From the backwaters to the filter coffees, Kerala is God's own land and the nature in the state tells about it! Want to take a break from your busy life and engage with nature in a way you have never before? If you want to find some nature getaways in Kerala and spend some of your days amidst Mother Nature, then you have come to the right place! Take a look at the curated list we have for you!

1) Rainforest Stay

Lakkidi, Kerala

The Perfect Hillside Getaway in Kerala

The perfect nature getaways in Kerala

As the name suggests, you will be surrounded with nature and nature only! In the distance, you will see the mountains also but before it? Just lush green trees! From taking a swim in the pool to going on a hike through the nature trail with trees on both sides, there are a lot of things to do here!

Get straight down to business! Bring a camera with you and take pictures of the colorful sky and the birds which fly through them all day long! In the night, when you close your eyes, you will still get to hear the lullaby of a bird who is singing their children to sleep!

From the moment you step foot in this heavenly abode, you will be greeted with the kindness of the resort staff. Post which, you can relax in your spacious room! In your free time, you can also feast your eyes on the architecture of the place. Or on the food that is served here!

What We Love: If you are lucky, then you will also get to meet the hornbill. Or the Malabar Giant squirrel, in their own element amidst the rainforest. You can even see one or two deers in the wildlife! The sunsets are totally out of this world and you will have a magnificent experience here! The treks through the rainforest is also exhilarating!

Travel Tip: There are neither ATMs in around 10 km of this resort nor mobile coverage in the nearby area!

Suitable for: Romantics and Nature Enthusiasts!

Distance from Kerala: 248 km

Time taken from Kerala: A 6 hours 20 minutes drive!

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2) Heritage Plantation Stay

Sultan Bathery, Kerala

A Plantation Getaway in Kerala

The best nature getaways in Kerala

When you combine culture and nature, what do you get? You get this piece of heaven! Situated amidst Mother Nature, the Heritage Plantation Stay allows you to stay in a plantation overlooking the lush green trees and the mountains in the distance, which you can view from your private balconies!

You can have the experience of both: living in a treehouse and living in the colonial bungalows! In both of them, the vibe and ambience are different and know this, you will get to have so many memorable adventures here, that will fall in live with nature like never before!

You can take a walk on the wooden bridge that is kind of a nature trail or you can simply go boating in the lake, with the trees as the audience! The hot filter coffee and the sunset is what you need to have one of the best unique stays in Kerala!

What We Love: With over 150 women and 22 years in the making, Uravu, an NGO, blends the artistry of bamboo craft amongst the local residents! By employing women mostly and also preserving the artistical nature of the bamboo handicrafts, be sure to check out their offerings in the small cottage down the road!

Suitable for: Newly marrieds who are searching for a great honeymoon stay!

Distance from Kerala: 287 km

Time taken from Kerala: A scenic drive of 7 hours 25 minutes!

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This was a curated list of Nature Getaways in Kerala that are absolutely a must visit. You get to have the time of your lives and also interact with nature in a personal and more intimate way!

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So, pack your bags and set out for an adventure amidst nature!

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