Arwa farms

How many travel plans did we have to cancel because of the pandemic. The virus which has taken over the world has also sequestered us in our houses. For more than a year. We need a break. From home. So beautiful destinations, here we come. Prepare for the storm of squished energies all set to bubble out. This safe and sanitized homestay near Mumbai will be the perfect getaway for you.

Tell Me Something about this Place

sanitized homestay near Mumbai

Instead of waking up to ringing alarms and honking vehicles, wake up to the melodious chirpings. A passionate photographer is the founder of this safe and sanitized homestay near Mumbai. He decided to create a small realm of nature beyond the frenzy of cities. Seeing so many harmful chemicals being used everywhere, he envisioned this organic farm stay. He designed a sustainable and eco-friendly system. Now he encourages people to experience the organic way of living.

On a vast seven acres of land in Dahanu, you will find about 740 different species of trees. They also self-produce grains and pulses for the in-house meals. They not only have cottage rooms but also tents, cots, and Machans; all of which could accommodate about 40 people.

There are no air conditioners, refrigerators, or swimming pools. Since they follow environmental-friendly practices, even plastic is avoided as much as possible. They do provide fans and because of the trees and greenery around, the atmosphere is comparatively cooler. Believe me, the environment is very pleasant over there so you won’t be sweating buckets. All the utensils such as plates, glasses, and bottles are made of clay. The water tastes so much sweeter this way. You will probably hate the purifier water for a few days after you go back. The people who are ardent supporters of eco-friendly approaches, this is your haven. And to all the innovators out there, have a look at their ingenious water recycling system that takes the wastewater to irrigate the plantations.

What’s so special about this sanitised homestay near Mumbai?

sanitized homestay near Mumbai

The entire architecture of this safe and sanitized homestay near Mumbai is planned with great care and detail. The walls are framed with unique selections and various artistic showpieces adorn the spacious rooms. All in all, it gives off very elegant vibes in simplistic settings.

As this stay endeavours an experience of basic lifestyle without all the synthetic stimulations, there is no television or proper network connection. But you will undoubtedly find a music system there. After all, what’s life without music? If you think you will get bored out of your mind, then you are thinking wrong.

You can go have fun in the clean waters of the Dahanu beach. Have a picnic or walk along the shore. Or, you can wait for nightfall and enjoy the moon’s reflection dancing on the sea. Wait. There’s more. Go explore the nearby river untouched by human exploitations. Large trees on all sides, take a swim in its cool waters and feel the tension releasing from your muscles as you relax.  

This place also rears its own poultry. They allow you to pet the adorable baby calves and try out the unfiltered dairy products. You could also go plucking out a few seasonal fruits grown on the farm.  Provisions are made for indoor games as well so that the warm and quiet afternoons do not get dull.

When to visit this sanitised homestay near Mumbai?

Arwa farms

There is no specific season to visit this safe and sanitised homestay near Mumbai.  If you love rains, the monsoons over there will welcome you with a strong fragrance of wet soil and dewy air. Summers will be fun when you get to enjoy the sweet nectar of organically ripened Keasar mangoes. Moreover, the night stays on the cosy machans or the cots placed on the open veranda will make you feel like a typical villager. The winters too have their own charm with all the plantation activities.

Events such as the Mango Festival, Rice Plantation and Summer Camp are sometimes organised. It aims for people to know the intricacies of farming and get a first-hand experience of it.

As you can see, all you have to do is show up here with a bag of clothes and a toothbrush. They keep chemical-free and natural bathing products that you will just fall in love with. The most amazing thing is that this stay is wheelchair accessible. Therefore, no one is left with any excuse to skip out on this beautiful bubble of ataraxia.

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