Tired of staying at home this entire year? We feel you! As things are slowly getting better, people are starting to travel again. Here are some of our top picks for exotic resorts with the best views in Maharashtra for a safe and sanitized weekend getaway from your city!

1. Hill View Countryside Stay in Panchgani

On the edge of a mountain, in a small village near Panchgani, this resort is one of the best resorts for exotic weekend getaways from Mumbai.

This luxury resort surrounded by farms and beautiful views is a real escape from the hustle-bustle of the cities.

Spread over 5 acres of land, the farm stay has an Infinity pool, a huge strawberry farm, a restaurant & unique rooms with 4 poster beds. The drive to this countryside stay is so beautiful.

It is one of our top picks for resorts with the best views in Maharashtra. You would cross villages and farmlands on your way here, and if you're lucky enough you may even spot a deer or two on the way. There is a lovely view of the ghats from the poolside.

You wouldn't wanna miss out on the Sunrise and Sunset! If you are traveling with kids, they would love to run around in the huge lawns of this nature getaway near Mumbai.

Who is this Farm Stay in Panchgani best suitable for?

This unique resort in Maharashtra is great for families with children and couples.  Children could play in the kid’s area or go for a swim in the beautiful pool.

Distance from Mumbai: 250 KMs

Distance from Pune: 115 KMs

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2. Scenic Mountain View Resort in Mulshi

A blend of antique yet minimalism amidst Mother Nature is what this exotic resort is all about. The rooms have classic four-poster beds and mirrors. The place is adorned with pieces like old Statues from Mahabalipuram 

A few cottages literally begin at the base of the mountains. This place makes for a great weekend getaway for couples from Mumbai who are looking for exotic resorts with the best views in Maharashtra. 

Who is this Exotic Mountain Resort best suitable for?

This place is great for couples and for families traveling with kids. There is ample space for both adults and kids to walk around and not feel clamped up. Each room also has its own Balconies or Sit outs which allow you to soak in the beauty of the mountains and the Mulshi Dam

Distance from Mumbai: 182 KMs

Distance from Pune: 55 KMs

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3. Best Wildlife Resort in Maharashtra - Tadoba Wilderness Stay

The Tadoba wildlife sanctuary near Mumbai and Pune is Maharastra’s oldest and largest national park and probably the only one in the state where you can spot Bengal Tigers.

Just located 2 kilometers away from the Tadoba forest, this luxury resort along with exotic flora and fauna around would make for one of the best offbeat weekend getaways near Mumbai and Pune. It is our top pick for "the best wildlife resort in Maharashtra". Get Lost in the Wilderness here.

The rooms here at this luxurious wildlife resort in Tadoba are super spacious and comfy. At this offbeat wildlife resort, you can stay at premium cottages, tents, deluxe cottages.

Who is this Nature Getaway in Tadoba best suitable for?

One of our top picks for exotic resorts with the best views in Maharashtra, this luxurious wildlife resort is great for families and couples. You and your family would love the open jeep jungle safaris and guided nature trails.

Distance from Mumbai: 727 kms

Distance from Pune: 833 kms

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4. Luxurious Hill Resort in Panchgani with Breathtaking Valley Views

Situated in Panchgani, one of the best hill stations around Mumbai as one of the safe weekend getaways near mumbai within 500 kms, this property speaks luxury in every possible way.

Rooms adorned with lovely chandeliers and big balconies where you can sip your morning cup of coffee overlooking the mesmerizing valleys. Sounds like a dream right, especially after COVID and lockdowns? And the best part about the property, it has a glass building for star gazing.

 Just imagine falling asleep looking at the stars and waking up to birds chirping. This luxury resort near Mumbai and Pune has one of the best views in Panchgani.

This luxury valley view resort in Panchgani makes for a lovely mountain getaway from your city with your family and your loved ones.

Distance from Mumbai: 242 KMs

Distance from Pune: 100 KMs

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