Imagine waking up to the melodious symphony of birdsong, the crisp mountain air caressing your senses as you step onto the balcony of your hotel. Yercaud, often referred to as the "Jewel of the South," is a canvas of emerald landscapes adorned with coffee plantations, spice gardens, and orchards. Perched on the edges of the hills, these accommodations offer not just a place to rest but an experience in itself. These are some of the stays in Yercaud from swiss tents to homestays where you will get a once of a lifetime experience!

1: Hidden Paradise Campsite

Yercaud, Tamil Nadu

A Coffee Plantation Stay in Yercaud

A camping experience in Yercaud

Hidden Paradise Campsite in Yercaud is not just a place; it's a journey into the heart of nature's grandeur. The campsite, perched daringly on the edge of a cliff, presents a view that feels like a dream unfurling before your eyes. Surrounded by emerald coffee plantations and mist-draped forests, it's the perfect place for you if you are seeking the thrill of living on the edge!

Embark on treks that lead you to the highest peaks, where the air is crisp, and the views are nothing short of breathtaking. Cycling through rugged terrain adds an extra layer of thrill, while the possibility of encountering exotic wildlife adds an element of untamed beauty to your adventure.

What We Love: Obviously your cocoon in the wilderness: the swiss tents. Spacious, comfortable, and with an unique and rustic architecture, it really becomes your home! While looking at the night sky, you also get to sip on a cup of hot coffee produced from the plantations itself!

Travel Tip: There is even a basketball court. So, bring your A game with you!

Suitable For: Solo Travelers, Adventurers and Trek Lovers

Distance from Bangalore (nearest city): 229 km

Time taken from Bangalore: 5 hours 24 minutes, by road!

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2: Hidden Mountain Cottages

Yercaud, Tamil Nadu

A Wildlife Getaway in Yercaud

A Date with Nature within the foothills of Yercaud

At the Hidden Mountain Cottages in Yercaud, as the first light of dawn filters through the lush trees, you can almost feel the weariness of the world melting away. The gentle serenade of nature, orchestrated by a chorus of birds that seem to have crafted a symphony just for you, will wake you up from your comfortable beds in the morning.

Those seeking a touch of adventure, the private lake beckons where you can try your hands in fishing. If you are observant enough, then you might catch the reflection of the majestic Indian bisons that roam through the forests!

What We Love: The spacious abodes embraces you in comfort. It's not just about a place to stay; it's about finding solace in the heart of Eastern Ghats' lush greenery. These cottages are spacious and their architecture also makes it stand out! Also, there is a basketball court and a lake for fishing!

Travel Tip: You get to fish here! And also, the air gets a little chilly at night, so have your warm clothes on while fishing!

Suitable For: Adventure enthusiasts!

Distance from Bangalore (nearest city): 229 km

Time taken from Bangalore: A 5 hours 24 minutes drive!

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3: Yercaud Bungalow Stay

Yercaud, Tamil Nadu

A Mesmerizing Stay In Yercaud

You and a 100 year old luxurious bungalow nestled in the heart of Yercaud, surrounded by lush flora? This is the best combination. that not only adds to the charm of the British architecture but also sets the stage for a perfect escape.

The spaciousness of the house ensures that there's room for everyone, but it's the warmth within its walls that truly makes it special. The British touch adds an extra layer of charm to the experience. Imagine sipping tea amidst the beautiful flora, feeling like characters from an old Victorian novel.

What We Love: The proximity to Yercaud's lake adds another layer of exploration. In the evenings outside, the campfire ignites and the children frolic and play around. Definitely, a memory to make.

Travel Tip: Charge the batteries of your electrical gadgets. Frequent power outages are prevalent.

Suitable For: Friends and family. Children too, will have a great time here, as there are ample activities to do!

Distance from Bangalore (nearest city): 229 km

Time taken from Bangalore: 5 hours 24 minutes, by car

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This was a glimpse into our curated list of Stays near Yercaud: From Swiss Tents to Homestays. Each of these destinations provide you with an unique and memorable experience that you will remember forever. So, pack your bags, put on your adventure cap and set out on the path of exploration!

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At these stays in Yercaud: from swiss tents to homestays, an experience of a lifetime awaits you!

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