Life in Delhi is riddled with a huge population adapting to the urban lifestyle hassles. That's why you need a break from this city and embark on a journey to rewind amidst nature and luxury, be it mountains or wildlife parks. That said, there are some hidden romantic getaways from Delhi that you don't want to miss! If you're looking for one, we are here to help!

The best stays near Delhi are The Mountain Hideaway and The Lakeview Resort. They are close to both cities and attract wildlife, luxury, and cultural enthusiasts from all over the country! And you can trust us with the most convenient options around you!

Yuyiii boasts a robust portfolio of experiences through real photos and videos, enriching your every moment with memories. And if that's not enough, we bring you expert reviews for various properties. We only feature the ones scoring above 3.5/5. So, join us for an offbeat getaway amidst the ghats, mountains, and lush tea plantations!

Here's a List of the romantic getaways from Delhi for couples

1. Mountain Hideaway: A Breathtaking Romantic Getaway From Delhi in Uttarakhand

How to Reach?


By Train: You can board a train from Delhi to Kathgodam Railway Station. From Kathgodam, it's about a 2-hour drive further to reach the Mountain Hideaway.

By Road: For those who enjoy road trips, you can drive from Delhi to Ramgarh via NH9, which takes around 8-9 hours. The journey offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas.

By Air: Pantnagar Airport is the nearest airport to Ramgarh, which is nearly 80 km away. From there, you can hire a taxi for a scenic 3-hour drive up the winding roads to the property.


By Air: Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is the closest airport to Ramgarh. From there, you can hire a taxi for a picturesque 6-hour journey through the mountains to reach the property.

By Train: Board a train from Dehradun to Kathgodam Railway Station. Upon reaching Kathgodam, you can take a taxi for a scenic 2-hour drive further to the Mountain Hideaway.

By Road: Drive from Dehradun to Ramgarh for 7-8 hours via NH7. The route offers stunning views of the Garhwal Himalayas and lush green valleys.

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Why It Is Among the Best Romantic Getaways Near Delhi

Comfortable Accommodations: The resort offers you simple and cosy rooms that make you feel relaxed. They are all named keeping in mind the local culture and traditions to make for a personalised stay.

A Cool Mountain Getaway: The Mountain Hideaway offers a peaceful break from city life. The resort is beautifully situated in the hills of Ramgarh and invites honeymooners and couples looking for a romantic getaway.

Hospitality and Services: In Ramgarh, the locals are very welcoming and make sure you have a great time in this picturesque location. Also, the staff is friendly and attentive to all your needs so you can have a great time chilling in the jungles and fresh air of the mountains.

Culinary Delights: You can also try the delicious local dishes made from fresh ingredients. Whether it's a simple meal or something fancy, each bite will please your taste buds.

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Suitable For?

Romantic Escapades: It's also ideal for couples who want a romantic getaway surrounded by stunning scenery. They can enjoy quiet moments together in the mountains and explore the simple Himalayan hamlets. That's why it's one of the best honeymoon destinations near Delhi.

Mountain Enthusiasts: This is great for people who love witnessing the beauty of the mountains seeking a peaceful break. You can go on nature walks, watch birds, or just relax in the natural surroundings.

Family Retreats: Families can have fun together with nature walks, picnics by the river, and learning about the local culture. The resort is calm and peaceful, perfect for spending quality time together and making happy memories.

Average Price Range: Rs 5000 - Rs 7000

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2. The Lakeview Resort: A Romantic Getaway From Delhi in the City of Lakes

How to Reach?

By Train: You can also embark on a train journey to Udaipur railway station. Then, you can reach the resort by hiring a taxi or a cab in about 30 minutes.

By Air: You can book your flights to Udaipur. From there, you can take a taxi further to reach the Lake view resort in about 45 minutes.

By Road: Udaipur has excellent road connectivity. You can take the NH48 and NE 4 to reach the heart of the city. Once in the city, you can drive to Fatehsagar Lake, where the resort is situated.

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Why It Is Among the Best Romantic Getaways Near Delhi

Royal Dining Delights: You can’t miss the chance to indulge in the Beautiful Lakefront Dining Experience within the resort. The property offers you a variety of cuisines, with a special recommendation for trying the delicious Rajasthani food.

Indigenous Architecture: Nestled on the banks of Fatehsagar Lake, the resort captures the architectural finesse of Udaipur. The well-designed and spacious rooms offer a haven for you and your family. Besides, you can also soak in the breathtaking views of both the mountains and the lake.

Hospitality At Its Best: The staff at the resort goes the extra mile to ensure a comfortable stay. Besides, their humility and agreeableness will remind you of the traditional yet timeless Indian hospitality showcased in this city of lakes.

City of Lakes: You can witness the most scenic sunset of your life from the balcony of your room. The best thing is that the backdrop of hills, coupled with the pristine Fatehsagar Lake, adds an otherworldly charm to your stay experience.

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Suitable For?

Nature Admirers: If you appreciate natural beauty, this resort is a haven. You can enjoy nature walks and explore the hills, standing guard against the rising pollution levels in cities. You can also immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes surrounding the property.

Couples/Families: The Lakeview Resort is ideal for couples seeking a romantic escape with stunning views and intimate dining experiences. Families also find it a great destination, with spacious rooms and a serene ambience, making it suitable for a relaxing getaway.

Fairs and Fests: If you plan your visit in March, you might catch the vibrant Mewar Festival and experience the lively celebration welcoming the spring season. It adds a unique touch to your stay at The Lakeview Resort.

Food Enthusiasts: The place is best for food fanatics who cherish a good dining experience. The resort offers to tickle your taste buds with lip-smacking Rajasthani delicacies. Further, the beautiful Lakefront Dining ensures a delightful culinary experience.

Average Price Range: Rs 9000 - Rs 12000

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3. The Jungle Retreat: A Romantic Escapade Into the Heart of the Wild

How to Reach?


By Road: Take NH48 from Delhi to Sariska for a scenic 4-hour drive that offers glimpses of rural life and stunning landscapes along the way.

By Train: Catch a train from Delhi to Alwar Junction, which is the nearest railway station to Sariska. From there, hire a taxi or take a local bus to reach The Jungle Retreat, situated about an hour away.

By Air: Fly from Delhi to Jaipur International Airport. Then, drive for a scenic three hours to Sariska, where The Jungle Retreat is situated.

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Why It Is Among the Best Romantic Getaways Near Delhi

Colonial Charm: Step back in time to the colonial period as you stay in The Jungle Retreat's charming cottages. In this resort, each cottage is decorated in an old-fashioned style, giving you a nostalgic feeling amidst nature.

Spectacular Wildlife Encounters: You can also experience the excitement of seeing wild animals up close in Sariska National Park, which is very close to The Jungle Retreat. You can take thrilling safaris to see amazing tigers, sneaky leopards, and many other animals in their natural home.

Stargazing Paradise: You can enjoy stargazing in Sariska's night sky, far away from the city's bright lights. At The Jungle Retreat, you can sit around a cosy fire and gaze at the countless stars twinkling above.

Thoughtful Design and Local Essence: Every part of The Jungle Retreat is carefully designed to offer guests a luxurious experience while still being close to nature. From the peaceful lily pond decorated with local designs to the lovely verandahs, everything shows the culture and history of Rajasthan.

Organic Culinary Experience: Relish the delicious flavors of Rajasthan with meals made from fresh, local ingredients. You can also try the homemade pickles and chutneys to make for a memorable culinary journey.

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Suitable For?

Wildlife Enthusiasts: Are you a wildlife enthusiast? The Jungle Retreat is the perfect place for you if you love watching animals in their natural habitat. The resort is situated near Sariska National Park, so you can see lots of flora and fauna.

Nature Explorers: Do you like to explore the natural attractions? The Jungle Retreat is a great place to relax amidst the natural beauty of the Aravalli hills and immense biodiversity. You can also go for walks and watch birds.

Couples and Romantic Getaways: Are you a couple looking for a romantic holiday? The Jungle Retreat is a lovely place to spend time together. The cosy cottages offer a peaceful atmosphere and beautiful sunsets for you to witness and make the most of your stay.

Average Price Range: Rs 16500 - Rs 18500

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Wrap Up!

You can discover these hidden getaways in North India near Delhi that offer something or the other for a blissful getaway. Whether you're a solo traveller, a nature lover, or a wildlife enthusiast, you can opt for these resorts without thinking twice!

The Mountain Hideaway and The Lakeview Resort are the best romantic getaways from Delhi for a relaxing weekend trip. You can check out the images and amenities to get an idea of what you're about to discover here!

If you want to experience the best of nature and hospitality, Yuyiii is here to help! We prioritize a good travel experience above all and offer the best stay options for your comfort and sophistication.

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