Corona might have got you thinking about everything going wrong for you in life. However, not losing a balanced perspective is important to lead a considerably harmonious life post this crisis. Right now, as the stoics always say is the time to make the obstacle your way. And live in the present moment instead of thinking about the future.

Surrender to Life and Nature during Lockdown

Quintessentially, now is the time for us during Corona in India to surrender to the destinies and let life lead us. To pray for the common good of humanity. But most importantly, bask in the small joys of life with nothing but deeply felt gratitude.

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms — to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” — Victor Frankl

Now more than ever, we should mindfully cherish these precious moments of our daily lives:

Stumbling Upon Minimalistic Lifestyle

We do not need expensive clothes, parties every week, cleaning our laundry, vessels, relishing pure homemade food makes us realize how little we actually need!

Feel deep gratitude during lockdown

Finding Goodness in Your Loved Ones

During these tough times, we realize how genuine the love of our parents, partners, kids, and pets is! You might have forgotten that in the hustle and this lockdown has given you the luxury of reliving it all!

Soothe Yourself during Corona Lockdown

Rediscovering Empathy

Your help, support staff have always been there for you. So, in these challenging times, pay it forward. Supported them. Cherish and understand how connected we all are! Because love is the only universal language that we all speak!

By cherishing these simple experiences, at Yuyiii, we request that let us all try our best to look at our privileges and live in the hope of crossing over these times of Corona in India with harmony.

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