Escape the ordinary and indulge in a weekend getaway near Mumbai by immersing yourself in some elegant stays that promise an extraordinary experience. These carefully selected accommodations offer a perfect blend of charm, comfort, and unforgettable memories, making them the ideal choice for relieving your stress and getting to live your life with peace and calm! These handpicked stays near Mumbai for a Unique Weekend Getaway will be perfect from relax from the hustle and bustle of life and chill for a moment!

1) Scenic Resort

Shendi, Maharashtra

A Treehouse Getaway near Mumbai

The best weekend getaway near Mumbai

The location of the Scenic Resort is along the serene banks of a tranquil lake which adds an enchanting vibe to it. Bring your furry friend along and take a hike along the nature trail as both of you will feast your eyes on the view you will be greeted with!

With a pool and also a ride on the bullock cart, you will have a memorable experience of staying at one of the best resorts that is perfect for a weekend getaway!

The staff displays an impeccable amount of hospitality. Their attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile added a personal touch to the experience, making me feel genuinely cared for. Also the food? Delicious would be an understatement!

What We Love: The resort's accommodations, charming cottages tucked away amidst lush greenery, provide the perfect blend of comfort and charm. With 4 treehouses and very few cottages, you can have a diverse stay at this resort.

Travel Tip: There is a small island in the middle of the lake. You can take the boat for exploration!

Suitable For: Nature Enthusiasts!

Distance from Mumbai: 271 km

Time taken from Mumbai: 5 hours 30 minutes, by road!

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2) The Mountain Resort

Mulshi, Maharashtra

A Luxury Getaway Near Mumbai

The perfect weekend getaway

The beauty of the Mulshi Lake is something to be experienced! The resort's dining options showcased an exquisite array of regional and international cuisines. From traditional Maharashtrian delicacies to global fare, each dish was a culinary masterpiece and I am sure, the taste will remain at the tip of your tongue!

The architecture, decor, and ambiance reflect the rich heritage of Maharashtra, creating an immersive experience that transports guests to a bygone era. The meticulous attention to cultural details added a unique dimension to the weekend getaway. With an infinity pool, massage centers, you are in for an absolute treat!

What We Love: You can view either the Mulshi dam or the mountains from the comfort of your rooms! The Bougainvillea cottage is literally located on the base of a mountain!

Travel Tip: The horse-rides are the best!

Suitable For: Friends, families and couples!

Distance from Mumbai: 174 km

Time taken from Mumbai: A drive of 3 hours 25 minutes!

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3) Boutique Farm Stay

Karjat, Maharashtra

The Charm of A Farmside Getaway

The perfect weekend getaway near Mumbai

This boutique farm stay emphasises an interactive farm-to-plate experience. You can spend time harvesting fresh produce and experience what sustainable farming looks like! This handpicked stay near Mumbai for a unique weekend getaway is absolutely perfect amidst the rustic charm of the farms!

The accommodations at the Boutique Farm Stay are designed by combining the charm of a farm stay with the comfort of boutique luxury. You can also bring your furry friends to this pet-friendly resort!

The staff is very polite and hospitable. A bonfire under the clear sky. Anything else? Get the experience of a lifetime by sitting around the bonfire. Singing songs. And just vibing, while the stars in the sky twinkle around! The calls of nature become more distinct then!

What We Love: With an Art Village and a Nursery farm, there will not be a moment lost for exploration! Also, you can go kayaking in the private lake or take a cycle and explore the intricacies of the property or just lie lazily n your hammock!

Travel Tip: For movie enthusiasts, ND Studio is a 2 minute walk from this resort!

Suitable For: Family and friends get-togethers! Also, if you want to learn one or two things about farming!

Distance from Mumbai: 63 km

Time taken from Mumbai: 1 hour 18 minutes, by road!

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4) The Heritage Stay

Saswad, Maharashtra

A Unique Weekend Getaway With Culture

The best weekend getaway near Mumbai

Get to stay in a real fort! The Heritage Stay offers picturesque views and serene surroundings, all in while being a historic fort! This stay stands tall with its grand Marathi welcome!

The stay hosts vibrant cultural performances, bringing to life the traditions and art forms of Maharashtra. You get the opportunity to engage with local artisans, witness traditional dance forms, and participate in workshops, creating a weekend filled with cultural exploration.

Obviously, the magnificent architecture of the stay which is actually a fort, is a sight for sweet eyes. Apart from that, the on-site restaurants serve authentic Maharashtrian delicacies, prepared with locally sourced ingredients. Every meal is a celebration of the region's rich heritage, adding a flavorful touch to the weekend escape!

What We Love: The in-house pool offers you to have a swim and take in the immense beauty of the view, simultaneously! Apart from the various adventure sports, you will also be greeted with peacocks and deers, that reside close to this resort! There is a museum and a royal garden too!

Travel Tip: You get to try out many activities like zorbing, segaway, ziplining, whilst being in amidst the rustic charm of a fort.

Suitable For: Solo travelers, families and couples! There is a satisfaction of all tastes and preferences, and anyone staying here will have a great time!

Distance from Mumbai: 182 km

Time taken from Mumbai: 3 hours 40 minutes, by road!

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5) The Countryside Stay

Panchgani, Maharashtra

A Serene Weekend Getaway Near Mumbai

The perfect weekend getaway near Mumbai

The Countryside Stay offers a unique weekend getaway near Mumbai that combines village life and beauty in it, together. In addition, for those seeking an escape that nourishes both their and their pet's soul , this stay stands as a shining example of living with only vibes and not compromising on comfort!

Guided nature trails, a walk with your pet, an infinity pool and outdoor adventures such as camping are enough for you to get hooked on the beauty of this place. With a lot of areas covered, you can put on your explorer cap and straighten your legs out!

The accommodations at this stay are not just rooms; they are charming villas, cottages and tents designed to immerse guests in the beauty of their natural surroundings. The thoughtful architecture and the spacious rooms with picturesque views adds an elegant touch to the stay. The pet friendliness of the resort also allows you to enjoy with your furry friend!

What We Love: With views of the mountains, farm and the Hatgheghar Dam from your private balconies, there is not a single minute lost while appreciating the beauty of this place! Another unique fact about this lace: this resort resides in the first Village of Books, with a library on every corner!

Travel Tip: Go for strawberry picking in the farms!

Suitable For: Couples, friends and families who are looking for a haven of peace and tranquility that also happens to interact with the beauty of nature!

Distance from Mumbai: 241 km

Time taken from Mumbai: 4 hours 26 minutes

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6) Beachside Getaway Lodge

How to Reach?


By Air: The nearest airport to the lodge from Mumbai is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport. From there, you can embark further on a scenic drive or a ferry ride to Alibaug.

By Sea: Frequent ferries run from Mumbai to Mandwa. After reaching Mandwa, you can take a short drive to this lodge in Alibaug.

By Road: You’ll drive from Mumbai to Alibaug on the Mumbai-Goa Highway. The entire trip takes around 3 hours as you witness the beautiful landscapes along the road.


By Air: Pune International Airport is the nearest airport to the lodge. From there, you can embark further on a scenic drive to Alibaug.

By Road: The scenic drive from Pune to Alibaug via the Mumbai- Bengaluru Highway and Pune-Mumbai Highway is around 3 hours. But you’ll thank your stars when you witness the beauty of Maharashtra.

What Makes it Best Among the Stays Near Mumbai for a Unique Weekend Getaway

Luxury and Comfort: The resort boasts the Nakshatra Spa, a state-of-the-art wellness treatment facility. The masseuses here offer you incredible massages and other beauty treatments. That’s why it’s among the best stays near Mumbai for a unique weekend getaway.

Virtual Experience: The resort has an in-house theatre where you can watch a good movie. The lodge offers a rich cinematic experience amidst natural beauty to help you create some memorable moments.

Diverse Cuisines: This resort offers Terra’s fresh handmade pasta, single-origin blends, and vegetarian dishes. It also offers mimosas and sundowners in Soak Bar.

Calm Ambience: The resort is nestled amidst lush greenery of palm trees, making it among the peaceful stay experiences near Mumbai. So, if you’re looking for a weekend getaway, this is your ideal go-to destination.

Suitable For?

Romantic Getaways: This is an ideal spot for couples looking for romantic getaways. They can benefit from the wellness treatments, dining options, and movie nights.

Family Outings: At this resort, your family can enjoy stunning waterfront views. They can engage in various relaxation and outdoor activities to make for a perfect weekend getaway.

Beach Enthusiasts: If you love the gushing waves and the gentle sea breeze, this lodge is the perfect spot for your weekend getaway. Besides the beautiful beach, there’s also a refreshing swimming pool, which makes it an ideal setting for your trips.

Nature Connosieurs: This lodge is perfectly situated amidst the scenic coastlines. You can embark on nature trails and click beautiful beach photos to post on social media.


These were some of the handpicked stays near Mumbai perfect for a unique weekend getaway. From providing you front-row seats to nature to allowing you to have a memorable experience, these stays will be the comfort of your lifetime!

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