Now that our lives are finally going back to normal, I am sure a lot of us are looking for some family weekend resorts near us. We bring to you our best Riverside resort in Kabini which makes for a perfect weekend getaway with your Family this 2021.

The Enchanting Land of Kabini

Riverside Family Weekend Resort in Kabini

The lush green landscape of Kabini enchants with the promise of mesmerizing flora and fauna. From plantations to wildlife sanctuaries to lush terrains, a visit to Kabini is a dream come true for every nature lover. Kabini has so much to offer to everyone. You can never get enough of this beautiful place just around 200 KMs from Bangalore.

Riverside Family Weekend Resort in Kabini

Riverside Family Weekend Resort in Kabini

This Kabini Family Resort, right at the banks of River Kabini is a beautiful getaway that you must check out this 2021. The best resort near Bangalore for Family Weekend Getaways, this resort has so much to offer for everyone in the Family.

Lots of fun and masti, boat safari, kayaking on the River Kabini are some things you can do while you are at the Riverside Resort. You can go swimming in the lovely pool or just chill by the pool watching your kids have the time of their lives. There is ample space to run around for your children. Trust us, you wouldn't wanna leave the place.

Kayaking at the Riverside Kabini Resort

What do we love about this Riverside Family Resort in Kabini?

Umm.. more like - What do we not love about this weekend family resort in Kabini ;)? And the best part, this resort is just around 200 KMs from Bangalore. If you're reading this unaware of the place, this is a sign :D. Pack your bags and head to this beautiful nature getaway near Bangalore.

Weekend Getaways near Bangalore - Kabini

The organic gardens are our favorite. Take your children out on a walk into the orchards. You can find some amazing Chikoo plants, figs, apricots, oranges and so much more. The organic garden also has some fresh herbs and vegetables. You'll know when you taste the finger-licking food there at the restaurant at the banks of River Kabini ;). Not just that, you could also go for Jungle Safaris in the jeep, go kayaking in the river or go for boat Safaris while you are at the property. You'll cherish these memories forever. :D

Weekend Resorts in Kabini - Food at the Kabini Resort

Rooms at this Family Weekend Resort in Kabini

Rooms at the Weekend Resort in Kabini

The rooms at this Family Resort in Kabini are super spacious and comfy. The ambiance of every room is very pleasing. Each room has a sliding door/window which opens up to the balcony with some breathtaking views of the River Kabini. You could sip your morning cup of coffee on the balcony or simply sit back and relax with a book in your hand. Rooms are well decorated and equipped for a comfortable stay. The staff here are very polite and always ready to help you.

Weekend Getaways near Bangalore

Who is this Riverside Resort in Kabini best Suitable for?

Weekend Resort in Kabini

This Kabini Riverside resort is great for families looking for quick weekend getaways from Bangalore with their children. There are lots of activities here to keep you and your family entertained. This riverside resort in Kabini is also great for a group of friends to have an awesome and relaxing weekend getaway near Bangalore.

How do you get to this Family Weekend Resort in Kabini?

Just around 200 KMs from Bangalore, you can reach this Riverside Kabini resort in about 4 to 5 hours from Bangalore via Mysore Road.

Travel Tip: The roads are a little bumpy but the drive is very scenic.

Weekend Getaways near Bangalore

I know you are already planning your weekend getaway to this beautiful Riverside Family Resort in Kabini soon. What are you waiting for? To read more about this Kabini resort and watch photos and videos of the property: Click Here!

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