Looking for a weekend escape away from the chaos of the city? We have your back. Here is a list of some amazing Sustainable Farm Stays near Mumbai and Pune you should definitely add to your bucket list this 2021. Get lost in the lovely strawberry fields at Wai or meditate by the gardens at the Boutique Farm Stay in Karjat.

Eco-Friendly Farm Stay in Wai, Panchgani

Farm Stays near Mumbai

Situated on the foothills of the Panchgani, this farm stay near Mumbai is sure to fill your heart with pure joy and happiness. This homely sustainable farm stay near Mumbai and Pune is one all you nature lovers out there must check out this 2021. Run by a family, this farm stay in Panchgani also has a variety of exotic plants all over the place. Away from the hustle-bustle of the city, this sustainable farm stay has the essence of the village life amidst the nature we all crave for.

Why do we love this Sustainable Eco Farm Stay in Wai?

Royal Tents at Panchgani Farm Stay

Imagine staying in cottages and tents which open up to a private garden full of different plants and trees. You could also go strawberry picking in the nearby fields, a rare experience. You can also or take a bullock cart ride around the fields. This farm stay is the perfect option for anyone looking at simple yet rustic weekend getaways from Mumbai and Pune.

Moreover, the Maharashtrian delicacies here are slow-cooked on the Chulha using fresh ingredients from the Farms. I don’t know about you but my mouth is watering already.  One of our top picks for sustainable farm stays near Mumbai this 2021, this Eco Farm Stay in Wai is one we’re sure you’ll love. Sit back and relax, also read a book or meditate at one of our best Sustainable Farm Stays near Mumbai this 2021.

Who is this best suitable for?

Sustainable Farm Stays near Mumbai

This Eco Farm Stay is great for families, couples, or individuals looking for a workation or also just want to relax all by yourself. Pack your bags and head to this Sustainable Eco Farm Stay in Wai. A serene weekend awaits you.

How to Reach this Eco Farm Stay in Panchgani from Mumbai?

This Sustainable Farm stay is just around 250 KMs away from Mumbai. The drive should take you anywhere between 5-6 hours from Mumbai.

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Sustainable Boutique Farm Stay near Mumbai in Karjat

Farm Stays near Mumbai

Full of colors and uniqueness, this sustainable boutique farm stay is one you should add to your bucket list. If you are looking for an authentic and real farm stay near Mumbai, look no further. Spread over 20 acres, this sustainable boutique farm stay within 100 Kms from Mumbai has its own farm/garden. It also has a private lake, a pool, and a little nursery.

This place is run by the family of Ramanand Sagar, the director of the first Ramayan on TV, you would remember from your childhood. So you can already imagine the number of details and creativity that went into every element at this Boutique Farmstay.

Why do we love this Boutique Farm Stay in Karjat?

Sit out at Karjat Boutique Farm Stay

The well-decorated rooms, each inspired by different flowers and plants on the property. Moreover, no rooms are similar to each other. This Karjat Farmstay near Mumbai is also just perfect to spend some quality time with your loved ones and yourself amidst the serenity of the farm and mountains.  They are decorated with fun and colorful pieces and it truly is home away from home. The Farm to Table concept at the restaurant is something that attracts a lot of foodies from Mumbai.

Who is this Farm Stay best suitable for?

Farm Stays near Mumbai

This farm stay is best suitable for couples or friends who want to spend a chill and relaxed weekend away from the concrete jungles that cities are these days into the lap of nature. Also, if you're a family or a group of friends traveling, it cannot get any better.

How to reach this Sustainable Boutique Farm Stay from Mumbai?

This Boutique Farm stay near Mumbai is just around 60 kms away from Mumbai and should take you around 1-2 hours to reach this property.

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