Winter and wildlife are two of the most compelling reasons to go for a Weekend Getaway. The good news for you is that you could experience them both at this Weekend Getaway near NagpurTadoba is home to Maharashtra’s largest and oldest national park. It provides a much-needed refuge to wildlife and is a great place to visit for fauna enthusiasts as well.

Luxury Wildlife Resort at Tadoba

Wildlife at Tadoba

Named after the god ‘Taru’ or ‘Tadoba’ worshipped by the regional forest tribes there, Tadoba symbolizes a quintessential symbiosis of culture, flora, and fauna. Nature and wildlife enthusiasts have more than one reason to visit Tadoba. From open jeep jungle safaris, guided nature trails are available across Tadoba National Park. While you indulge in all that, choose a Luxury Wildlife Resort nearby to truly unwind and connect with nature after the COVID-19 lockdown.

Unwind at this Splendid Tadoba Resort

Rejuvenate at Tadoba

Housed over sprawling 60+ acres, this wildlife Tadoba resort is located by the Chimur taluka, in Maharashtra’s Chandrapur district. By soothing lake, this luxe resort is nothing but pristine. Located within 2 kilometers distance of Tadoba forest, this resort along with exotic flora and fauna around would make for one of the best weekend getaways in Maharashtra.

Unwind, sip chai at this wildlife stay

At this lush green resort, you can stay at premium cottages, tents, deluxe cottages. To let you absolutely enjoy the surroundings, they also serve finger-licking, piping hot delicacies freshly made at their in-house grill restaurant. You could also huddle with your clan and bottoms up at their bar.

Having said that, this wildlife resort is ideal for a perfect family getaway. With wildlife and flora around, there is something for everyone at this stay. Make a plan to go to Tadoba soon then?

What is great about this stay? You get to unwind at their luxury cottages and experience matchless hospitality. As this stay is surrounded by a wildlife sanctuary, it becomes a perfect weekend getaway for your family. Nature enthusiasts like you would get that much-needed down-time at this stay.

Why should you visit it? Post the lockdown, going to Safe and Sanitized resorts near Nagpur would be perfect then. This Wildlife Resort can be a great choice for people looking at a Weekend Trip from Mumbai as well post the COVID lockdowns as the Cottages are well spread out and social distancing will not be a challenge unlike in crowded resorts. Also, you can book in advance for a great Diwali or a Weekend getaway in October. The wildlife sanctuary at Tadoba is definitely worth visiting and while you are there, spending a comforting weekend at this luxury stay makes absolute sense. Your kids, better half would you all the more if you plan a getaway there and you may obviously thank us later! So, please visit it after it is safe to travel after COVID19 lockdown.

Yuyiii’s Travel Expert Rating for this Stay: 5/5

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