Rumi rightly shared that “Travel brings power and love back into your life.”

We yearn for freedom. We wait for days of nothingness. And most importantly, we wait to rediscover ourselves. And travel lets us do all that. In the daily hustle, we often tend to forget how magical and almost panacea-like feeling traveling could be! Therefore, whether you are from the Maximum City, Mumbai or Pune, the Oxford of the East you would agree with us on that if your heart yearns for that respite every weekend.

Mountain View Resort

For die-hard travelers like you, we have got just the right Weekend Getaway near Pune. It also doubles up as a great mountain view resort near Mumbai for family. Moreover, it is also just perfect to keep your kids entertained. On the other hand, if you are traveling solo, it is the perfect meditation spot for you!

Luxury Resort near Mumbai and Pune

In the embrace of mountains and by the serene sight of Mulshi Dam, when we visited this Mountain Resort, our senses were taken by surprise. It could be the magic of lush greenery, indie architecture, plush interiors or just the company of sunshine and mountains. All in all, everything there made us smile ear to ear and bask in absolute gratitude.

Architecture of Luxury Resort Near Mumbai

Mountain Resort Mumbai

Especially relevant is their architecture created from stone, wood, four-poster beds, the vibe of this place is pretty indie and authentic. 

Soothing interior of Mountain View Resort

Quintessentially, for that pacifying Maharashtrian hospitality, relaxation and invigorating conversation with nature, we cannot say how much we loved this one of its kind Mountain Resort and if you would go by our words, you would love it as well!

The Majestic Flora and Fauna at Mountain View Resort

You can enjoy the company of emus, ducks, and horses around their lush green Devrai garden. Kids, as well as adults, will fall in love with the flora and fauna there and would be truly able to keep their guards down.

Fauna at Mountain View Resort

Apart from the splendid views offered by every corner at this resort, what pleasures you more is their hospitality and eye for details. Those luxuriously designed rooms with spacious Balconies overlooking the sweeping Mulshi Dam calm your core to the fullest.

What is great about this stay? Most importantly, the character of this stay is deeply rooted in Indian aesthetics and hospitality. The architecture is local, interiors are uplifting and the treasure of flora and fauna like their Devrai Garden, pack of horses, emus, ducks make this Mountain View Resort ideal for family getaways, kids’ holidays and even for a couple’s retreat. And the Highlight is the spacious Balcony created for each room. It is not very common. Especially, in the cramped resorts near cities like Mumbai. The view and the peace that you get from spending time in the Balcony could be all that you need to refuel yourself for life.

Why should you visit it? This stay offers picturesque views of the Mulshi Dam, it is located at the foothills of a mountain and is tastefully handcrafted to indulge your senses with nothing but the best. Also, this luxury resort is near Pune and perfect for that quick weekend trip even near Mumbai.

Yuyiii’s Travel Expert Rating for this Stay: 4.5/5

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