Maharashtrian heritage has a charm of its own. It surpasses the many sagas that are always sung for other cultures. From the muted spell of its mountains, forts, royal households, Maharashtra enthralls you with its many wonders, throughout the seasons. And this Royal Stay near Mumbai is no exception.

While weekdays may walk through your life, weekends definitely prove to be your stressbusters, especially when you get to experience the Maratha hospitality, won’t you agree?

Heritage Stay Near Mumbai and Pune

Not too far from the major metro cities of Mumbai and Pune, this Heritage Stay near Saswad epitomizes luxury. Quintessentially, this Luxurious Royal Stay near Mumbai takes away all your stress in seconds as one of the finest Weekend Getaways near Pune, Resorts near Pune for the Weekend! You must travel there after the COVID-19 lockdown is over.

With tasteful architecture, detailed decor, and its harmony with the encompassing flora and fauna, this stay warmly tucks your heart and sensibilities.

The earthy textures, nonchalant chirps of birds, curious looks of deer around this 300 years old stay bags your attention every minute. Every moment spent at this Royal Stay near Mumbai feels like a celebration.

Like a quintessential palace that we heard of through grandmother’s stories, this stay also has secret pathways, dungeons, and larger than life lawns. If birds greeting you for breakfast there is not enough, they also heartily welcome you with the greetings of Mavlas at this royal stay near Mumbai who also served Shivaji Maharaj.

Fort Stay near Pune

Oasis of Calmness near Mumbai You Must Visit

This stunning property was built in 1710 as a residence of Shri Pilaji Jadhavrao and it has still stood the test of time like its founder.

Royal architecture at Saswad

Wherever you lay eyes there, you simply see its understated beauty around you. You could stumble upon beautifully etched windows, earthy architecture and lush greenery with every passing eon and it would keep growing on you! But, before you think that it is just yet another heritage stay, let us stop you!

Adventure activities at Saswad

Because you could also choose to stay in a tent here, go for ziplining, enjoy the company of a birdman, dine at three different restaurants there, explore their private museum or just laze around in their royal gardens — you are definitely spoilt for choice there!

The highlight of Heritage Stay near Mumbai

Scenic views from the royal stay near mumbai

BTW, my favorite moment here was etched in time by waking up to this stunning jarokha engulfed by greenery which I could all soak in one tea cup at a time — what could be a better luxury in this day and age?

What is great about this stay? You want to live like a king and queen on the weekend? Don't you, especially after doing the household chores during a lockdown? Well, this heritage stay near Mumbai makes you feel just like that. Trust us, it would take all your stress away and let you relax in well-sanitized rooms. It is best to head there with your kids as they have many adventure activities. Also, perfect to take your better half there for a weekend getaway near Mumbai? After all who doesn't like being pampered like a royal, eh?

Why should you visit it? Most importantly, this heritage stay is near Mumbai as well as Pune. It means you can visit it whenever you want. Additionally, it offers all the comfort and luxury. Also, you get great food there. So, take our word and head there soon!

Yuyiii’s Travel Expert Rating for this Stay: 4.5/5

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