Summers in Delhi can get excruciatingly hot, and you and I need no introduction to how tiresome it can be. So, what do you do now to beat the summer heat? Take a trip to the Himalayas – I know you guessed it right! The mountains are calling and you must go. And we’ve got your back with a superb list of must-visit summer getaways near New Delhi. So, all you’ve got to do is just relax, unwind and soak in the beauty of the mighty Himalayas. We are heading towards Uttarakhand. Ready? Then dive right in! ;)

1. Authentic Kumaoni Stay, Nathuakhan

Authentic Kumaoni Stay, Nathuakhan in Uttarakhand for summer getaway

When you are hunting for must-visit summer getaways near New Delhi, you’d obviously want to ditch the crowd. You know, just get rid of the city heat and head towards a quieter place hidden in the lap of the Himalayas. Maybe a quaint and authentic homestay that holds the true essence of the place you’re visiting? That sounds perfect to you, right? Because we understand how much you crave for such getaways, we have for you the Authentic Kumaoni Stay in Nathuakhan.

The drive to the homestay is itself so breathtaking. You’d have the warmest welcome from fiery red shades and bright pink hues of rhododendron flowers. What a sight to behold! Oh, and the people here at the hills are the purest of heart. You would love to spend a chatty evening or an early morning stroll with them. Soulful, I tell you!

What we love about this summer getaway near New Delhi

interiors of the Authentic Kumaoni Stay, Nathuakhan for summer getaway from New Delhi

The rooms at this offbeat homestay are handmade, thus adding to its authentic touch. I mean, just imagine staying in a house built of mud and stones! Fascinating, right? Completed over a year and a half, it is a local stone construction built by the local masons from the villages. Preserves the authenticity of the place, see, told ya! We also love the peach and cherry orchards right behind the property where you can relax and walk around. The Kumaoni thali you get here is so yummy that you’d want the taste to linger forever.

Who is this place suitable for?

Authentic Kumaoni Stay is perfect for anyone who wishes to stay close to nature and enjoys being themselves. It is a home away from home. So, whether you are a solo traveler, a couple, a family with kids or a group of friends, Chetan, the stay’s owner is awaiting to host you. Say yes to some quality time on this awesome off-beat summer getaway.  

Distance from New Delhi: 370 KMs

2. Himalayan Family Resort, Mukteshwar

Himalayan Family Resort in Mukteshwar for summer getaway near New Delhi

For families looking for a nice a quiet getaway in the mountains, the Himalayan Family Resort in Mukteshwar is perfect. Far from the crowded hill stations, the untouched beauty of Mukteshwar will touch your soul. Your children would jump in joy when you take them on the short treks in the area.

At the resort, just forget your office deadlines and household chores (You’re on vacation, duh!). Rooms are comfortable and spacious. Take a peek outside the windows and you’d see the sun gleaming on the forested mountains. What a sight to behold! Pretty much what you need for your summer getaways near New Delhi, right? 

What we love about the Himalayan Family Resort

2.	Himalayan Family Resort, Mukteshwar aerial view

Rooms are well-maintained and gorgeous and have the ‘pahadi’ feel to them. You also have to try the rich flavors of the Kumaoni dishes cooked by the chef here in the wood fire. Pretty old-school and amazing!

Who is this summer getaway near New Delhi suitable for?

The Himalayan Family Resort in Mukteshwar is a perfect summer getaway for families. There are separate play areas too for children here. The resort has family suites that are particularly well suited for couples with grown-up kids.  

Distance from New Delhi: 340 KMs

3. Summer Getaway near New Delhi in Forest Stay, Shitlakhet

Forest Stay in Uttarakhand for summer getaway

From the name, you must have guessed it already. This stay in Shitlakhet is right in the middle of a forest with balconies that give you the most gorgeous panoramic view of the Himalayas. If you were looking for must-visit summer getaways near New Delhi to feel alive again, look no further than the Forest Stay in Shitlakhet. Wouldn’t you feel so refreshed to hit the bed at night with the calls of the crickets and wild animals and then wake up to the sounds of the birds chirping?

Inside the cottages, the décor and amenities are cozy and comfortable at their best. A fresh brew from the tea coffee makers would give you the perfect start to a chilly morning in Shitlakhet. If you are traveling with children, they’d love it at the games room. In the mean while, you can sit your cup of coffee in quietude at the property’s library.   

What we love about this Forest Stay summer getaway near New Delhi

Interiors of Forest Stay, Shitlakhet in Uttarakhand

Without a second thought, it is the balcony. Nothing beats the mesmerizing views of the Himalayas from the balconies at this forest stay. Trust me, you could spent hours just gazing at the view or looking up at the starry sky at night.

Who is the Forest Stay in Shitlakhet suitable for?

The Forest Stay is a haven for nature lovers and bird watchers. Couples looking for a memorable getaway in the pristine Himalayas would love it. So would you, if you are a family traveling with your children. Photography enthusiasts, make sure to keep your cameras ready!

Distance from New Delhi: 360 KMs

4. Heritage Stay at Nainital for summer getaway near New Delhi

Heritage Stay at Nainital for summer getaway near New Delhi

How about being transported to a bygone era on your summer getaway? Wanna know how? Just book your stay at the magnificent, regal Heritage Stay in Nainital. One of the oldest surviving homes in the district, it belongs to the royal family of Princess Reena Kumari. You’d be mesmerized by the sheer opulence and beauty of its antique ambience. A rare find in the heart of Nainital away from the tourist crowd, I tell you!

Everything from the four poster beds to the artifacts adorning the rooms is so pleasing to the eyes. Add to that the care of the courteous staff and you feel like royalty yourself. The wooden ceiling, the intricately carved stairs, the chandeliers – oh what a regal beauty!

What we love about this Heritage Stay in Nainital

Heritage Stay at Nainital for summer getaway near New Delhi in Uttarakhand

What really stays with you about the property is its royal ambience. All the antique properties have been so well preserved that you almost no longer feel to be a part of the 21st century. Let’s relive the royal life from the past centuries, shall we?  

Who is this heritage place suitable for?

The Heritage Stay in Nainital is perfect for all kinds of travelers – couples, families, solo travelers, and even honeymooners. So, enjoy a memorable stay like the royals and don’t forget to take awesome pictures. The interiors are way too picturesque to not carry your camera (don’t say I didn’t warn ya!)

Distance from New Delhi: 300 KMs

5. Himalayan Adventure Resort, Nathuakhan

Himalayan Adventure Resort, Nathuakhan, Bhimtal in Uttarakhand

Did you really think we’d take a leave without adding an adventure resort even when we’re taking you to Uttarakhand? No worries there, we knew exactly what you needed. Therefore, our top recommendation for adventure junkies is the Himalayan Adventure Resort in Nathuakhan.

Here, there are activities like ziplining and rope courses that come with gorgeous views of the Himalayas. On one side you see the forests of pine and oak and on the other the water of the lake reflecting the sky’s blue. Does it not sound picture-perfect to you?  

What we love about Himalayan Adventure Resort

adventure activites at Bhimtal Resort in Uttarakhand for summer getaway

This is the only resort in Bhimtal where you’d get adventure activites. Find your ultimate “room with a view” here at the resort's spacious deluxe suites. Moreover, Dhoniji, the manager of the restaurant at this resort would love to show you what authentic Kumaoni food tastes like. Me? Well, I am missing those lip-smacking flavours already!

Who is this place suitable for?

Himalayan Adventure Resort is perfect for travelers looking for an active holiday. If you are a group of friends or a family with kids aged 8 to 18, you’d have a gala time here surely!

Distance from New Delhi: 320 KMs

Need more options for summer getaways near New Delhi? No worries because we are at your service, sir! Wanna take a road trip from Delhi but not sure where to head out? Here, check this out. If the pandemic is stopping you from embarking on the getaway near Delhi, don't fret! Check this awesome handpicked collection of safe and sanitized hidden resorts near Delhi, so here you bid goodbye to the crowd! Further, if you need more stay options right next to your city, click here to find such getaways all throughout India.


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