Winter is almost here, and life is going slowly going back to normal. I’m sure travel is on most of your minds this winter 2020. That's why we at Yuyiii have some unique handpicked offbeat winter getaways near Mumbai for the perfect Christmas and New Year getaway from Mumbai this 2020.

Unique Countryside Stay in Panchgani near Mumbai

On the edge of a mountain, in a small village near Panchgani, this resort is one of the best resorts for offbeat winter weekend getaways from Mumbai. This luxury resort surrounded by farms is a real escape from the hustle-bustle of the cities. Also, you can have a bonfire party here, read a book, meditate, do yoga, or just sit silently and admire nature.

What do we love about this Countryside stay in Panchgani?

Spread over 5 acres of land, the farm stay comprises an Infinity pool, a huge strawberry farm, a restaurant & unique rooms with 4 poster beds. The drive to this countryside stay is so beautiful. You would cross villages and farmlands on your way here, and if you're lucky enough you may even spot a deer or two on the way. There is a lovely view of the ghats from the poolside. You wouldn't wanna miss out on the Sunrise and Sunset! If you are traveling with kids, they would love running around in the huge lawns of this nature getaway near Mumbai.

Rooms at this Unique Resort Near Mumbai

The rooms at this countryside stay near Mumbai are very comfy and spacious. All rooms are well decorated with spacious sit-out areas & balconies that open to the farms, mountains & the Hatgheghar Dam.

Who is this Farm Stay in Panchgani best suitable for?

This unique resort in Maharashtra is great for families with children and couples. To be honest, there are not many activities to do here. It is a great place to just relax and soak in the beauty of nature.

How to reach this Countryside stay in Panchgani?

This nature getaway near Mumbai is around 250 KMs from Mumbai and 115 KMs from Pune. It will take you around 4-5 hours to reach this farm stay from Mumbai and 2-3 hours from Pune.

Check out the photos and videos of this Countryside Stay in Panchgani, near Mumbai: Click Here!

Dreamy Luxury Island Resort in Mulshi near Mumbai

This luxury property in Mulshi is one of a kind. The cottages here are beautifully tucked in the middle of a river island. As you reach, you will only see parking and a stone pathway. From there you'll be taken on a small ferry ride to the not so small island cottages. You will be stunned to see the beauty around. The lovely lemon trees and strawberry gardens are cherries on top. There is a reason why this is one of our top picks for an Offbeat Winter Weekend Getaway near Mumbai.

Why we love this Unique Island Resort in Maharashtra? 

This luxury resort has so much to do. You can cycle around the cottages, have a lazy afternoon chilling on the hammock as you listen to the birds chirping. Listen to the ducks go quack in the river. Sign up for a tractor ride at this nature resort near Mumbai and experience the village life like never before. 

The Rooms at this Luxury Island Resort near Mumbai

The rooms at this island resort are literally one of the best rooms you would find all over Maharashtra. Quaint wooden Cottage with 4 Poster Bed, a swing in the living room, Glass ceiling bathrooms, antiques that make you stop and stare, and oh!! the balcony opens to a River view with a backdrop of Lemon and strawberry gardens.

Who is this Offbeat Weekend Getaway best suitable for? 

This romantic resort near Mumbai is great for couples looking for anniversary getaways or just relax. You could ask them for a romantic candlelight dinner surrounded by the lake for your special evening. This island resort is also a great choice for families looking for a weekend getaway near Mumbai. 

How do I reach this luxury island resort from Mumbai or Pune

This luxury weekend getaway is just 55 KMs away (2-3 hours) from Pune and around 185 KMs (4-5 hours) from Mumbai. You could drive to this Offbeat island resort in Maharashtra and trust us, it's worth it ;). 

Check out the photos and videos of this Luxurious Island Resort Near Mumbai: Click Here!


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