Want to take shelter from the scorching heat of Rajasthan and also do it in style? Want to bask in the glory of Rajasthani culture and taste their delicacies, whist staying in palaces? Don't worry, we have got you covered. Take a look at one of the most unique weekend getaways in Rajasthan - 2023

1: The Royal Haveli

Udaipur, Rajasthan

An Ethnic Stay in Rajasthan

The most unique weekend getaway in Rajasthan - 2023

This architectural masterpiece resides in the heart of Rajasthan, Udaipur. From the moment you step into the halls of the Royal Haveli, you will find yourself to travel back in time and really have an experience of staying in a castle! From the beautiful wall paintings to the establishment of Rajasthani culture every step of the way, this place will provide you with an experience like never before!

The artifacts, the furniture, the bed and even the pool is equipped with the culture of Rajasthan and screams of gracefulness! The pictures of the Maharajas on the walls, along with Lord Krishna are enough to provide you with an homely setting away from your home! The view from the Jharokhas is as elegant as the clean and beautiful pool in the middle of the property!

What We Love: Through its very exquisite architecture, the Royal Haveli offers you one-of-a-kind-experience by the fusion of comfortability with culture. With its historical ambience, you will get to learn and experience the culture of Rajasthan hands-on. The beautiful Lake Pichola and the boat rides while the sunset takes place is an event to die for! Moreover, if you are a couple and this is your weekend getaway, trust me that you will leave this place a changed person!

Travel Tip: The Pichola Lake looks beautiful when the sun sets down amongst the hills! Go for boating during that time!

Suitable for: Travelers, not tourists!

Distance from Rajasthan: 388 km

Time from Rajasthan: A 7 hour drive, by road!

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2: The Lakeview Resort

Udaipur, Rajasthan

A Grand Stay in Rajasthan

The perfect weekend getaway in Rajasthan

As the name The Lakeview Resort suggests, you get to stay in a resort where you get front row seats to the lake, where sometimes you can see some swans swimming around! With a beautiful view of the mountains in the distance also, you also get to have a candle-lit dinner on the banks of the lake with your partner in the evenings!

Apart from boating and kayaking in the lake, you can also just sit with a cup of coffee on your private balcony and just appreciate the view! Apart from that, you can enjoy with your children in the children room with a variety of indoor games present, or simply take a swim in the pool!

What We Love: The highlight of this place is obviously the Mewar festival! If you visit this resort during the festive time, then be ready to sing, dance and enjoy yourself through the festival! Take in the rich culture of Rajasthan and even interact with the sweet people who reside there!

Travel Tip: Kayaking is more fun than the boating in the lake!

Suitable for: Families and Couples!

Distance from Rajasthan: 388 km

Time taken from Rajasthan: A good 7 hours, by road!

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3: The Jungle Retreat

Sariska, Rajasthan

A Forest Stay in Rajasthan

The most unique weekend getaway in Rajasthan- 2023

Although it may sound dangerous, it is not at all The Jungle Retreat has in store for you! Just stay amidst a jungle and get in touch with the forests of Sariska! You might get to see a few animals roaming just outside the resort and the number of birds you will get to meet, are uncountable!

The safaris are out of the world and you want to know what is that one bird that will light up your day? Peacocks! With their colorful feathers, you can see them even with their feathers up singing in your own private backyard! Apart from the wildlife, the food an the view from this place is also just awesome!

What We Love: The verandahs with the wooden ceiling are exquisite! The view from your rooms is just exquisite and even the architecture of the place is just unique! The lily ponds are ever beautiful, and the bonfires in the night are the perfect time for stargazing! If you have done all of these activities above, then simply take a swim in the pool or read a book in their in-house library.

Travel Tip: In your free time, go on a hike through the nature trail and want to know h best part? One of India's oldest Tiger reserves, Sariska Sanctuary is just located 5 minutes from this resort.

Suitable for: Birdwatchers! And also, yes friends and family are also welcome!

Distance from Rajasthan: 308 km

Time taken from Rajasthan: 6 hours 5 minutes

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4: Wilderness Stay

Sariska, Rajasthan

A Luxury Forest Retreat in Rajasthan

The most perfect weekend getaway near Rajasthan

In the Wilderness Stay, live amidst the wildlife and look up at the clear sky before going to sleep! With bonfires that can make you swoon over the entire resort, enjoy yourself with Nature and be happy! The Aravallis in the distance also adds on to your happiness and your experience here, will be very memorable!

The sunsets are to die for and when dusk falls, the entire resort just lights up! With swiss tents and swimming pools, this is by far, one of the most unique weekend getaways in Rajasthan!

What We Love: With acres and acres of greenery and the mountains in the distance, you will feel like you have reached the gates of heaven! And is just living in one of their rooms! The bonfires are pretty satisfying and you should hold them whenever the sky is changing color from golden to black!

Travel Tip: Network and Internet coverage will be weak in this area, so make careful accommodations for it!

Suitable for: Come with your partners, friends and families. Bring your children as they would have the time of their lives in he big and beautiful gardens!

Distance from Rajasthan: 307 km

Time taken from Rajasthan: 6 hours 5 minutes, by road!

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These were some of the best and most unique weekend getaways in Rajasthan-2023. From beautiful palaces to Swiss tents, you will get to have a myriad of experiences that will last an entire lifetime!

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At these unique weekend getaways in Rajasthan - 2023, you get to get the real feel of the Rajasthani culture and have a memorable experience!

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