Looking to combine celebration and vacation? Spend this Holi with a weekend getaway near Mumbai so you can take a break from city life and reconnect with those who truly matter! Here are our top 6 Holi weekend getaways near Mumbai for 2021:- 

Nature meets Comfort at this weekend getaway!

This weekend getaway near Mumbai is the perfect place for families looking to leave the city for the weekend. The drive up to the property is scenic and refreshing. One can enjoy the mountains on either side and rest stops at comfortable distances. The property itself feels like a slice of heaven with lush greenery, views of the Mulshi dam, and mountains all around.

Imagine watching the sunset over the mountains while drinking warm chai on the swing on this spacious balcony. The rooms are large and spacious allowing one to feel free and light as opposed to the cluster of the city. The interiors blend comfort and aesthetics with a four-poster bed, old statues from Mahabalipuram, and artwork that will leave you in awe.  

If you think about it, you’re three hours away from the right blend of nature and comfort. One could take this Holi weekend to expose children to the joys of becoming one with nature while going offline and spending quality family time. You can go horse riding, swimming, trekking, and on nature walks with the family to get out there and make some family bonding happen! End the day with the delicious food offered in their buffet menu and spend the night around a bonfire with your loved ones! Click here to read more.

Looking to enjoy the weekend in the middle of a rive?!

Imagine spending Holi in the middle of a river! This weekend getaway near Mumbai will give you just that. One hour out of Pune and three hours out of Mumbai- this property will leave you in awe.  Located in the middle of a river- this resort has a manmade lake, cottages, and a spectacular view.

The ferry takes you to the island and you get to explore, relax and rejuvenate. Spend time in their lemon and strawberry gardens, ride bicycles, bird watch, relax on hammocks or make some duck friends. The cottages are snug and cozy- have four-poster beds, a balcony, a swing, AND a living room. The balcony leads you to the incredible view of the river and gardens. 

This is the perfect getaway from a family looking to unwind and have some much-needed fun! Imagine spending this Holi weekend with loved ones lounging on hammocks in the middle of a lake surrounded by nature. Click here to read more.

The perfect getaway to reconnect with you roots!

Looking to connect with your roots? This weekend getaway connects visitors back to mother earth. This one-of-a-kind stay offers the right blend of sophistication and comfort. Located on the foothills of Panchgani- this stay will take you back to simpler times.

The property is green and lush with exotic trees, overlooks the mountains, and offers a breath-taking view. One can spend their time enjoying food straight from the Chulha grown their farms, learning about farming, and exploring nature. The property will keep children on their toes with their playground, badminton court, and bicycles. One could take this up a notch and go boating as well!

The cottages have a backyard AND a private garden full of fruits and vegetables which keep children and adults occupied while ensuring privacy. The rustic tent is one of its kind in Maharashtra. This allows you to get closer to a simpler life without compromising on comfort. Click here to read more.

Seeking beauty? This weekend getaway is the answer!

This weekend getaway has a little something for everyone! If you're looking to take the family somewhere scenic and fun- this weekend getaway near Mumbai is perfect for the Holi weekend. This fun-filled weekend getaway is only 20 kilometers out of Mahabaleshwar.

The stay offers everything from a room built for stargazing to outside seating to bask in the glorious view from the top of the mountains. There is a gym, private swimming, spa and many other facilities to keep members occupied. There is a badminton court and an indoor gaming room for those looking to be on their toes. The rooms are grand and luxurious. The balcony is spacious and inviting while the chandelier adds to the elite interior of the rooms. The rooms overlook a scenic view and the interiors combine class and comfort. A must-try is having chai while overlooking the valley, stargazing with someone special, and bird-watching. Click here to read more.

Looking to spice up this Holi weekend?

If you want to leave the city to bask in nature's beauty and recharge- this is the stay for you! This weekend getaway near Mumbai is located on the edge of a mountain and surrounded by farms, real estate, and breath-taking villages. The view encapsulates lush greens and hills in every direction. The property is spread over 5 acres allowing for ample room for the littles ones to play. The property itself has an infinity pool, strawberry farm, and divine food.

The bloc structure of the property allows for privacy and the unique build adds character to the building and your stay! The rooms are spacious, rustic, and woody but with the right amount of modern chic. The rooms have a porch like sit out and balconies that open to the farms, mountains, and Hatgheghar damn. Click here to read more. Looking for more exotic weekend getaways near Mumbai, click here.

Travel back in time with this Heritage Stay!

This heritage stay is perfect for anyone looking to reconnect with their Marathi roots or those looking to travel back into time! Taking your family here will keep them stimulated and in awe. You arrive to trumpets and drums and can spend your days relaxing or doing the various activities on the property. One can go Zorbing, Segway, Ziplining (all inside the fort) or spend their day relaxing by the pool, bird watching or take the audio tour that ends in the museum. Outside the property, one could go mountain climbing, hiking, and river crossing.

The property itself takes you back to the time of the Marathas with spacious and large rooms. The rooms are woody and rustic but look like they've stood the test of time. The property has a royal garden and different types of restaurants to satisfy every family member's dietary needs.

If you want to spend this Holi weekend feeling like you're back in time and royalty, then this weekend getaway near Mumbai is the place for you. Click here to read more.

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