Unique weekend resort near Bangalore

Do you want to get away from being stuck at home? Has zoom bothered you enough? Now that travel is allowed, we have three unique weekend resorts near Bangalore so that you can recharge and relax. In other words, these weekend stays offer everything from adventure to zen. I can almost guarantee that there is a little something for everyone!

Spend the weekend with your family at a safe and sanitized getaway.

The riverfront family resort is located on the banks of the Kabini River. This is the perfect weekend getaway for thrill-seekers, animal lovers, and families looking for some fun! The resort is built in the middle of two tiger reserves and allows guests elusive access to the Kabini Backwaters. The property overlooks the Barhmagiri mountain ranges.

If you love the water then this space is made for you. You could go kayaking, boat safari and relax in the swimming pool. For adventure, you could make some animal friends in the two reserves the resort borders. To unwind, you can take a walk down the organic garden and go bird watching. You can end the day in a super comfy room that overlooks the Kabini river. You can enjoy fine dining made from the same organic farm you strolled through.

The perfect weekend stay for a romantic getaway!

Lakkidi combines luxury and wilderness in this romantic stay. This unique weekend getaway is the perfect getaway with your significant other to detox, relax and unwind.

A 7-hour drive from Bangalore, this resort sends a minibus to take you through the mountains and into the rain forests of Kerala. The lush greenery makes this the best getaway to walk through nature trails, hike, and explore. If you're lucky- you might just meet the Malabar rain squirrel!

rainforest resorts near Bangalore.
rainforest getaway near Bangalore.
Romantic getaway near Bangalore. 
Safe and satanized getaways near Bangalore.
Unique weekend resorts near Bangalore.

You could end the day with a dip in the pool, fine dining at night, and some wine on the balcony overlooking the trees. The rooms are modern yet woody and inviting. The high-rise ceilings adds to the luxurious feel of the resort.

This safe and sanitized getaway near Bangalore requires guests to go through thermal screening multiple times during their stay and has contactless room service along with contactless check-in. The staff working there is diligent and dedicated to ensuring safety and a memorable experience which shows in their quality of service. To read more about the resort, click here.

A unique weekend resort full of character?

This unique weekend resort near Bangalore is full of character and history. For instance, Sultan Bhatry has relevance in wars fought by Tipu Sultan. Pre-historic caves are open to visitors and a beautiful Jain temple is located on the outskirts. This treehouse resort offers a piece of paradise for those looking to recharge and rejuvenate

The heritage stay allows visitors to stay in the bungalow made by the first British owner. The bungalow has been preserved over time but the interiors are vintage and timeless. The treehouse on the other hand has a modern and rustic appeal. The rooms are spacious and

In addition to being a heritage stay and a coffee lover's dream- this resort has a lake where one can take coracle rides. I would advise starting your weekend with filter coffee made from the coffee grown on the plantation in addition to a day of learning about the different cultivation, processing, and consumption methods. Finally, the unique location of this weekend resort makes this a must-visit for those looking to get closer to nature as is surrounded by wilderness, mountains, streams, rivers, and nature trails waiting to be explored.

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