Holi is one of those amazing festivals in India. It marks a smooth transition from one season to another. You just had your woolens around. And, now you are ready to sip those cool glasses of Thandai — yes, the festivity of Holi takes you there. Smoothly.

Enjoy Holi Like Never Before

In order to celebrate that same transition of seasons and the splash of colors, it makes sense to go somewhere away from the madness of metropolitans like Mumbai and Pune.

Owing to our genuine research, passion for travel, we loved these Weekend Getaways of Maharashtra — luxury resorts near Mumbai, resort near Mumbai, anniversary celebration places near Pune for the weekend more than any other out there! So, whether you are on a look-out for hidden jewels near Mumbai or near Pune, this curated list of our recommendations is sure going to help! It will nudge you to book your first long weekend getaway for 2020, fellas in like seconds:

Mountain Resort at Mulshi

Unwind like never before at Mulshi

In the embrace of mountains and by the serene sight of Mulshi Dam, when we visited this Mountain Resort near Pune, our senses were taken by surprise. It could be the magic of lush greenery, indie architecture, plush interiors or just the company of sunshine and mountains — it all made us smile ear to ear and bask in absolute gratitude.

One of the understated joys of being at this Mountain Resort is also the company of emus, ducks, and horses around their lush green Devrai garden. Kids, as well as adults, will fall in love with the flora and fauna there and would be truly able to keep their guards down.

Why should you spend your Holi there? This Mountain View Resort has everything that you look for an amazing celebration! Stunning views, luxurious rooms, expansive pools, great food, Devrai Garden, Emus, Horses, Ducks- so you will have a great time there with your loved ones!

Yuyiii’s Travel Expert Rating for this Stay: 4.5/5

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Heritage Stay Near Saswad

Not too far from the major metro cities of Mumbai and Pune, this heritage stay near Saswad epitomizes luxury and takes away all your stress in seconds!

Royal holi celebration

With tasteful architecture, detailed decor and its harmony with the encompassing flora and fauna, this stay warmly tucks your heart and sensibilities.

The earthy textures, nonchalant chirps of birds, curious looks of deer around this 300 years old stay bags your attention every minute. Every moment spent there feels like a celebration.

Why should you spend your Holi there? Won't you like to enjoy a royal Holi? This luxury Maratha stay will ensure that you do that! It is rooted in the heritage and culture of Maharashtra. So, your Holi will have that warm, authentic Indian feels rejoiced with the gang!

Yuyiii’s Travel Expert Rating for this Stay: 4.5/5

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Beach Stay Near Kihim

Have a beach celebration at Kihim

Not too far from Mumbai, lies this hidden gem of a beach town, Kihim, which we simply cannot recommend enough! A great alternative to the much-hyped Alibaug, Kihim lies on a sweet spot of familiar yet something fresh.

Kihim is an ideal weekend getaway near Mumbai in under 4 hours because it is cut off from the urban hustle and it feels like it has a world of its own. Serene beaches and a dreamy beach family resort, make it all the more inviting if you are looking for some time out!

Why should you spend your Holi there? Holi spent by the Kihim beach or relaxing by the luxurious pool! Sounds incredible, right? Their rooms are very comforting. So, post the epic celebration, you can relax with your clan there and have the time of your life!

Yuyiii’s Travel Expert Rating for this Stay: 4.5/5

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Farm Stay Near Karjat

To let you spread your wings away from the bustle of Mumbai, we reckon that you should take that Weekend Getaway to Karjat. A quaint town with all those dreamy vibes, Karjat is where you might just meet true self all over again. Trust me, you could be an adventure enthusiast, a nature lover or just someone who loves to wake up to the mountains — Karjat will welcome you in its embrace.

Karjat is a land of lush green mountains where once upon a time, the Buddhist monks meditated. Kondana Caves, its serene rivers, sublime temples, scenic beauties keep calling the urbanites at Karjat.

Peaceful Holi at Karjat Farm Stay

For me, the highlight of Karjat is always going to be this stunning Farm Stay where I would keep going back for no rhyme or reason. Pristine, dreamy and quiet — this farm stay offers the quintessential detox for your mind and soul.

Managed meticulously by the family of renowned Ramanand Sagar, the revered creator of Ramayana serial, this Farm Stay conveniently makes up for the most soothing Weekend Getaways near Mumbai and Pune.

Why should you spend your Holi there? Doesn't the idea of spending Holi in the lap of nature sound great? With the company of your choicest loved ones, head there to relax, rejoice and come back with a colorful take on life! This stay is truly our hidden gem in Karjat and its interior, farm to table food would make you agree with us for sure!

Yuyiii’s Travel Expert Rating for this Stay: 4.5/5

Check the detailed review, photos, and videos for this stay: Know More

Wildlife Stay at Tadoba

Named after the god ‘Taru’ or ‘Tadoba’ worshipped by the regional forest tribes there, Tadoba symbolizes a quintessential symbiosis of culture, flora, and fauna. Nature and wildlife enthusiasts have more than one reason to visit Tadoba. From open jeep jungle safaris, guided nature trails are available across Tadoba National Park. While you indulge in all that, choose a luxury wildlife resort nearby to truly unwind and connect with nature.

Celebrate the festival of colours at Tadoba

Housed over sprawling 60+ acres, this private Wildlife Resort near Nagpur is located by the Chimur taluka, in Maharashtra’s Chandrapur district. By soothing lake, this private resort is nothing but pristine. Located within 2 kilometers distance of Tadoba forest, this resort along with exotic flora and fauna around would make for one of the best Weekend Getaways in Maharashtra.

At this lush green resort, you can stay at premium cottages, tents, deluxe cottages. Also, to let you absolutely enjoy the surroundings, they also serve finger-licking, piping hot delicacies freshly made at their in-house grill restaurant. Moreover, you could also huddle with your clan and bottoms up at their bar.

Why should you spend your Holi there? As this stay is secluded in Tadoba, you would spend a quiet, huddle free Holi there with your loved ones. Also, the wildlife sanctuary there would be a great option to go for an outing while at it!

Yuyiii’s Travel Expert Rating for this Stay: 4.5/5

Check the detailed review, photos, and videos for this stay: Know More

So, for more Hidden Gems like these, allow the good humans at Yuyiii to help you! On that note, plan a holiday for Holi super soon!

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