Looking for that perfect trip to enjoy after the ages of long weekdays and COVID lockdown? But just confused with too many options out there for that cookie-cutter travel plan? We are there for you!

Yuyiii's Coveted Travel Experts

Our experts got your back.

There are a lot of reviews of the resorts near Mumbai and Pune. But, while reading the review, you still don’t get that satisfaction. You don’t know what sort of Traveller is he or she! Or whether the reviewer is more a tourist who is wanting to visit some touristy points. Are the rooms large enough? If you are a young mother, is there a microwave or fridge in any of the rooms? Which rooms are better considering parents are also traveling? You wish a memorable holiday and are spending a considerable amount on your Weekend Stay but is the value worth it?

That's why we are there for you. Yuyiii has a panel of Travellers. These are people who live to Travel. They are on the road for at least 50-100 days. And, they could be photographers, Instagrammers, Passionate Travellers.

They ardently travel and hence they are exposed to many many stays. Most importantly, they have the same exquisite taste in choosing the right properties like you! Not to mention, similar expectations. They then know the nuances of the Good and Bad of a Property. All the Yuyiii Travel Experts stay at the Properties and then give a detailed, honest, and meaningful review! Meet some of our amazing Experts here:

Travel Expert writes down what is good and what can be improved for every stay.

Our Travel Expert Got Your Back

To help you make just the right decision for your dream getaway, Yuyiii’s travel experts come to your rescue in no time! As seasoned travelers themselves, our travel experts have a keen eye for detail and love for the variety that travel offers.

They review the hidden gems of Yuyiii

For every stay that we have so lovingly showcased on Yuyiii, we have a dedicated travel expert to hold your hand through their expertise. With tips, insights, and recommendations for handpicked stays and destinations, travel experts enable you to make the right decision.

Travel experts spend their day at Yuyiii's hidden gems

From in-depth reviews about the stays with detailed advice on activities, tips on the stays and its highlights, travel experts of Yuyiii be your side all the while you are considering going for that ideal weekend getaway and silently assisting you with the perfect one for that!

So, what’s stopping you from going for a weekend getaway then? Our travel expert has already helped you!


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