When one thinks about a Weekend Getaway near Mumbai, options seem limited, no? Either you travel and chill around the local spots like Marine Drive or maybe Gateway of India. Or maybe just shop your way through the weekend at the Linking Road or Colaba. But, for a die-hard traveler, that seldom suffices!

Magnificent mountains at Karjat

Karjat: A Stunning Weekend Getaway near Mumbai

To let you spread your wings away from the bustle of Mumbai, we reckon that you should travel to Karjat. A quaint town with all those dreamy vibes, Karjat is where you might just meet true self all over again. Trust me, you could be an adventure enthusiast, a nature lover or just someone who loves to wake up to the mountains — Karjat will welcome you in its embrace.

Karjat is a land of lush green mountains where once upon a time, the Buddhist monks meditated. Kondana Caves, its serene rivers, sublime temples, scenic beauties keep calling the urbanites at Karjat.

Farm Stay

Fascinating Farm Stay at Karjat

For me, the highlight of Karjat is always going to be this stunning Farm Stay, just under 100 kilometers from Mumbai a great alternative to the common resorts near Mumbai where I would keep going back for no rhyme or reason. Pristine, dreamy and quiet — this farm stay offers the quintessential detox for your mind and soul.

Managed meticulously by the family of renowned Ramanand Sagar, the revered creator of Ramayana serial (still loved so much during its retelecast during Corona Lockdown in India), this Farm Stay conveniently makes up for the most soothing weekend getaways near Mumbai and Pune.

Rejoice at the farm stay

The little details of this Farm Stay just win your heart. Every nook and cranny there is an ode to the best of art and architecture. The interiors there are very tastefully ideated. The colors soothe your eyes and infuse your mind with a gush of fresh air. The rooms are named after umpteen types of flowers and just like their names their interiors are plush, artsy and pacifying.

Luxury farm weekend getaway near Mumbai

However, the best thing about this property is its very own farm. Along with luxurious space to unwind, you get to actually relish food lovingly made from fresh farm produce. The meals there are so delish that the fast food you eat in the city would never satiate your taste buds ever again!

For the flora, the lovingly maintained farm and an experience of a lifetime, do visit Karjat this weekend, fellas, then?

Highlights of this Boutique Farm Stay

What is great about this stay? Post the COVID19 lockdown and beyond that as well, this farm stay would be an ideal place to visit with your family. Located in the lap of nature, it offers comfort as well as the views that you would have never seen before! You could be an artist, an MNC professional. Or just someone who finds sweetness in silences - this stay will appeal to your sensibilities.

Why should you visit it? I feel the lockdown itself is the biggest reason. Won't you want to breathe some fresh air? This picturesque Farm Stay is just an hour or two away from Mumbai and will be deeply sanitized. They also have maintained a nursery there. So, you actually get to unwind in the lap of nature as well as luxury. Moreover, it is one of the first Farm to Table concept Farm Stay near Mumbai. Ain't those all attractive reasons enough? So, head there soon!

Yuyiii’s Travel Expert Rating for this Stay: 4.5/5

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