From Jaipur, lies a behemoth of small resorts (pretty spacious) that will provide you with the only thing you are searching for: relaxation! Let us take a look at some of the dreamy resorts within 250 kms of Jaipur for a quick escape!

Wilderness Stay

The best dreamy resort within 250 kms of Jaipur for a quick escape

As the name suggests, this resort is situated amidst the Rajasthan wilderness! With magnificent structures and an impeccable view from your private rooms, the Wilderness Stay provides the emphasis in Wild in 'Wilderness'.

With the option of staying in tents or cottages, this beautiful piece of heaven is tucked amidst the serene nature. When the sun sets, the Aravalli looks heavenly and you can bask in their glory and have fun here!

What We Love About This Dreamy Resort Within 250 kms of Jaipur for a Quick Escape

From sitting around the warm bonfires and enjoying yourself with a good song to set along the nature trail for a wildlife safari, there is something to do every moment! When the sun sets and the place looks heavenly, the blowing wind provides a refreshing feel to your body and thus, you feel relaxed!

When the time comes, you can take a bath or simply swim in the infinity pool amidst the resort, and also enjoy the tasty dishes that the staff will cook for you! The cuisine is simply out of this world and while enjoying it with some entertainment in the form of nature, you will feel satisfied!

Travel Tip: The sunrises are even more beautiful. Walk through the nature trail then! Best time to do it!

Suitable For: People of all kinds! You should be open to adventure, though!

Distance from Jaipur: 108 km

Time taken from Jaipur: 2 hours 30 minutes, by road!

For more information on how to book a room in this heavenly wilderness stay, click here!!

Lakeview Palace

The best dreamy resort near Jaipur within 250km for a quick escape

You get to live in a palace! And that too, with luxury! One of the best luxury resorts near Jaipur or might I say, palace, this beautiful piece of property lies amidst the mountain ranges and lush greenery around it! With only pictures of kings adorned on the walls, you will get to stay in this dreamy resort with the utmost fashion and the best style!

When the sun sets and the mountain ranges go to sleep, you while sipping the coffee and enjoying the vibe, that is what I call a breath-taking experience! With an out-of-body experience, it is worth it to spend a night here!

What We Love About This Dreamy Resort Within 250 kms of Jaipur for a Quick Escape

The front row seats to the lake, the beautiful sunset whilst you lay on the sofa enjoying it, the beautiful Jharokhas lined up along the walls, and the rich architecture of the place! All of these elements make up for a stay that will remain with you forever!

Whenever the sun goes to sleep and you lie on your bed awake happy from the tasty food you had just eaten, content from the hike through the nature trail you had just taken, and relaxed after dancing Kalbeliya-the folk dance of Rajasthan, you will feel satisfied with your decision coming here!

Travel Tip: Stick around for the sunrise and see it from the lake! A beautiful experience!

Suitable For: Anyone who wants to live life!

Distance from Jaipur: 233 km

Time taken from Jaipur: 4 hours 35 minutes, by road!

If you want to know more about what other superb amenities this palace has, then click here!

These were the list of our dreamy resorts within 250 km of Jaipur for a quick escape. The luxury resorts featured here will provide you with an immersive experience and you will leave this place happy. If you want to know more about such places, then check out Safe and Sanitised Luxury Stays in Rajasthan.

We are so sure you loved these dreamy resorts within 250 km of Jaipur for a quick escape and cannot wait to book your next weekend getaway at one of these Amazing Hand-Picked Stays. Click here to Get in Touch with our Team and book your next weekend getaway with Yuyiii ASAP!!

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