I often feel like getting away on a solo holiday to places away from the cities. The hustle bustle of the loud noises, constant traffic, and busy lives are tiring to say the least. Even a solo trip within 4 hours drive would suffice for a break away. And so, this blog is the perfect forest getaway near Bangalore : a must try for solo travellers.

A place made from magic and miracles, this location is an absolute delight for nature-lovers. It is arguably one of the best solo travel destinations you could come across. Why? Well, I'll tell you! This romantic getaway in Wayanad is tucked under the rainforest's cover. With trees all around, i can assure you that this solo holiday is truly nature's bounty.

solo trip within 4 hours drive

To arrive at this delightful location, you will have to travel by a mini bus from the main road. It is sent by the resort itself so you don't have to worry about your safety (we got you, don't worry). Also, the property has high ceilings with the fresh air rejuvenating your body and mind. As a woman myself, i can attest to the fact that this is one of the best solo trips for women because i found myself completely at peace here.

It is peaceful, it is calming and it is beautiful. What more reasons do you need to visit this location? Well I'll tell you. The superior room here delivers you with the utmost comfort. You will also never be made to feel even a little bit of discomfort because of how amazingly kind and helpful the staff is. They truly welcome you at this destination with warmth and love. Absolutely perfect for solo travellers.

What we love about this Forest Getaway near Bangalore : A Must Try for Solo Travellers

solo trip within 4 hours drive

All that we have listed so far, we love. But there is still more. I know it is shocking. What more could there be right? Well, if you love birds, this is the best solo holiday for you! It is a great spot to go bird watching because of the beautiful birds that frequent this site. It is truly mesmerising to witness them.

Lastly, it serves lovely and delicious food. And you won't have to share because you'll be alone. This is definitely an experience you must embark on. This solo trip within 4 hours drive away is just waiting for you to visit and make memories at!

Travel tip: Winters are beautiful here because you can witness the misty mountains in all their glory.

Time from Bangalore: 4 Hours away by road

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