John Ruskin once said that “Mountains are the beginning and the end of all the natural scenery.” We cannot agree more with him! Like gateways of heaven standing tall on earth, mountains are simply surreal. Their larger than life presence makes us feel small yet they also enchant us with their tales of adventure and fortitude. Sit back in the company of mountains and we bet that you would experience this strange liberation from all the worries and stresses of a fast life. You also get this rare luxury to become an explorer under their tutelage. And while doing all of that, if you get to stay in a stunning resort or a heritage stay, what more could you ask?

Mesmerizing Mountain Stays that You Must Visit

Excited enough for that quintessential mountain-baby holiday? There you go then! Curated by our ever enthusiastic in-house travelistas at Yuyiii, these hidden jewels, weekend getaways for couples, resorts near Mumbai, weekend getaways near Pune, weekend getaways near Delhi, luxury getaways across the sleepy mountain towns of India are perfect stays that must be on your bucket list for travel after COVID-19 lockdown!

Magnificent Mountain Resort near Mumbai for Weekend

mountain stay near Mulshi dam

With cottages literally at the base of mountains, this stay has the right mix of comfort and wilderness. Don’t be surprised if mountains wake you up there! The stately decor inspired by the sculptures of Mahabalipuram adds more character to the interior of these cottages. Adding to all the slowness, Mulshi Dam is nearby this stay. For long walks, relaxed weekend stays and better perspectives, this stay by the mountains is perfect for anyone who lives in Mumbai or Pune.

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Heartwarming Heritage Stay at Nainital

A comforting stay in the leisurely Nainital.

Reinvented as a boutique hotel, this stay is one of the oldest properties of Nainital. Once upon a time, the royal family of Princess Reena Kumari lived there. Every room there is distinct and has a vibe of its own. The minute you open the windows, nature embraces you. Tastefully done interiors, delish food and sheer luxury in the lap of mountains, make this opulent hotel irresistible for a travel enthusiast. If you are already searching for weekend getaways near Delhi, trust us, you must consider this stay! Thank us later.

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A Cocoon in the Mountains

luxury getaway near Ramgarh

Looking for that ideal mountain stay, luxury getaways away from all that hustle-bustle? Your search will end in Ramgarh. This place’s quintessential “pahadi” hospitality and decadent desi food will refresh you from the word go! Along with that, the gushing river, a valley nearby shall bring you close to mother nature. Especially for artists, their minimalistic decor overlooking the hills shall prove to be that much-needed inspiration.

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