Believe it or not, Gen Z, Gen Y, and even boomers thrive on the Gram. And it still continues to rule. Although travel will change due to COVID-19, travel Instagrammers will continue to redefine it. Most importantly, as a social media platform, Instagram has provided a voice to many maverick writers, photographers, and die-hard travelers to put their art out there, grow a community.

We are thrilled to share deets about a few incredible Instagrammers today! So, whether you are a die-hard traveler or not, these travel Instagrammers will move your core, pacify your travel woes and make you smile with all the aesthetics on their feeds and stories.

Photo by Trip & Trek India on Unsplash

Unmissable Indian Travel Instagrammers

With their eye for flawless photography, unparalleled content, and passion for travel, there are umpteen travel bloggers/vloggers/sustainable travel influencers who have been soothing our wanderlust. Let's know them better today? Here are a few interesting, out of the box travel Instagrammers that you must follow today itself. Don't be surprised if their pictures and beautifully curated feeds give you sleepless nights, okay?

Sharanya Iyer | @trulynomadly

Unmissable Instagrammer

Photo Credit: trulynomadly

Sharanya quit her lucrative corporate career to take a plunge into full time traveling, blogging, and living a creative life. True to her insta handle, her feed takes you on an adventure. Her pictures are vivid, full of life. And not to mention her collabs with tourism boards have earned her recognition far and wide already!

Neelima Vallangi | @neelimav

Photo Credit: @neelimav

Neelima's love for mountains, trekking makes her stand out. She also is vocal about climate change. She travels to never seen before places, hidden gems. Therefore, her photos look surreal every time you see this unexplored destination mindfully shared by her. Umpteen travel international travel publications have acclaimed her work as well.

Preethi | @peppytravelgirl

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Photo Credit: peppytravelgirl

Love to read joie de vivre visual stories on travel? Well, you must follow Preethi then! Along with being on TLC's travel show, she has also been a podcaster, blogger. Her pictures cherish the small joys of travel. Most importantly, her dialogue on body neutrality, mental health makes her stories, posts one of their kind.

Shivya Nath | @shivya

Sustainable Instagrammer to follow

Photo Credit: @shivya

You might have read her bestselling book, The Shooting Star already by now. And it is no surprise to know that Shivya has always practiced what she writes. She is a mindful, vegan traveler. Her photos are zen, so they would soothe your sight for sure. Moreover, her efforts for slow and sustainable travel has been recognized by many leading travel publications and networks.

Siddhartha Joshi | @siddharthajoshi

Instagrammers to Follow

Photo Credit: siddharthajoshi

Siddhartha has been one of the most seasoned travel influencers in the country. His pictures stem from his passion for storytelling and exploring places with nothing but a clean slate of mind. It goes without saying that most of the travel publications, tourism boards have acclaimed his work. His penchant for showcasing the culture, heritage, and the designs of various places makes his feed follow-worthy any day.

Srishtee Tehri | @srish_teee

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Photo Credit: srish_teee

Gursimran Basra | @coffee.karma

Coffee Karma: Instagrammers to follow

Photo Credit: @coffee.karma

Kamakshi Pal | @kamakshi.pal

Travel Instagrammers to follow

Photo Credit: @kamakshi.pal

Shramona Poddar| @mishti.and.meat

Travel Instagrammers: Mishti and Meat

Photo Credit: @mishti.and.meat

Shramona's IG feed is a treat for eyes. Her love for travel as well as indie fashion peps up your spirit.

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