Bask in the heritage of this beautiful country through living in some of the most unique heritage stays in India. From the north to the South, and East and West, our list contains something for everyone and believe me, you will not want to miss out on having such experiences!

Saswad Luxury Resort

The best heritage stay in Pune

With options from living in a fort or in a room with a private backyard with a hill view? This is clearly something out of a fairytale book! The moment you visit this place, you will be transported back in time when heritage was an important word.

With the view of the forest from the comfort of your room, when you lay down in silence, you will be able to hear the chirps and songs of the various birds and animals that come out during the day to summon their presence in this royal land!

What We Love About This Unique Heritage Stay in India

From the moment you set foot in this resort, you will get to see the ambitious amenities this place provides. From an infinity pool to residing in a tent and having the camping vibes high amidst the dark yet starry night, you will feel content after visiting this place!

Obviously, the highlight of staying in this place is this! When the sun is setting and the hills in the distance and also the trees light up with a beautiful tangerine, birds fly out to return back to their homes! The experience of birdwatching while the day ends is a heavenly experience and is something everyone should get to feel in their life, at least once!

Travel Tip: The roads are as serene as the resort and whilst coming, the market boasts of artefacts that are culturally significant!

Suitable For: Anyone who wants to learn or get in touch with a new or their own culture!

Distance from Pune: 33 km

Time taken from Pune: 1 hour 15 minutes, by road!

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Fresco Haveli

The best heritage stay in India

With walls filled with paintings and you wandering the halls like a traveller of the vintage era, you will feel transformed when you take the beauty of this place in! With a courtyard in the middle of the Haveli, the sun shines on it whenever you want it to shine! So, in winter, the warmth really helps!

With a Rajasthani culture embedded in all the pieces of furniture and linens of this place, you will enrich your knowledge of the land of the kings and get to play with history through the puppet shows or simply, appreciate the sunset from a distance!

What We Love About This Picture Perfect Heritage Stay in India

When you are in the land of the royals, you have got to do like the royals do! Hence, take a sip of that cold lassi and enjoy a beautiful Rajasthani thali, whilst enjoying the cool wind and the sun flirting with each other! In the evenings, come to the puppet shows that are hosted, where you get to learn about important events in history relating to the rich culture and ethnicity of Rajasthan!

While relaxing in the pool with a cup of coffee when the sun sets down in the distance is the life to live! An experience to relish! Do not worry, apart from being a very culturally significant place, this is also a very romantic place and believe me, your bond with your significant other will only grow after visiting here!

Travel Tip: Paint a fresco through the stone colours and a little help from the masters of the art who reside in the place!

Suitable For: Couples and Couples Only!

Distance from Rajasthan: 223 km

Time taken from Rajasthan: 4 hours 10 minutes

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Lakeview Palace

An exquisite heritage stay in India

Want to visit a place where majesticity meets heritage? You have come to the right spot then! When you look at the sun setting down the hills in the distance and the backyard overlooking our room, turning dark, you will get to feel relaxed! You will escape and you will find happiness in that very moment!

Knowing about the rich culture of Rajasthan, immerse yourself! In the food. In the architecture of this place as it is really, a palace! From the high ceilings to the beautiful handcrafted pieces of furniture, this place is just in one word, 'Exquisite'!

What We Love About This Beautiful Heritage Stay in India

From the beautiful piece of land, this palace is situated on, mountains and forests on all sides, the views are breathtaking and the sky remains such graceful all the time! Moreover, the weather is as serene as the view and you will lose yourself in the moment after staying at this place!

The highlight of staying at this place is of course participating in the Kalbeliya, a folk dance originating from Rajasthan. From the flamboyant dresses to the rhythmic dance moves, Hit the dance floor with confidence and utmost visceral happiness!

Travel Tip: There is no wifi or Internet here! Pretty apt for discovering yourself, am I right?

Suitable For: Everyone!

Distance from Rajasthan: 294 km

Time taken from Rajasthan: 6 hours 20 minutes, by road!

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These were our curation of some of the unique heritage stays in India. From Mumbai to Rajasthan, be assured that you will be able to learn at least one new thing about the culture after visiting this place! Moreover, If you want to get to know more about such pretty places to stay in Mumbai or Rajasthan, check out Villas near Mumbai- Beautiful Villas for a weekend getaway or Unique Weekend Getaways in Rajasthan- 2023.

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