Monsoon makes our heart jump with joy, everything around comes alive and lights up our days in little ways like sitting by the window with a hot cup of masala chai, getting all drenched in the rain or the best out of all going for a long drive but aren't we all tired of Lonavala-Khandala? Want to ditch the Crowd this time? Keep your worries away! Here's us showing you some of the best monsoon getaways near Mumbai

To the Best Weekend Resorts near Mumbai

Monsoon getaways near Mumbai
This View is all yours at Mountain Resort!

Mountain Resort, Mulshi

When the sky pours so much love on you it is legit for you to take some time out from work and appreciate the monsoon beauty that Mulshi is, definitely a well-kept secret, way more beautiful & way less crowded than Lonavala. This season is perfect for a drive, you can see numerous waterfalls on your way and munch on some roadside delights.

What we love: One of the best nature resorts near Mumbai, one thing we can't stop raving about it is the view of Mulshi lake with the backdrop of Mountains. Other than that, there are many reasons to love this place, unique activities like tractor rides, karaoke evenings and horse rides!

Time: 3h 30min

Distance: 170km

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Tree House Stay near Mumbai
View from the balcony!

TreeHouse Stay, Bhandardara

How about a stay in one of the best Tree Houses of Maharashtra? after all what else makes the child in you the happiest. In monsoon, the balcony opens to foggy mountains, waterfalls and abundance of trees. You can also explore nature trails, Birding, Paddle your heart out in the nearby lake or just cherish the rains from your room

What we love: Whether it is dinning under the star lights, a traditional bullock cart ride in the farms or finding unexplored trails nearby, this resort is filled with surprises!

Time: 3h 50min

Distance: 165km

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Private Beach Resort
Feels nothing less than Thailand :)

Private Beach Resort, Ganpatipule

Dreamy to the T! Surrounded by lush greenery and coconut trees. The Private beach is just 5 min away from the property. Think Spending lazy days reading, chasing sunsets and the privilege of doing nothing. Truly One of the most luxurious resorts near Mumbai.

What we love: Candlelight dinner, Gazebos by the beach, a poolside bar to unlock the fun, this is one of the most romantic getaway near Mumbai, perfect for couples!

Time: 7h 50min

Distance: 320km

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Maharashtra's beauty has no measures in monsoon so why not get the fullest out of it!

Here were some of the best monsoon getaways near Mumbai to start with. Looking for something else? a short weekend getaway near Mumbai or a long staycation far away? Yuyiii can help you find just your right kind

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