Is it that life has been too hard on you for the past year, especially your life of travel (thanks to coronavirus.... phew!)? You want to take a vacation but the ever-surging COVID-19 cases in the country scare you? Trust me, you're not alone. To give you a little respite, we have handpicked these amazing safe and sanitized weekend getaways to Lonavala. Head out of your city and give yourself a break (you deserve it)!

Safe and Sanitized All Suite Luxury Resort in Lonavala

Safe and Sanitized Weekend Getaways from Mumbai to Lonavala - All Suite Luxury Resort

Do you wish to indulge yourself in a little bit of luxury, away from the chaotic humdrum of Mumbai? How about waking up in a beautifully designed and elegantly adorned suite in the lap of the verdant Sahyadri Mountains? You then walk out to a private balcony or terrace garden with your morning cup of chai or coffee. You know, the perfect kind of lazy Sundays? Does it not sound to you like the most wonderful definition of “Safe and Sanitized Weekend Getaways to Lonavala”? Not sure about you, I’m definitely craving for a safe getaway like this. Just kidding, I know you’re craving for one too, right?

So, all you gotta do is take a two-hour drive from Mumbai and arrive at All Suite Luxury Resort in Lonavala. You wouldn’t need to worry a dime about safety or sanitization. The staff takes utmost care and precaution to abide by the COVID-19 regulatory norms. You can choose between a Cypress Studio Suite and the Banyan Family Suite, both of which are the epitome of comfort and grandeur.

Safe and Sanitized All Suite Luxury Resort in Lonavala - view of the resort pool from above

Be it the classy furniture, the intricate traditional artworks bedecking the walls or the soothing views of the resort gardens from the large windows in your suite, you wouldn’t want your getaway to come to an end when you’re here, I tell you! Take a rejuvenating spa session or unwind yourself with a swim at the resort’s pool. Traveling with children? No worries, there’s one for the kids too to splash away their day.

Activities and Experiences at the Resort

Safe and Sanitized All Suite Luxury Resort in Lonavala - food at the resort's restaurant

If you are a fitness freak (I’m not, don’t judge me!), you could keep up with your daily exercise routine at the gymnasium. You could also try your hand at croquet or mini-golf, or play some board games in the games room and just enjoy a fun bonding time with your friends and family. To tingle your taste buds, you can choose to treat yourself at the all-day casual dining restaurant Tree House Cafe or sip some exquisite cocktails at the rooftop bar. To enjoy the picturesque outdoor, take a seat at the poolside restaurant instead. You could also dig into the sweetness of fresh baked goods at bakery (who says no to cakes anyway?).

And oh, wait! We’re not done yet. We haven’t even introduced to you the zenith (umm... quite literally) of your wonderful stay at this resort. *drumrolls please* A HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE. Couples on a romantic getaway to this safe and sanitized resort in Lonavala, take a note, will you? You wouldn’t want to miss the marvelous sunset from up in the air, overlooking the beautiful green valleys of Lonavala. Could there anything BE more romantic (F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fan, anyone)? I’d doubt it.  

Distance from Mumbai: 90 KMs

Distance from Pune: 65 KMs

Now you wanna know where to find this safe and sanitized stay in Lonavala? Click right here!

Safe and Sanitized Weekend Getaway to Lonavala in Nature's Holistic Wellness Retreat

Safe and Sanitized Stay in Nature's Holistic Wellness Retreat

What do you think will give you greater peace of mind than planning (and executing, sorry I am tired of failed travel plans!) safe and sanitized weekend getaways to Lonavala? Well, maybe a therapy, you're wondering? Right track of thoughts, but we have something even better waiting for you at Nature's Holistic Wellness Retreat in Lonavala. You'd finally be giving your mental health a breather on this getaway. All thanks to this stay's spectacular outlook on ensuring the holistic well-being of their guests.

At Nature's Holistic Wellness Retreat, you are in for an amalgamation of a stay in Nirvana and a therapeutic experience. Honestly, there's a lot to do. You want to forget all those images of imposing skyscrapers and be closer to nature? I'd suggest you take a stroll on the nature trails or near the lake and fill your heart with its beauty. Tour the gardens around and revel in the sweet fragrance of the blooming flowers. For something more upbeat, you could cycle your way through nature's many wonders at this wellness retreat.

Therapies at this Wonderful Stay in Lonavala

Fazlani_Natures_Nest_Cottages for a safe and sanitized weekend getaway to Lonavala

While you're staying here, you wouldn't want to miss out on their Ayurvedic Spa and Nature Cure sessions. Get yourself an appointment early on to let nature take care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. For those on the path of recovery for a painless lifestyle, let the experts here help you with a physiotherapy session. Add to that a yoga session and you would feel much refreshed than the state in which you arrived here.

You could choose a room with a garden view if greenery is what you need. For the ultimate luxury, opt for a Lake-view suite. Why, you ask? It is because its extravagance comes with absolutely stunning views of the Sahyadris and the azure waters of the Indrayani river flowing through it. From a spa-styled bathroom with a Jacuzzi to upholstered Italian furniture, everything in the interiors is so perfect!

Retreats and Other Experiences

swimming pool for men, women, and children at Fazlani Nest Cottages in Lonavala

Once you're here, you'd realize that the stay is a wellness retreat in the true sense of the word. You have several options to choose from their custom-designed wellness modules: Relaxation Retreat, Weight Management Retreat, Detox Retreat, Immunity Enhancement Retreat, and Lifestyle Disorder Management Retreat.

You could go birding, fishing, take part in organic farming, or master the art of cheesemaking. To top it off, you get to experience animal-assisted therapy or equine therapy to be more precise. You CANNOT and just cannot miss out on the warmth you'd feel on this self-discovery journey with horses.

What more could you ask for on a getaway, like really? Well, I can't think of any. Can you?

Distance from Mumbai: 115 KMs

Distance from Pune: 50 KMs

So, what are you waiting for? Click here fast to book your stay at this safe and sanitized Nature's Holistic Wellness Retreat.

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