New years is a big occasion everywhere. The magical ending of the year always demands to be celebrated well. "What did you do for new years?" as a question is just as popular as "what is your new years resolution?". Now we know resolutions don't last too long (but we encourage to keep yours!). But memories definitely last longer. And wouldn't you want to know the best places to spend New Years? I have it ready for you, so you don't have to look any longer. Here is a list of all the unique stays to celebrate New Years near Mumbai!

Boutique Farmstay

Unique Stays To Celebrate New Years near Mumbai

This wonderful resort in Karjat is definitely a unique experience for visitors. The location is just an hours drive away from Mumbai and it is definitely worth the trip! The unique stay is created with a lot of hidden charms. Each room is created with a different theme in mind and all of them are absolutely beautiful. In fact, the details make this villa in karjat with a pool all the more spectacular. The quaint features of the room would never go unnoticed no matter how tiny the details might be!

Right from Pink room to orange room and the farm villa, every place is created with such love and warmth. Even the food created here is prepared with such love because it is organically grown on the farm itself!

What we love about this Unique Stays To Celebrate New Years near Mumbai

Even though it is a quiet place to visit, it still has a lot you can do here! You can go kayaking in their lake, read a book and laze around on the hammock and lastly, enjoy a memorable experience at the bonfires. Nothing sounds better than to this with your loved ones na? Well add your furry friend to the list of loved ones because this resort is pet friendly too! I know, the first listing already makes it one of the best places to spend new years. But there's more!

Travel Tip: If you are a movie buff, the ND studio is a 2 minute walk from the resort!

Suitable for: Families, friends and couples, all would have a wonderful time here!

Time from Mumbai: 1 hour by road

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Private Beach Resort

Unique Stays To Celebrate New Years near Mumbai

Were you looking for a villas near Mumbai for new years? Or was it Villas near Mumbai with a pool? Well i'll do you one better. This is a private beach resort with cottages and villas in the midst of beautiful gardens. Sounds magical no? Well then imagine spending your new years here! Spend it with friends or family, you have rooms and villas decked with all would need to be comfortable. The infinity pool is definitely divine but what's even better than the pool are the beaches around! The Konkan coast is home to many beaches near the resort!

What we love about this Unique Stays To Celebrate New Years near Mumbai

This beautiful resort has the most gorgeous sunrises. It's a sight to behold, featured only in movies you have seen. The birds fly back to their homes in plentitudes. Oh man this is definitely one of the best places to spend new years near Mumbai. If you are thrilled with adventure, you can sign up for water sports activities on one of the beaches. And if you will be visiting with family, the waterpark is a great memorable experience for children. All in all, the luxurious cottages and villas are a delight for your new years.

Travel Tip: The sunrises must be witnessed from the beaches. It is sure to stay with you forever.

Suitable for: This resort is extremely romantic for couples, but families would also enjoy here.

Time from Mumbai: 4 hours by flight

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Luxury Hill Getaway

Unique Stays To Celebrate New Years near Mumbai

This third item on our list is a luxury paradise for all those who wish to unwind in nature. Located in Panchangani, this luxury hill getaway is definitely one of the best places to spend new years. The sweeping valley views honestly make this resort one of the beautiful places ever. Th e greenery that surrounds it only makes it more majestic. What emphasises the royalty factor here is the spacious balconies and chandeliers. Regardless of what room you choose, you will be satisfied with a wonderful view!

What we love about this Unique Stays To Celebrate New Years near Mumbai

The infinity pool overlooks the most beautiful view. Not to mention the balconies in the morning can give you a sight of the most wondrous sunrises. New years could not feel better without a beautiful sunrise such as this. This resort also has something for everyone. There is a fully equipped gym for those who want to begin their new years resolution from day one (:P). Kids and competitive couples would have a fun time in the indoor games room here and for those who wish to relax, they have the luxury of a spa! I know, i know, this has become one of your must-visit villas near Mumbai. Well then, my work here is almost done!

Travel Tip: There is a tennis court for the sports-y persons and kinder garden for those who want their kids and themselves to enjoy.

Suitable for: It is definitely fun for couples but also fun for families and friends.

Time from Mumbai: 5 hours by road

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Romantic Treehouse

villas near Mumbai

This New Years getaway is definitely the most unique ones on this list. It is special because it is a treehouse and cottage combination resort! The road to this location is absolutely spectacular but what's even better is the place to stay itself. It is comfortable to sleep in, even though it is a treehouse and it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for sure! The food here is absolutely scrumptious and the architecture is aesthetic and relaxing. A must visit for those who wish to have a memorable time away for their New Years.

What we love about this Unique Stays To Celebrate New Years near Mumbai

You have a boating facility for those who wish to be adventurous because of the knowledgeable and well-equipped local staff. People who enjoy bird watching would also have a great experience here because there are multiple birds who visit. Since this is in New Years and in the winters, you will get to witness the lush green surrounding in all its glory!

Travel Tip: Try to wake up in the morning to witness the sunrise yet again! Also the resort houses only 4 treehouses and few cottages so book in advance!

Suitable for: Couples would enjoy having a lovely time here because it is extremely romantic.

Time from Mumbai: approx 4 hours by road

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