is your perfect go-to-destination. You'll love exploring the beaches, villages, and temples while learning about the Konkansthan culture. And we aren't making this up!

Yuyiii boasts a robust portfolio of experiences through real photos and videos, enriching your every moment with memories. And if that's not enough, we bring you expert reviews for various properties. We only feature the ones scoring above 3.5/5. So, join us for an offbeat getaway amidst the beaches, temples, and coconut farms.

Here's why you should consider staying at the Secluded Homestay in Ratnagiri.

Accommodation Options - A Cosy Retreat In A Dreamy Konkan Homestay

You can come and relax in the Secluded Homestay amidst the natural beauty of the coastlines. This cute homestay offers different room types to suit everyone's needs with all the necessary amenities.

For couples and small families, the property offers cosy Non-AC Cottages. They come with a comfortable bed, a desk, and a private entrance. Also, the bathroom has both hot and cold water all the time so you don't have to worry about the winter.

If you're solo traveller or a nature lover and desire for a unique stay experience, you can opt for the AC Tents. They come with a comfy bed, a desk, and a private entrance. These tents also have a modern The bathroom attached to it for a comfortable stay.

If you're a luxury seeker, the AC Rooms are perfect for you. They have a big bed, a desk, and all the amenities you need. They're on the first floor of the main building and have hot and cold water 24/7.

Besides, all the rooms have outdoor seating, mini-fridges, and backup power. Whether you're here for romance or peace and quiet, you'll love Secluded Homestay.

Do you want to explore the accommodation types in Ratnagiri, book your stay with the Secluded Homestay!

Culinary and Dining Experiences - Tasting the Delightful Konkan Dishes

You can enjoy an authentic culinary experience at the Secluded Homestay, where the meals are as good as the beautiful surroundings. The owners diligently care about the environment, so they use fresh, organic ingredients from their farm and nearby villages.

If you like peaceful spots with scenic views, try the Dining Pavillion. They serve local food and other veggie dishes in a cosy atmosphere, perfect for family dinners or romantic nights out.

For more relaxed and hearty meals, check out the River View Cafe by the river. They serve yummy snacks and drinks and offer riverside views, making for a perfect dining experience.

But if you want a comfy and nostalgic place to savour the cuisines, try the Farmhouse Kitchen. They offer the most lip-smacking meals coupled with the best hospitality for a memorable stay. You can try the delicious modaks, pathrodes, and other delights served with love and respect.

Whether you're having a romantic dinner or just relaxing with some snacks, dining at Secluded Homestay is sure to be a tasty experience that makes you feel close to nature!

Can't wait to taste the authentic Konkanstha Brahmin Dishes? Book a stay with the Secluded Homestay or chat with them on WhatsApp!

Visual Treat - Capturing Natural Beauty From the Dreamy Konkan Homestay

The Secluded Homestay, nestled in the peaceful countryside of Ratnagiri, makes it easy for you to explore many exciting places for a glimpse of the local culture and architecture.

You can start by heading to the beautiful beaches close the property. Aare and Ware Beach are quiet and lovely beaches just 5 km away. You can walk on the soft sand and feel the cool breeze while enjoying the amazing views.

If you're a history buff, you'll love exploring the old forts and temples. One of them is the Ratnadurga Fort, which is perched on a hill and offers great views. While the Karhateshwar Temple and Tilak Smarak show you the area's culture and history.

And if you're a nature lover, you'll will love the green forests and pretty beaches. Kajirbhati Beach, Bhandarpule Beach, and Ganpatipule Beach are great for walks and picnics. Also don't forget to visit Malgund, which is famous for its beauty and is perfect for a peaceful getaway from city life.

Whether you're interested in history, nature, or spirituality, there's something for everyone near Secluded Homestay.

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Yuyiii’s Travel Expert Rating

1. Overall: 4/5 (Fulfilling stay experience at the Secluded Homestay )

2. Location: 5/5 (Beaches, coastlines, temples; what more do you need?)

3. Rooms: 4/5

4. Property: 4/5

5. Cleanliness: 4/5

6. Food: 4/5

7. Service: 5/5

8. Hospitality: 4/5 (Generous and accommodating thanks to Medha and her mother)

9. Value For Money: 4/5

Secluded Homestay: Experiencing Authentic Local Culture In A Dreamy Konkan Homestay!

To sum up, the Secluded Homestay in Ratnagiri is a peaceful getaway surrounded by nature and scenic attractions. It's not just a place to rewind; it's a chance to experience rural life and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Besides, you can relax among mango, coconut, and banana trees, try delicious vegetarian food made from organic ingredients, and learn about the local culture. What's more, the homestay offers different accommodation types, from simple cottages to air-conditioned tents and rooms.

Secluded Homestay cares about the environment and the local community, so staying here supports sustainable tourism. Whether you love nature, food, or just want some peace and quiet, Secluded Homestay promises to give you a special experience in Ratnagiri.

If you want to experience the best of nature and hospitality, Yuyiii is here to help! We prioritize a good travel experience above all and offer the best stay options for your comfort and sophistication.

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