Lakkidi is the proud recipient of the accolade of ‘the Gateway to Wayanad paradise’.  With abundance of serpentine Ghats and meadows, you can find greenery all around this safe and sanitized Wayanad Resort. It is also believed that Lakkidi has an Eerie Chain tree, which attracts a lot of tourists with its tragic tale of a betrayed tribal man. Our Safe and Sanitized Wayanad resort surrounded by rainforests of Kerala is one you should totally visit for a short weekend getaway from Bangalore.

Safe Rainforest Stay Near Bangalore, Lakkidi

Luxury Rainforest stay in Wayanad, near Bangalore

Imagine staying in the middle of a rainforest. This rainforest stay is surely one of the best – safe and sanitised resorts near Bangalore. Situated amidst the dense rainforests of Wayanad, this weekend getaway near Bangalore is like nature’s own hideout.

A mini bus takes you deep inside the rainforests and to the wilderness stay as you park your car in the parking area. The natural beauty you see around is just breath-taking. If you’re lucky enough you could also spot Hornbills and the Malabar giant Squirrel.

Luxury Rainforest Stay in Wayanad

This nature getaway near Bangalore is so calm and relaxing, you can read here, meditate here and it also makes for a perfect “workation” spot. This Diwali 2020, take a short break from your hectic schedule and celebrate Diwali at one of our favourite resorts for Safe and Sanitized Diwali weekend getaways at Wayanad.

The Rooms

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As you are living right in the middle of the rain forests, each room has a wonderful view from the spacious balconies. You can enjoy your breakfast or tea from your balconies overlooking the lush green forests, enjoying wildlife in its purest form. This luxury resort near Bangalore has rooms that are super spacious and comfortable.

Why we love this place?

Safe and Sanitized resort near Bangalore

While you’re staying in this weekend getaway near Bangalore, wake up a little early for the sunrise, it’s magical. You can go for a nature walk and go trekking in the rainforests. You could also go for a night trek in the eerie mountains. While on the trek, your naturalist will walk you through the Rainforests of Lakkidi. They will show you some amazing species of butterflies, birds and animals. Also explore the local cuisine with the resort’s chef. The rooms have high ceilings, filled with the fresh rainforest air and huge balconies. Don’t you wanna be there already??

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Who is this place best suitable for?

This place is great for solo travellers, couples and families with kids. Because there is enough open space to run around and be free, kids love this place. This luxury resort is one of the most Unique resorts near Bangalore for Bird watchers and Nature Lovers.

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Time and Distance from Bangalore

This Wildlife Rainforest Resort near Bangalore is around 315 kms from Bangalore. The drive to this Wayanad Resort takes anyhwere between 3 hours to 4 hours from Bangalore

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The photos and videos of this luxury wildlife stay in Wayanad are itself are so serene and gorgeous. If you haven’t checked out the videos and photos already, what are you waiting for? Go have a relaxing weekend at this weekend getaway near Bangalore. Click Here

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