“Half the fun of the travel is the aesthetic of lostness.” – Ray Bradbury

We love to travel. But, most of the time we are caught up in its romance. Moreover, taking pictures, uploading it all on social media has killed the essence of travel by far and wide. However, there are a few farm stays in Maharashtra that still let you cherish the goodness of slow travel. Slow travel makes you a better human. Most importantly, Farm stays in Maharashtra will let you experience all the joys of slow travel like never before!

Cherish Slow, Local Travel

But first, are you wondering what slow travel is? Well, as per the good folks of Independent Traveller, slow travel is defined as:

“Slow travel is not so much a particular mode of transportation as it is a mindset. Rather than attempting to squeeze as many sights or cities as possible into each trip, the slow traveler takes the time to explore each destination thoroughly and to experience the local culture.”

Farms for slow travel

Quintessentially, you can experience the beauty of slow travel at these places in Maharashtra. As most of them are located near Mumbai and Pune. So, they are easily accessible:

Boutique Farm Stay in Karjat

Farm stays in maharashtra

Karjat is very nearby Mumbai and Pune. So, you can really think about going there post the COVID 19 lockdown. Moreover, it would be an ideal weekend getaway for your family.

What is great about this stay? This farm stay offers the best views and comfort! Quintessentially, the sweet silences of this stay will appeal to your sensibilities. Also, it is engulfed by nature. You can hear your silence here. So, rest assured of the fact that social distancing, hygiene, and safety would be of utmost importance there.

Why should you visit it? Won't you want to breathe some fresh air? This picturesque Farm Stay is just an hour or two away from Mumbai and will be deeply sanitized. Moreover, they also have maintained a nursery there. So, you actually get to unwind in the lap of nature as well as luxury. Furthermore, it is one of the first Farm to Table concept Farm Stay near Mumbai. Head there soon in the name of slow travel.

Yuyiii’s Travel Expert Rating for this Stay: 4.5/5

Check the detailed review, photos, and videos for this stay: Know More!

The Eco Farm Stay in Wai

Greenery at Eco Farm Stay

Quintessentially, this stay in the dreamy town of Wai will remind you that the simple joys of life cost you nothing! So, go on a family weekend getaway there to enjoy a delish farm to table Maharashtrian meal. And you would connect with Mother Nature. Most importantly, the golden wheat farms, gooseberry and strawberry field there will grow on your heart. Furthermore, you would leave a piece of your soul at this place — it is that rejuvenating, we say!

What is great about this stay? Their dreamy tents are outsourced from Rajasthan. Also, it is one of the very few in Maharashtra and is comfort personified. So, you get to stay in lush green surroundings in the sleepy village of Wai and indulge in your peace.

Why should you visit it? Most importantly, to enjoy farm-fresh food there. Also, they grow local grains and vegetables like cabbage, brinjals, etc and also exotic fruits like gooseberry, strawberry in their farms. Therefore, your kids, the family would have a great time here because of the same!

Yuyiii’s Travel Expert Rating for this Stay: 4.5/5

Check the detailed review, photos, and videos for this stay: Know More!

The Countryside Stay in Panchgani

Views from the countryside stay

Almost like a slice of peace in the middle of a valley, this countryside stay soothes your heart. Most importantly, each room there lets you enjoy the views of the mountains, valleys by the pool. Like that ain’t enough, they also grow veggies like broccoli, beetroot, carrots, cabbage, brinjals, tomatoes and more there to serve you nothing but the best. Therefore, go there with your kids or for those special occasions and experience life like never before!

What is great about this stay? It is located in one of the pristine areas of Panchgani. Additionally, every room there offers never seen and experienced views of majestic Maharashtra. Furthermore, the stunning architecture and organic veggies served fresh, make your stay one of its kind.

Why should visit it? Most importantly to experience the true beauty of Panchgani of the 1980s and 1990s. Moreover, to relax with your family and relish meals that are infused with the love of Nature.

Yuyiii’s Travel Expert Rating for this Stay:  4.5/5

Check the detailed review, photos, and videos for this stay: Know More!

So, on that note, do visit these farm stays in Maharashtra soon. Because slow travel is all you need to do after such a taxing lockdown.

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