Are you tired of the overwhelming city lifestyle? Then, escape to an offbeat getaway with The Heritage Plantation Stay. This retreat is perfect for nature lovers, couples, and history buffs. Located in Kerala's Sultan Bathery, this lush green retreat is a treehouse resort near Bangalore. It gives you a taste of the past when Colin Auley Mackenzie started planting coffee, tea, and spices here in the 1800s.

If you love staying in old properties amidst nature, you can stay in Mr. Mackinzie's old house, which is charming and elegant even to this day. The estate also focuses on using old farming methods and following eco-friendly practices.

With its fascinating history, comfy rooms, and fun activities, the Heritage Plantation Stay guarantees a memorable time in Kerala's stunning natural surroundings. And we aren't making this up!

Yuyiii boasts a robust portfolio of experiences through real photos and videos, enriching your every moment with memories. And if that's not enough, we bring you expert reviews for various properties. We only feature the ones scoring above 3.5/5. So, join us for an offbeat getaway amidst the tropical jungles, tea plantations, and culinary treats.

Here are all the reasons why it is a good treehouse resort near Bangalore.

Rooms At The Heritage Plantation Stay - A Treehouse Resort Near Bangalore

You'll experience bliss and serenity at the Heritage Plantation Stay in Sultan Bathery. It's surrounded by beautiful nature at Mangalam Carp Estate. This retreat has different accommodation types for a perfect stay experience for weekends and vacations.

If you love living in old spaces with a rich history, you can try their Old Bungalows—the Malabar and Mackenzie Suite. They're decorated with old-fashioned furniture and big 4 poster beds.

On the other hand, if you want a unique stay experience, you can opt for the Tree Houses at this resort. You get two treehouses, the Hornbill and Woodpecker Luxury Tree Houses. These are perched high up in the trees about 40 feet off the ground. From there, you'll get stunning views of the jungles and plantations surrounding the retreat.

Whether you want peace and quiet or amazing views, Heritage Plantation Stay offers an unforgettable getaway in Kerala's Western Ghats.

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Dining Experience At The Heritage Plantation Stay

The Heritage Stay serves you with delicious local food made from fresh ingredients grown in the estate's gardens. Their in-house restaurant offers a variety of tasty dishes inspired by Kerala's culinary traditions.

You can savour the traditional Malabar dishes and exotic delights for a great culinary experience. Whether you're having breakfast with mountain views or a romantic dinner under the starlit sky, dining here is a special experience on its own. What's more, you can also relax at the cosy cafe with aromatic teas, coffee, and snacks.

Can't wait to taste the authentic Malabar cuisine of Kerala? Then book a stay with The Heritage Plantation Stay or chat with them on WhatsApp!

Scenic Attractions Nearby This Treehouse Resort Near Bangalore

The Heritage Plantation Stay is a peaceful place that is also perfect for travellers and nature enthusiasts. It's close to various scenic attractions in Sultan Bathery, making for a wonderful stay experience.

You can begin by visiting the ancient Eddakal Caves to witness the awe-inspiring magnificence of the attraction. If you like scenic views, you can trek to the Neelimala View Point to soak in the breathtaking beauty.

And history buffs can take a step back in time and explore the Wayanad Heritage Museum. Also, you can watch the beautiful and refreshing Chethalayam Falls to complete your weekend trip.

Can't wait to explore these scenic local attractions in Sultan Bathery? Then, book a stay at this amazing property.

Unique Experiences in the Lush Jungles of The Heritage Plantation Stay

The Plantation Stay offers various activities for travellers from all backgrounds. It's a place where you can have unique and extraordinary experiences for a memorable stay.

You can join guided tours to explore the century-old estate and learn about traditional farming methods. You can also take nature walks through the lush forests, find ancient caves, and see animals in their natural habitat.

What's more, you can treat yourself with the relaxing massages amidst the coffee plantations or go for rides in small boats on the calm Springwater Reservoir.

Last but not least, don't forget to visit Uravu NGO to see amazing bamboo crafts. These are made with utter love and devotion to craftsmanship.

If you love doing fun activities or learning something new during your weekend getaways, this property is perfect for you. Click here to book a stay at this amazing property.

Yuyiii’s Travel Expert Rating

1. Overall: 4/5 (Fulfilling stay experience at The Heritage Plantation Stay)

2. Location: 5/5 (Jungles, coffee plantations, waterfalls; what more do you need?)

3. Rooms: 4/5

4. Property: 4/5

5. Cleanliness: 4/5

6. Food: 4/5

7. Service: 5/5

8. Hospitality: 4/5 (Generous and accommodating thanks to Anand)

9. Value For Money: 4/5

The Heritage Plantation Stay - Living in the Heart of Tropical Wilderness!

To sum up, Heritage Plantation Stay is a really beautiful place surrounded by the Mangalam Carp Estate. It offers a glimpse into Kerala's past while still having the modern amenities to elevate your stay experience.

You can explore the spice and coffee plantations around the retreat or opt for a relaxing spa. You can also go on guided tours of the plantations and tree houses for a peaceful time.

If you want to experience the best of nature and hospitality, Yuyiii is here to help! We prioritize a good travel experience above all and offer the best stay options for your comfort and sophistication.

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