Thanks to COVID-19 lockdown, our travel plans just changed in a jiffy. Those romantic plans for a getaway to Europe or going solo to various hidden gems of India have gone for a toss. But, there, there, all hope is not lost yet because we got the good old travel films to rely on!

While there might be that uncertainty about international travel, local tourism in India will rise up like a Phoenix soon. Till then we got something to cheer you up already!

Travel Films to Bust Out All Your Travel Woes

How about you soothing your wanderlust by relaxing on your couch with your loved ones, that tub of popcorn, ice-cream while watching some of the choicest travel films, eh? Sounds like a great plan, no?

So, here are our handpicked recommendations for travel films which you could watch during this lockdown and make it more cheerful! Thank us later if they satiate your wanderlust and makes you fall in love with travel all over again:

The Darjeeling Limited

Travel Film on brotherhood and self-discovery

Photo Credit: bswise (Flickr)

Directed by Wes Anderson, The Darjeeling Limited takes you through the magnificent western and northern India like a breeze. Moreover, it makes you fall in love with the Indian roads, rail, and people all over again. This film also touches upon brotherhood and it tugs your heart for all the right reasons.

Out of Africa

Photo Credit: Colin Edwards

By the stunning backdrop of Kenya and the UK, this film makes you fall in love with Africa and its savannah all over again. It won 7 Oscars and you would know why once you end up watching this film again and again.

Into the Wild

Photo Credit: Dean Moriarty (Flickr)

Do you love hitchhiking, hitting the unknown roads, and the wilderness? Well, this flick is just for you then! It portrays this journey of a topper student, an athlete who abandons the material world in the search of the truth. If you thrive on larger than life movies, this one will hit you and soothe you at all the right places in your heart.

Under the Tuscan Sun

Italy and romance - what else do you need while soothing your wanderlust, eh? Under the Tuscan Sun takes you through the journey of a woman and her soul searching quest through Tuscany. Warm chocolate on a cold winter night - yes, this film makes you feel just like that!

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Photo Credit: Vimeo

Love New York and Iceland like nothing else? This film is absolutely unmissable then! A story of Walter Mitty and incredible adventures will move you to that thing you always wanted to! This film has motivated countless folks to take the plunge! It will surely inspire you as well.

Before Sunrise | Before Sunset |Before Midnight

Photo Credit: Flickr

For deep dialogues, profound statements, and the soul-soothing views of Europe, Austria, Vienna, you absolutely have to watch this trilogy. If slightly offbeat movies are your thing, do watch these films at your earliest.

Lost in Translation

Picture Credit: Flickr

Tokyo, Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson - what better to pep you up, no? This film shows you the beautiful side of being in a new country. And for all the right reasons, it nudges you to visit Japan whenever it is possible.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Photo Credit: Flickr

Want to watch a wholesome Indian travel film that you can keep going back to? Well, ZNMD it is! For the unmissable views of Spain, hilarious dialogues, soul striking scenes and rediscover life, friendship you must watch this film directed by the Boss Lady Zoya Akhtar.


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