It's been one hard summer, right? No trips, no getaways, phew! But the good news is that things are going back to normal now. And even better is that the Independence Day is right around the corner. So, how about spending some time with your loved ones being surrounded by pristine nature? Pack your bags as we show you some awesome safe and sanitized Independence Day weekend getaways from Bangalore. Ready? Let's go!

Mystic Luxury Resort in Coorg

fairytale cottages at Mystic Woods Coorg Resort for honeymooners

Does the idea of staying in fairytale huts excite you? What if your dreamy cottages are steeped in the dense forests of Karadi mool hill ranges in Coorg and you are surrounded by the sensational aroma of wild honey, oranges, and cardamom? Is it a YES or is it a YES? Well, then, I'm sure, the Mystic Luxury Resort in Coorg would be your dream getaway among safe and sanitized Independence Day weekend getaways from Bangalore.

What we love about this safe and sanitized Independence Day mystic getaway near Bangalore

The outdoor pool, surrounded by towering trees in a secluded area of the resort is our absolute favorite! There are natural streams gushing down the hills near the resort and you can even take a dip there in the pools. So, dreamy, right? After you unwind in the cold water, you can come back to the warmth of your room, thanks to the fireplace. Oh, and how could we miss out the Thadiyante Mol peak? If you are in for a hiking adventure, this will be perfect for you as you get the most amazing view of the Coorg valley and even the Arabian Sea at the distance.

Suitable for: If you are ready to be mesmerized by the mystic hills of Coorg, this Luxury Resort is perfect for you! Couples, families, or even solo travelers - it is really perfect for everyone!

Time and Distance from Bangalore to Mystic Luxury Resort in Coorg: 5 hr 56 min; 262 km

Riverfront Resort in Kabini

safe and sanitized riverfront Kabini Resort for Independence Day getaway near Bangalore

If you are a nature lover, I cannot stress enough how much you'd end up loving Kabini. Right from the serenity of the backwaters to the chirping of a myriad of birds, Kabini is as blissful as it could get. So, when you are looking for safe and sanitized resorts near Bangalore for Independence Day, you should definitely consider booking your stay at Riverfront Resort in Kabini. Being right on the banks of the river, there is a certain calmness in the air that you are gonna absolutely love!

What we love about this safe and sanitized Independence Day riverfront getaway from Bangalore

Riverfront Family Resort in Kabini for a safe and sanitized weekend getaway near Bangalore

The early morning walks (or cycling if you prefer it) on the banks of the Kabini river is such a calming experience. At night, you can even ask the resort to arrange for a dinner by the side of the gleaming river water under the moonlight. Devraj at the resort who is a local from the area will give you a tour of the farm. Make sure you ask him for the best hideouts of the birds too. You can go kayaking in the river or relax at the pool at the resort. Add a wildlife safari to your stay in Kabini to spot the mighty beasts of the jungle.

Suitable for: A great place for friends, families, and couples who are looking for some fun time together.

Time and Distance from Bangalore to this Romantic Kabini Riverfront Stay: 5hrs 20 mins; 213 km

Check the detailed review, photos, and videos for this Safe and Sanitized Romantic Resort Near Bangalore: Know More!

Resort on the Cliff, Coorg

safe and sanitized Coorg Cliffs Resort and Spa for independence day getaway from Bangalore

Mountain lovers, your search for safe and sanitized Independence Day getaways near Bangalore ends with this Resort on the Cliff in Coorg. Amidst dense evergreen forests and coffee and spice plantations, you can wake up in a room overlooking the entire valley. Alternately, if you choose the room on the forest side, you might have the elusive Malabar Grey Hornbill flying into your balcony. How amazing is that?

What we love about this safe and sanitized Independence Day luxury getaway from Bangalore

Infinity Pool at Coorg Cliffs Resort and Spa - safe and sanitized getaway near Bangalore

There's an infinity pool at the resort which steals the show! The views of the valley are as best as they could get! Really, trust me! It really will make your Independence Day getaway near Bangalore at this traditional plantation bungalow-like resort a memorable one. Also, to top it off, you can keep yourself occupied with activities like yoga, fishing, cycling, zip-lining, and a lot more!

Suitable for: Whether you are a solo traveler, a couple, or a family with kids, anyone who likes to be amidst nature, this resort is for them!

Time and Distance from Bangalore to Resort on the Cliff in Coorg: 4 hrs 42 mins; 226.3 km

Experiential Wilderness Getaway, Kabini

kabini wilderness stay at Bison Getaway near Bangalore

Now a safari in Africa is a dream that pretty much all of us have been harboring since our childhood. Want to know how you can make that dream come true in India and that too in Bangalore? Your answer is the Experiential Wilderness Getaway in Kabini. It is a boutique camp where you can stay in African-styled tents to experience the wildlife of Nagarahole National Park in a very unique and customized kind of way.

What we love about this safe and sanitized Independence Day wilderness getaway from Bangalore

machan stay in Bison resort safe and sanitized getaway near Bangalore for Independence Day

The tents themselves set you in the mood for a wildlife getaway! We are talking of wooden floors, old cabin trunks, four poster beds, and original antiques beautifying the luxury tents! They overlook the Kabini backwaters and the rest of the forest. You can even spot the animals grazing and elephants on their visits to the water bodies. Watch out for the big cats though! ;) Oh, and the sundowners here are just a 100/100! The best ever! Make sure your camera doesn't run out of batteries.

Suitable for: Wildlife lovers and photographers and for people looking for a glamping experience, this getaway is perfect Would suggest it for couples, solo travelers, friends, as well as families.

Time and Distance from Bangalore to Experiential Wilderness Getaway: 4 hr 49 min; 215.0 km

Traditional Nature Homestay, Madikeri

heritage homestay Gowrinivas near Bangalore - safe and sanitized Independence Day getaway

Have you ever stayed at an ancestral home? If not, then this your cue to experience the warmth of a generation of family members who have lived through the stories passed on to them by their forefathers. So, this Independence Day, head out to the Traditional Nature Homestay in Madikeri to listen to stories of the yester years.

What we love about this safe and sanitized Independence Day nature getaway from Bangalore

interiors of the heritage house in Gowrinivas - a safe and sanitized weekend getaway for Independence Day near Bangalore

Hand-made floor tiles, antique doors, ancient pillars - doesn't it all conjure up an image of a quaint heritage home in your mind? The very feel of being in a house where people from a century ago lived is definitely the highlight of this homestay, of course, other than the unspoilt natural beauty of the place where it is located. You can also ask the owner to arrange for kayaking, trekking, and other activities while you're here.

Suitable for: Whether you are a solo traveler, a couple, or a family with kids, if you enjoy visiting heritage places, then this homestay will be perfect for your safe and sanitized Independence Day getaways from Bangalore.

Time and Distance from Bangalore to Traditional Nature Homestay, Madikeri: 5 hr 8 min; 269.1 km 

Green Hideaway in Coorg

view at the breakfast table at the Green Hideaway - a safe and sanitized Independence Day weekend getaway near Bangalore

Coorg is one of the most-sought after destinations when it comes to Independence Day getaways near Bangalore. And, the Green Hideaway adds its own touch of magic and luxury to this beautiful hill station. The rooms here are so gorgeously designed to give travelers like you the ultimate feel of comfort and luxury. And the view from the balcony. Oh my my my my! You wouldn't even want to flinch an inch from your charm and go inside!

What we love about this safe and sanitized Independence Day hideaway near Bangalore

safe and sanitized independence day weekend getaway at Amritara Ambatti

The Green Hideaway in the Scotland of India gives you the most amazing breakfast views amongst all our safe and sanitized Independence Day getaways from Bangalore. Now, shouldn't that be enough of a reason to book this stay right away? The staff here is just wonderful and so welcoming! They also serve you a refreshing drink when you set your foot at the resort.

Suitable for: I'd say couples should make the Green Hideaway their first choice. I mean, the in-room dining with the picturesque view from the balcony is the most perfect romantic setting.

Time and Distance from Bangalore to Green Hideaway in Coorg: 5 hr; 233.5 km

So, what is your choice for safe and sanitized Independence Day getaways from Bangalore? Oh, wait, before you go, check out these serene nature stays near Bangalore. Yeah, we hear you! We sure are here to spoil you with more choices. Wondering where you can get more such handpicked stays near your city. Click right here, traveler! In case you need a more comprehensive list of places for trips, check out our guide to the 10 Places You Must Visit Around Bangalore! Need one for the whole country? Well, here you go: Top 20 Places Every Traveler MUST Visit in India.

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