The feeling of watching a mesmerizing Sunrise or Sundowner amidst the hills is a luxury that you can enjoy in the bustling cities like Mumbai and Pune! Oh, it is so rare to not have any worry of the world while looking at the sun and sipping chai or wine with your clan. Who wouldn’t yearn for moments like that, eh? Thankfully, a few one of its kind Weekend Getaways near Mumbai and Pune come to the rescue of restless travelers like us. And Chiplun fits right in that box as an exotic, indie destination right near Mumbai. This timeless resort in Chiplun, you would soon agree checks out all the perfect weekend getaway boxes.

The Treasure and Resort in Chiplun

A gush of fresh air, the sight of Lake Vashishti, a plethora of soothing lakes, lush green mangroves, pacific waterfalls — Chiplun has all that makes for a dream break and then some more! Adding to its charm, there is one of these choicest resorts in Chiplun that makes it an altogether inviting destination.

Almost like a haven of the Ratnagiri district, Chiplun is located on the Mumbai-Goa highway. So, if you have some failed Goa plans to kill your excitement and even if not, take a detour to Chiplun instead. Chiplun is majorly influenced by the Konkan culture and as per the folklore is means ‘The abode of Lord Parshuram’.

Never seen before views of Chiplun

Essentially, if you are looking for resorts near Mumbai, resorts near Pune even then Chiplun is an ideal destination. 

The Luxurious Riverside Resort in Chiplun

Chiplun is home to one of the best luxury resorts near Mumbai. The Riverside Stay there offers homely warmth yet luxurious hospitality. As an erstwhile Taj property, it maintains an old-world charm close to the Konkan coastline of Chiplun.

Stunning Sit-out by the Resort in Chiplun

Aesthetics of the Riverside Resort at Chiplun

Architecture wise, this stay offers the best of aesthetics. From their balconies, you would be enthralled to get a glimpse of Vashistha River making its way through the mountains. Its spawning lawns, swimming pool makes you put your guard down.

On the other hand, their attention to detail wins your heart. The jute carpets, intricate wooden stairs, vintage photos of Chiplun whisper about the bygone era and the heritage that the Britisher’s left behind.

Luxurious pool side at the resort in Chiplun

Miles away from the cacophony of Mumbai, this Riverside Stay lets you truly unwind in the embrace of Mother Nature. This soothing stay is also a must-visit for bird enthusiasts as well. A flock of birds is always chirping around the stay, and all you bird lovers will surely feel ecstatic while bird watching.

What say? Chiplun sure sounds like a great plan, right? So, send a buzz to your WhatsApp groups then and drive to Chiplun this weekend, folks!

And while you are at it, we are all here to help you plan your perfect Chiplun getaway!

What is great about this stay? This riverfront stay is absolutely romantic. Whether you are planning to propose to your beloved, celebrate a milestone of your relationship, or your birthdays, it will be the perfect, luxurious backdrop for your happiness.

Why should you visit it? Witness some of the most mesmerizing sundowners and sunrises from this luxurious stay. As it is an erstwhile Taj property, your comfort is their first priority and your stay there would be nothing but regal.

Yuyiii’s Travel Expert Rating for this Stay: 4.5/5

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