Oh, what we wouldn’t give to escape the monotony of everyday life in the city! Imagine how special it would be to take time away from the city with someone you love with all your heart! If that sounds amazing, you’re in the right place. Yuyiii has curated a list of 5 Romantic getaways from Bangalore in under 8 hours so you can plan a quick and unforgettable romantic weekend getaway with the love of your life!

Fabulous Romantic Getaways from Bangalore in Under 8 Hours

We know how hard it is to make time for your special ones amid a global pandemic. When the going gets tough, it’s our loved ones that make life easier, right? So, trust us and take a weekend off at the best romantic resorts in Bangalore because this is a well-deserved break. You’ll be back in a jiffy, refreshed and ready to take over the world!

Yes, Diwali is around the corner! If you haven’t made plans yet, hurry up and check out these getaways from Bangalore for Diwali right now! If you’re looking for a memorable road trip with your loved ones, this one day trip from Bangalore checklist is for you! Are you sad the monsoons will be gone soon? Make the most of these monsoons with style at these luxury monsoon getaways near Bangalore.

Go on and plan yourself a date! ;)

Romantic Getaways from Bangalore at Rainforest Stay, Lakkidi

If you’re on the lookout for romantic places near Bangalore within 300 kms, stop looking! This nature abode is truly magical in every way! Come explore the true essence of Wayanad at this stay ane wake up to beautiful and misty mornings.

What We Love: The stay amid the beautiful forests definitely captures the beauty of the Lakkidi rainforests. Wake up before sunrise to enjoy the breathtaking view from your balcony or out on a romantic nature walk! Sounds dreamy!

Travel Tip: Keep in mind that there are no ATMs close to this weekend getaway near Bangalore. So plan your trip efficiently. 

Time from Bangalore: 5 hours 22 min 

Distance from Bangalore: 240.5 km; via Mysore Road and NH766

For more information about the stay, click here

Luxury Getaways from Bangalore at Luxury Hill Hideaway, Coorg

Grab your bae’s hand and come experience a picture-postcard weekend getaway at one of the best luxury resorts in Coorg. Yes, we’re not joking. These European-style suites nestled in beautiful Coorgi hills will take you back in time and how!  

What We Love: If you’re craving some adventures in Coorg, take nature walks or just a romantic dip in the pool. The coffee experience here is the best ever! 

Travel Tip: As the rainy season in Karnataka is in full swing, make sure to carry enough umbrellas for two! Or just share one, maybe? Haha!

Time from Bangalore: 5 hours 40 min 

Distance from Bangalore: 268.6 km; via NH75

For more information about the stay, click here.

Heritage Getaways from Bangalore at Luxury Ancestral Homestay, Coorg

If you want to take your bae away on a special weekend away to places around Bangalore within 300 kms, this stay is perfect for you. With a quaint vibe and rich cultural history, this charming stay will make you fall head over heels in love. From one vintage Kodava home to a luxurious getaway, we’re here for it.

What We Love: The charming stay is surrounded by sparkling Coorg lakes and waterfalls. The coffee and spice plantations are like cherry on top! The Coorg wine is also a must-try! 

Travel Tip: Avoid travelling during nightfall, as it may be difficult to find directions.

Time from Bangalore: 5 hours 29 min 

Distance from Bangalore: 269.5 km; via NH75

For more information about the stay, click here.

Wildlife Retreat at Kabini Wilderness Resort, Kabini

Romantic Places Near Bangalore Within 300 kms do not get better than this. This retreat among the wilderness is a treat to those who have an eye for adventure. Enjoy an epic Kabini sightseeing adventure while staying in African-style camps! Unmissable!

What We Love: Your special one deserves a romantic midnight boat ride under the stars, right? However, if you’re a more adventurous couple, go on an African jungle safari and have a blast.  

Travel Tip: Make sure to call ahead of time to confirm current safari schedules before planning your one day trip from Bangalore.

Time from Bangalore: 5 hours 3 min

Distance from Bangalore:  215 km; via Mysore Road

For more information about the stay, click here.

Treehouse Getaways Heritage Plantation Stay, Sulthan Bathery

Look no further for weekend getaways from Bangalore within 300 kms! This stay offers options of living in a spacious and luxurious treehouse or a gorgeous heritage bungalow. Enjoy your weekend getaway near Bangalore.

What We Love: This stay is ideal for a very romantic anniversary celebration in Bangalore! You could also check out the intricate bamboo crafts that the Uravu artisans make. You’ll be mesmerised by the local talent!

Travel Tip: If you can find the time, make sure to go out and interact with some locals to get the true feel of the beautiful locality.

Time from Bangalore: 6 hours 4 min 

Distance from Bangalore: 258.8 km; via Mysore Road and NH766

For more information about the stay, click here.

That’s all from us, folks. We hope you took notes on these romantic getaways from Bangalore in under 8 hours! We hope you have the loveliest time and fall even deeper in love! 

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